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I discovered to my dismay that I have been stripped away of my powers. I had the genius idea of simply opening a wormhole and leaving several hours after I met the mysterious lady. But no matter how hard I tried to release my powers, I simply could not. I was no longer myself.

I sat down exhausted and famished, my back against the shiny reflective glass walls of a rather impressive looking building that towered above the others. I've spent countless weeks wandering this metropolis to no avail. I could not leave the city because there was nothing else for miles and miles around. Hunger was a constant companion. I was reduced to collecting scraps from garbage cans to survive.

There was simply no way to leave the industrial complex. The locals were like machines who paid little heed to their surroundings. They were like ants, methodical, orderly, soulless. An empty husk that went about their daily lives. It was little use to try and privy information out of them. It was as if they were stripped away of their individuality and continued to live their lives as mere shells of themselves. I shuddered at the thought; that was true hell to live on as a corpse.

The voice that I heard since I arrived no longer spoke to me. It simply disappeared, vanished into the void. Those words meant I have came here once but no matter how hard I tried to remember, none of my memories of this place surfaced. Did I imagine it then? I felt alone, so very alone.

My eyes looked at the long emptied coffee cup. Would I die here? Would I ever return? Preposterous! Why would I think such pesstimistic things? I was smylez, one of the Three! I would endure as I always have! But this pain! This pain felt very real!

Something wet rolled down my face. Was it rain? It couldn't be, the sun was still out and beating down on me. I turned around slowly, looking at the glass panels. Drops of tears were rolling down my cracked and exposed cheeks. How quaint! How long was it since I have experienced tears? It was so long, so long ago.

I buried my face into my knees. When I finally found it in me to look up again, my eyes met the fierce and intense gaze of a pair of hazel eyes. It was the lass that I asked for direction when I was here. She was crouching some two feet away from me, her face mischievous and there was a strange twinkle in her eyes.

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