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The Arrival of Ser

The continent of Serin was once a barren wasteland, surrounded by oceans. Nothing could grow there and it was roamed by ferocious, man eating beasts. Then, about ten thousand years before our story takes place, a large stone of purity and health and magic power crashed into the middle of the continent and that all changed. Soon, trees and grass and plants of all kinds began to grow from where the stone had crashed, and spread across the continent. Many of the violent beasts soon calmed and became friendlier, and people and other kinds of animals began to appear, the ocean became vibrant with life, and a river of great abundance soon flowed throughout the continent. The stone gave off an aura of life, and the people of Serin called it Ser, and called the continent Serin, in honor of the crystal that had allowed them to come into existence.

The rise and fall of the Ancients

However, during all this, Chaos, Ser’s opposite, instilled in the most ferocious of the beasts who had existed before Ser’s arrival with power and intelligence, and they came to be known as the Ancients, beings who had existed before Ser and had resisted it’s calming influence. Using their abilities, they attacked the civilizations that the new races of humans and elves had begun to build, bringing the two races to their knees. However, before the Ancients could cause any further harm, a mighty army of the two combined races fought back. Many casualties were received from the army, but eventually the mages of the two races were able to seal them away along with their master, Cortus, who swore that they would return to this world to exact revenge and destroy the Ser. Peace once more enveloped the continent of Serin, but it wasn’t to last.

The Replons and Savior of Ser

Eight thousand years passed, during which the elves had begun to construct a dream world so that they had somewhere to call home, without incident and civilization spread throughout Serin. Soon humanity had built machines that ran off the power of Ser, known as Replons. The Replons served many purposes, building, healing, but, the grossest us of Ser’s power, were the militant Replons, used to begin enforcing humanity’s will on the elves. This rarely worked however, as the elves and humans were never close and the elves lived in the trees, so the most the Replons could do is keep them in their trees, which didn’t bother them any at all.

However, there was a price for these machines that humans didn’t know about, and soon found out. With each new Replon Ser’s power deteriorated, and eventually Chaos took over once more, and the Replons ceased their production, and the oceans flooded the land, dividing the continent. The world was beginning to come apart when a mysterious person appeared and returned power to Ser, though not as strong as before. Now the world is once again at peace, and it is slowly returning to Ser.

The Breaking of Ser

With the Savior of the Ser having done his job, he took up residence inside the tower built for the Ser, watching over it and keeping it in balance. To assist with this, he assigned masters to control the water, Aquos, earth, Gaia, winds, Aero, sun, Solaris, moon, Luna, and fire, Ignus. These masters balanced out Ser’s various powers, making sure that none were more powerful then the others. Every four years, an event where the sun and the moon formed an eclipse occurs and the Ser is self balanced, allowing for the masters and peoples of the realm to take time to spend time in each others company. Everything was in perfect balance and came to be called the Balance Day. However, it is during this day that the Ser is most vulnerable.

During one Balance Day, the Ser tower came under attack from Solaris, who felt sorry for the Savior’s blight, and wanted the Savior of Ser to come with her. Together they left the tower and soon the tower guards and Solaris’ followers came to a disagreement. Unable to handle this, the Ser began to overload and eventually exploded, sending it’s fragments all across the continent in many pieces of varying size. Soon the land that was unprotected by larger shards of Ser were reclaimed by Chaos.

Ser’s Pieces

The explosion cause the Ser to break apart into many pieces, all different sizes, and disperse among the two continents. To avoid the death that Chaos was causing, humans fled to places with larger pieces of Ser protecting them, and the elves began to return to the second place they’d created, a dreamlike world. Soon, there were few elves still on Serin.

Survivors of the second great cataclysm, called the Breaking, couldn’t survive in areas without the pieces of Ser, and those who had followed the Masters had given their lives to return the continent to it’s former state. Now the world is full of those who fight to protect the pieces and those who steal them and use them for their own needs. This, is where our story begins….
Weapons list (General idea for starters)

Great sword
Twin great swords
Long sword
Twin long swords
Long sword and Replon arm
Twin Replon arms
Wolverine claws (For lack of a better description)
Martial arts and bow
Martial arts
Destroyer Cannon (http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mde2fcv8Tb1re7a9zo1_r1_500.png Looks like what he‘s holding)
Magic Revolver

Blade Craft- Blade craft is for those who use the great sword or Long sword and their combinations. These magic users have learned how to exert their will power to create attacks using sword blades made of pure energy to attack in various ways. Blade storms, sword blades that extend from your original known as Armageddon blades, endless possibilities await a user of Blade Craft.

Elemental Magic- This magic is often used by the staff wielders, spear wielders and by a choice few bow wielders, though they choose to use wind and learn unique ways to apply it. This magic is the art of controlling and creating fire and lightening, wind and wind storms, controlling earth and water. Elemental masters can cause wind storms and tornadoes while destroying their enemy with a blast of fire. There is no true limit to what an elemental master can do, only their imagination.

Shadow Magic- This is exclusive to staff wielders and only a choice few are truly able to handle this magic, who’s source is Chaos in origin. These dark magicians can manipulate an opponents mind, or shred them to pieces with a point of their finger, or even summon creatures and demons from the deepest reaches of Hell. These magicians have no equal, and are to be feared if not on your side.

Restoration Magic- This magic is founded on the very essence of what Ser is, and is often employed by someone with a more supportive role for the more powerful spells, while the combat oriented only take time to learn the basics and a few intermediate. Using this type of magic, you can heal grievous wounds, and, if you are fast enough, even revive a fallen comrade.

Tech Abilities- These come from those who have, at some point in their life, lost an arm or other body part to battle against those who would steal the Ser and replaced it with a Replon part. These people have unique powers and abilities that only someone like them can do. Don’t ever underestimate them.

**Note: If you take two Replon arms, you get only the Tech Abilities. If you take one arm, you have a limited amount of magic and the Tech Abilities.
Humans- The most abundant and battle hardened of all the races, they’ve discovered that while they can’t begin using the Replons again, they can start implementing Replon parts to replace anything lost in battle against the bandits. Also the most weapons available, they can use any weapon or combat form.

Elves- The Elves of Serin are a dying race, so to speak. With so many having gone to the Dreamworld, Genevrath, there are few left who will aide in protecting the Ser pieces. Those that remain stick to their age old habit of living in trees, and generally prefer bows, martial arts, and spears to fight, usually a combination of any of the three. A choice few learned to use swords, but all but three of them went to Genevrath.

Character sheet
^RPer Name^
Back story:
Name: Miranda Tavirem
Age: 24
Race: Human
Weapon(s): Replon Arm and Cerebus Dagger (http://armoforion.deviantart.com/#/d4pwogg)
Magic(s): Restoration (Limited due to Replon), Tech abilities
Appearance: 5 foot 11 inches, lithe build. Unblemished face with green eyes and long brown hair. Has a cloak that surrounds her body, with one button at her throat keeping the cloak to her body. Cloak has a hood, and goes down to her legs, as well as having two crossed swords in front of a green shield. Has a shiny silver breast-plate with pink and green clothing underneath. Silver gauntlet with blue cloth underneath on her right arm. Boots are the same colors as the gauntlets.
Backstory: Born in a noble family, Miranda liked her life. She was happy living in luxury, and often went with her family almost everywhere they went. However, as she became older, she start pushing away the life of luxury, and at the 18 years old, she left the castle on her own, bumping into her brother and working with him, enjoying the excitement and the training of Restoration magic. She lost her arm when it was crushed by a boulder, and her brother had her arm replaced, and has a unnatural sensitivity to magic, like a sixth sense. Sister of Cyrus

Name: Cyrus Tavirem
Age: 32
Race: Human
Weapon(s): Replon Arm (x2), Alterus Switchaxe (http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100816092209/monsterhunter/images/e/e5/AlatreonSA.png)
Magic(s): None, Tech Abilities
Appearance: Silver armored knight with clothing of blue underneath the armor, and a black cape with crossed blades and a green shield behind it. Has a metal bull-skull with horns on his both shoulders Buzz cut hair, scar down the left eye to the cheek, red slash down the other eye. Heavy-set, blue eyes, short beard. 6 foot 4 inches
Back story: Born in a noble family, Cyrus didn't enjoy the life from the start. He longed to be out there, fighting against the enemies. This desire often got him in trouble with his family, and he was eventually exiled, where he became a Mercenary. He met up with his sister one day, and they have been working together ever since. He lost his right arm in a fight with a bandit leader, and lost his other arm when fighting off creatures of Chaos. He had both his arms replaced, and enjoys his new-found abilities. Brother of Miranda.
Oh hell yes, this looks like a lot of fun... I got an idea, but it might bend things a little bit...
(will post char soon)
Glad to have you.
Name: Morthelios

Age: 42?

Race: Elf/Human

Weapon: Balefire Quarterstaff and Martial arts

Magics: Elemental (mainly fire) and Shadow

Appearance: Something like this:

The son of an elf and human, Morthelios was subject to suspicion and often persecution by both the human's in his village and occasional elf passing through. A solid practitioner of elemental magic, he eventually gave in to the hatred and left the village.

Disappearing for years, Morthelios eventually returned a changed man, his skin like hard red leather with horns protruding from his forehead. Though he won't say what happened during his years away, stories abound of a horned being wreathed in flame and shadow destroying all in it's path...
Looks good so far, War. Can't wait for the backstory.
Name: Elu Zek
Weapon(s): Hellstaff of Twists (http://bossmoss75599.deviantart.com/art/Monster-Hunter-Lotus-Longsword-110380993), and Demon's Wrath(http://bossmoss75599.deviantart.com/art/Monster-Hunter-Lotus-Longsword-110380993)
Magic: Shadow
Gender: Male
Race: Elf
Appearance: http://len-yan.deviantart.com/art/SAGE-final-project-swordmaster-304832175 Replace all blue with red, and remove the sword, that's him. His eyes are to be bright green.
Backstory: An Elf who was tempted by chaos and was corrupted. He is a potent foe on the field of battle for he can summon demons and fire destructive waves of energy on the battlefield, and if someone gets to close, cut them down. He loves to rain anarchy on people, and has multiple faithful followers. He seeks the shards of Ser for he believes he can use them to gain unlimited power.

Name: Lora Bailey
Weapon(s): Shadow's Blade(http://soulflame81.deviantart.com/art/Longsword-of-the-Dark-Templar-81511476), Powerhouse Revolver (http://z-man12.deviantart.com/art/Beretta-Revolver-79366289)
Magic: Blade Craft+Minor Restorative
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Appearance: http://aerythes.deviantart.com/art/Paladin-6292263 Looks like this. Has blonde hair and tanned skin.
Backstory: A woman of order. She seeks defense of the innocent. She is a fierce warrior and is a good shot with her magical revolver. Her sense of pride is strong and she seeks the shards of Ser for one thing, the protection of innocents. She leads a small group of Paladin warriors, and they fight those who seek personal gain.

"Backstories will be done later. I'm too lazy."
Looks good so far SF.
Name: Amur
Age: 75 (looks like 20-25)
Race: Elf
Weapons: Bow, Martial Arts, Daggers
Magics: Restoration, Elemental
Appearance: 6'2", Sun tanned skin, Athletic build, toned muscles
Backstory: Born into a family of Elven martial artists and hunters, Amur has trained from a very young age in various martial arts and survival skills. When the rest of the Elves were leaving he decided to stay behind preferring to live mostly on his own. Whatever excess Amur collects from hunting, foraging, and using his elemental magic, he takes to a nearby human village and trades for what he can’t get on his own (salt, wine, arrow heads, etc.). The humans in the village of Hentel accept him and even welcome him when he comes to trade, as Amur is the only one who will venture beyond the radius of the Ser stone held in the village. Amur will fight to protect the Ser stone held in the village center. He also keeps a tiny Ser shard as an amulet that allows him to go into the ‘chaos’ areas. Amur does not like people who try to cheat or steal from him, but wont hold a grudge for long. He trades fairly and from time to time even takes requests from some of the residents of the village.
Looks good. Now get yo back story done XD
backstory up.
Looks good. You a good guy, neutral, or evil though? Given your back story, I say you're evil.
"Added backstory to both,nand restoration magic to Lora."
Looks good on both SF.
backstory up :P may add more still but not sure
Looks good. I have...three people. One more and I'll get this rolling.

Edit- I take it back, we're going to get rolling now. Will have the thread up soon.
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Perhaps I can throw my lots in. A lack of time recently threw me out of participating in S.S, so hopefully a week off could be nice for me...


Name: 'Shale'

Age: 17

Race: Human

Weapons: Staff, Small Knife. The staff appears to have been carved by hand, with no real markings on it. The small knife appears to be an old switchblade, and has a few unusual runes on it.

Abilities: Shadow, Restoration. Each ability is heavily influenced by current emotions, and is only accessible in certain states of mind.

Appearance: A young man, he is fairly pale, and quite thin. Nervous, twitchy and bright blue eyes, approximately six feet in height, he seems to be followed by small, twin orbs, one black, one white, hovering barely over the tips of his shoulders. He can frequently be seen talking to himself, or what appears to be as such.

Back-story: Curious by default and nature as most humans are, Shale was once part of a small community on the outskirts of the world. With an incredible understanding of machinery, he is easily at home with any sorts of mechanical constructs. One unfortunate experiment, however, had led him into the utilization of Shadow, a magic which he himself attempts to refuse, now invariably an integrated part of himself. Searching for a catalyst and curse for his inflection, he wanders the world alone and hunted, cast out by his family and society, falling back onto the polar opposite of Shadow, channeling Restorative magic to heal and combat its corrupting effects.

His emotions play a large role in his abilities. If he could be considered at the time 'Sane', or happy, Shadowy magics are unable to be used, but Restorative ones work at a significantly higher efficiency. The reverse is true as well, though he naturally gravitates towards Restorative magic, and thus his mind and emotions reflect as such.

...Leaving him in a poor state for an extended period of time is hazardous to his health, not to mention those around him...
Name: Vorcha
Age: 97 (looks mid 30's)
Race: Elven
Weapons: Dark Staff, Shadow Revolver, and Martial Arts
Magic: Shadow/Elemental (mainly Fire)
Appearance: Black, medium armored robes. Dark skin, red eyes, 7ft. 2, moderate muscle mass.
Back story: Born in a small village, and his parents were killed from Replons. The small elf boy had always aspired as a mage, and especially loved fire. Being the odd child he was, he was the origin of many fights, and eventually learned from the village's Blade Smith how to fight. And he learned well. The Smith had been like a father to him, and made him a staff, Scorchon, that amplified his powers. Later in his life, he had found books of Shadow Magic, he found this side of magic very interesting. When the Breaking had happened, his village fell to the chaos, and he had, not fallen to it, but embraced it. His staff had become corrupted, and became Souldron From a human outpost he had once raided, he found a revolver and modified it to his powers. He is not a creature of Chaos, he is a disciple of it. He wanders Serin, seeking victims to his never-ending bloodlust.

Just a rough draft. Feedback please.

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