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_Team Video_

We are Recruiting: Bronze - Masters

_About the Team_

Team Evolution was founded by Adonis, with much help from a trusted member/friend. Over 60+ hours were put into building this website, and structure. All efforts were put forth with hopes of keeping our tight knit community, just that. A handful members of our former clan were left in dissension and unorganized as our ex-Leader brought down our website and closed our chat systems. With many confused and new members left clueless, the group needed a new direction.

With a new beginning and new leadership and hopefully a better destination, Team Evolution started its journey. This is a team that will strive for professionalism at the casual level. A team that will continue to provide an excellent community and friendships that will span across countries. A team, that will evolve to become better and last longer as the ages pass.


We should always have members online featuring all formats from 1v1's to Team games to customs. Constant communication and activity among our members ensure you'll always have someone to play with or against. We'll host and participate in Clan Wars and Tournaments within our team and abroad. We offer practice partners of all levels.

_Team Website_

Our Members are encouraged to be active. We've put a lot of work into building our site, and making many crisp adjustments. We're proud of what we created and wish to share it with those who will use it's features thoroughly!


We currently just switched to Raidcall as our Primary communication system, and are very pleased. As a guest, you can still chat in our lounge and watch our player streams. Feel free to stop by and visit to better aquaint yourself before/if you commit. This is HIGHLY recommended, as is having headset or microphone.


If you're Interested in joining Team Evolution then go here: Fill out the application and await further instructions. If you're processed, you will have an open conversation with the Leader to assure direction and requirements met.

_Team Requirements_

1. Age: 17+
2. You must Maintain Acitivity within Starcraft 2
3. You must abide by the Team Rules
4. You do NOT have to change your name.
5. Headset or Microphone [Not Required, but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED]

_Team Information_

Chat System: Raidcall
Group ID: -Upon Recruitment-
Team Name: Team Evolution
Team Prefix: [Evo]
Team Website:
Team Leagues: Bronze-Masters
Chat Channel: -Upon Recruitment-
Leader Contact: Adonis.181
Co-Leader: Irokuz.938
I must say, I love the work you did on the website!
TY Bob, Welcome to the team.
Still recruiting Silver-Masters
I offer coaching for silver-gold-low platinum for anyone who join this clan.
Edit: now high plat as well!
bump bumpity bump bump bedump
i'd like to be considered, im a Terran player
Hey y'all. Seems like a great group. Just submitted my application on your website. So will I get an email?
got ya covered ajax and Bumb we are now 47 members strong with 2 more pending atm :) so come on join us we have a great community XD
am i still part of it?
did u sign up back in atgunpoint?
Don't mind me saying but the ranking structure seems a little over the top. I was checking out the site and it kind of drew me away. Don't take offense to this it's just a simple suggestion.
That's basically for structure. The longer you're with us and the more you contribute, the higher up in rank you get.

When looking for Admins/Mods/Leadership, we resort to the highest and/or most senior members for these roles.

They serve numerous purposes.
Now Recruiting Diamond/Masters
If I am high plat and playing pretty much only diamonds is that an issue? Or should I wait for a promo to apply?
You should wait for you promotion. We have 9 spots left! 7 for Masters, 2 for Diamonds!
01/19/2013 11:58 AMPosted by Cryptwalker
IM POSTING IN THIS THREAD BECAUSE I HATE ADONIS. Adonis Was Meant To Lead Us From The Start Unlike This Backstabbing C U N T

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