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Joseph Roslin aka Blade

Gender: Male

Age: 48

Battlefield Tag: A498/ Alpha 498

Personality: Joseph is a man who knows what needs to be done and when to do it. Having served as a Hoplite and then a Gladiator, he’s a seasoned war vet against alien menaces. With the first Gladiator enhancements, he went from outgoing and generally friendly to withdrawn and distant, only talking to his men when in the field and really only talking to the other Gladiators after the process was complete. With the infiltration and destruction of the Magnus Empire’s treasure ship, the program was determined successful and the Gladiators were upgraded, now including less social awkwardness and sociopath tendencies, something Joseph was spared from, and more normality.

Back story: Joseph was nine years old when the UESC took him from his home and replaced him with a clone. The reason they’d taken him is because they were going to make him into a super soldier, the first generation of Gladiators known as Hoplites. He went through years of enhancement and training to be ready for the final quelling of the Koprulu Uprisings, and when the day came, he and his fellow Hoplites delivered. Soon the Zerg and Nerazim were forced into hiding, and the Khalai…well, they’d been gone for a long time before that. Having helped in the returning of the Koprulu Sector to Earth. After words, several more enhancements were made and the new generation of Hoplites dubbed Gladiators. However, this ended in the Gladiators being more distant. Shortly after, threee Gladiators were assigned to infiltrate and destroy the Magnus treasure ship, a mission that was successfully executed and resulted in the upgrading of the armor and the retirement of the three Gladiators, of which Joseph was one of the three, who carried out the mission from action until further notice. It was now Joseph’s job to train a new, less reclusive, generation of Gladiators. The only question he had? Would they cut it against an enemy that knows no retreat?

Equipment: Energy blade, X91 Typhoon Assault Rifle, SW-5 Shotgun (gunpowder).

AI: Serrator- Serrator is an AI who excels at CQC and mid-range combat calculations and is a perfect match for Joseph as he was programmed with all the blade and CQC knowledge humanity has. Is a bit too honest, but is good natured.

Armor Appearance:

Appearance: Brown hair, brown eyes, 6’5”, athletic build, handsome, has a scar on his left cheek.

Name: Mikaela 'Wraith' Arcadis
Sex: Female
Age: 29
Weapons: AG-14 'Banshee' (Alien), XM39 Marksman Rifle (Human), Medusa Mk. 2 Magnum (Human)
Battlefield Tag: M164
Appearance: Appearance+Personality: 6' 6", pale skin, red hair, freckles on her cheeks, teal eyes, lilthe build. Has a caring view to people she works with, and hates trouble. Doesn't talk much, and is often a lone wolf, even though she enjoys being with others.
A.I. Solice: A.I. to Mikaela. It assists with every shot by getting all the data for the shot before Mikaela takes any shot, along with speeding up her reaction time in close quarters. It has a passion for music like its human partner, and has a caring attitude with anyone it works with.
Armor Appearance:
Backstory: Taken away at an early age and augmented in a process that made her into a Gladiator. She was part of the team that destroyed the Magnus Empire capitol ship, and was sent back to train new recruits to the program. She has a skill with rifles that is unmatched by her allies, and has been known to snipe pilots out of their vehicles, along with a passion for guitar.

Name: Rhys Winterfield
Sex: Male
Age: 28
Weapons: A Suppressed Sphinx, a Suppressed XM39 Rifle, an Energy Claw
Battlefield Tag: R819/Romeo 819
AI: Shadowfox- Shadowfox is a cold calculated AI. He always thinks of the best routes to take while remaining undetected and the quickest way to deal with threats. He is distant from anybody other than Rhys and is known as a deceiver for his tendencies to lie. He is able to hack into any network and once even ran a cloaking device. He is distant from anybody other than Rhys and is known as a deceiver for his tendencies to lie. He is cold, calculating, and has no morals. He will do anything to get the job done. When plugged into a network he is seen as a bunch of dark plates shifting around in a whirlwind.
Appearance: Short black hair, blue eyes. A scar just below his left eye that lines up with the middle of it that curves to touch the bottom of his nose. He has a small scar on the right end of his bottom lip. He appears to have a mid-muscular build, though do not let this fool you. He is roughly 6’ 7” and has no facial hair.
Personality: A stone hard man, Rhys seems to lack all emotion. He is cold, and has no morals. Like his AI he will do whatever it takes to get a job done. He is somewhat competitive and is known to be silent, deadly, yet fairly wise. He is one of the most patient people you will ever meet.
Armor Appearance:
Backstory: He was taken into the Gladiator program at age 10, 17 years ago. He was augmented to be one of the first Gladiators. This process turned him from a nice and gentle child into a cold blooded killer. He should exceptional stealth qualities. When he turned 16 the augmenting was finished and he was ready for battle. He had gotten through many trials in which he once took out an entire line of artillery by himself by placing three explosives. This earned him a spot as the infiltrator of the strike force on the Magnus Capital Ship only a year later.

He was the first on and claimed a spot for the other two to arrive. He was the youngest and least experience of the team, but he also proved the most useful for picking off enemies silently. After this mission he was paired with his AI Shadowfax. When the new augmentation program came out he refused to be a part of it. He was worried such a thing might cause him to lose his combat effectiveness and make him start to give his opponents mercy. Due to this he is still distant from everyone else and can be. He is always watching and waiting for his prey. When he was pulled out from his scheduled missions to train some new Gladiators he was disgusted. He and Shadowfax both believed it to be a waste of their talents. He is willing to help out, but is better avoided.


Name: Talena
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Weapons: SW-5 Shotgun, Medusa Mk. 2 Magnum, X91 Typhon
Battlefield Tag: T238/ Tango 238
Appearance: Close cut amber hair, 6’4” (out of armor) 6’10” (in armor), gold eyes, tattoo on lower back, Lithe toned and athletic build

Personality: Talena is, in a word, Chaotic. She enjoys wreaking devastation and destruction on the battlefield while listening to heavy metal, most notably an old song from 2012 Terran Up The Night. She will protect her friends under any circumstances. While not on the battlefield she is friendly but somewhat reserved.

Armor Appearance:

Backstory: Taken at the age of 8 and replaced with a clone. She has trained to be a good soldier and great pilot. Talena has passed most of the flight training courses available and can fly most small craft. She also is an OK hacker and can often break the encryptions on enemy communications.

Name: Kit ‘Exile’ Eller
Sex: Female
Age: Unknown (looks to be in 20’s)
Weapons: Hos lIngwI’, XM39 Marksman Rifle, X91 Typhon AR
Battlefield Tag: E972
Appearance: Shoulder length Snow white/silver hair, 5’10(out of armor) 6’4”(in armor), Mark of the Exile on left shoulder, Sleek and heavily toned

Personality: Kit is determined and ready for just about everything. She works well with others and even enjoys socializing; however she seeks solitude whenever possible. She spends a lot of time thinking of her home and what she lost when not actively engaged in an activity which makes her seem sad, and even melancholic at times, to outside observers.

Armor Appearance:

Backstory: Kit was exiled after the destruction of her home world and has since then wondered across 10 galaxies before arriving in the Milky Way. She has spent many years with several of the races in the Milky Way eventually she encountered humans and since then has worked as a ‘Soldier for Hire’ AKA a Mercenary. Even with the UESC takeover Kit has remained mostly Independent. However recently she was contracted by the UESC as an ‘Elite Marine’ assigned to work with the new generation of Gladiators.

Please wait until intro post is made. It will be made by me. Not Zarkun, not Jester, me.
Name: John "Riot" Conner

Sex: Male

Age: 24

Weapons: XM39 Marksman Rifle, Sphinx Mk. 2 SMG, Fragmentation Grenade

Battlefield Tag: Z196 / Zulu 196

Appearance: 5’ 11” / 186 lbs. Hair is Dark Brown and is generally wavy looking. Skin is a semi tannish color. Average build. Hazel Eyes. Shrapnel scar near his right eye during a training accident gone bad.

Personality: Cautious, easy going if you don't piss him off, friends are like family to Riot.

Armor Appearance: Primary is Goldish, Secondary is Tealish.

Backstory: Grew up on a colony in the Koprulu System. Having a simple life, no trouble happened often at all. But that all changed one uneventful day. He lost his family, his home, and carrying with him is a diehard vengeance. Sent to Sol after this event, he arrived onto Earth. Fascinated by the dedication and courage of many Military men and women, he volunteered when Riot turned 18. Started out as a Private, then ended up signing up for full time service. Sent to Boot Camp, the others didn't like his style when it came to tactics, not even the instructors. Even if he was going to be the only one that would make it out of the live simulation without being incapacitated. He passed, and he's actually been put under Special Forces. They were the point of every operation that was top secret, but Riot's job was much, much more special. He was the one that called in Tactical Airstrikes, collapse whole power grids in an entire area, Operator while down on the ground. But Riot will listen to his Commanding Officer unless it is a matter of life of another comrade, or the death of one, for he will gladly save them for his own. After his tour of duty, he was 22, he was then put into the Gladiators for his duty and dedication, but it was something. The true reason was that he was-

-Classified Information, only authorized personal may continue-

Name: Eric Stefson
Sex: Male
Age: 20
Weapons: High-powered compact recurve bow (Like what Hawkeye in the Avengers has) / Twin Medusa Mk. 2 Magnums / Sword
Battlefield Tag: Tango 316 (T316)
Appearance: 7' / shaggy brown hair / green eyes / lithe build
Personality: Usually happy-go-lucky except for when someone pisses him off.
Armor Appearance: (With jump-jets, if it doesn't already have any)

Backstory: Inducted into the gladiator training program at birth, Eric grew up with an obsession with anything and everything that had to do with military history; tactics, weapons and historic battles. He began training in martial arts as soon as he could. Working long and hard, Eric came out at the top of his class; setting and breaking a number of records.

In addition to his skill at hand-to-hand combat, Eric put an endless number of hours into weapons design and engineering. He eventually hammered out designs for a high-powered compact recurve bow equipped with a wide array of high-tech arrows. When his instructors expressed their disapproval, Eric went ahead and cleared one of the hardest combat courses using only the bow, in record time.

Name: Stephany Morales
Sex: Female
Age: 17
Weapons: Medusa Mk. 2 Magnum (Pistol), Sphnix Mk.2 SMG, SW-5 Shotgun
Battlefield Tag: M121/ Mike 121

Appearance: 6‘4 (Out of armor), 6‘10 (Armor), Roughly 150 pounds. Large hazel eyes, long brown hair that reaches about halfway down her back. Lithe and slender build, and out of her armor she generally wears casual attire.

Personality: A likable and not so serious person, she tries to be cordial and friendly when possible. She’s diplomatic, and is rather care-free about life, trying to “live it to the fullest”, she frequents places of social gathering, and isn’t shy in the slightest.

Armor Appearance: (Colors: White with Red crosses in several locations)

Backstory: Was taken at 11 with her parents willing, they found she was good with medicine...they took this and ran with it, assigning her to be a combat medic, and trained her to be a fighter...but mostly a doctor.


Name: Eric Jarlburg

Gender: Male

Battle tag: D394/ Delta 394

Age: 17

Weapons: MNL X-Class, Frag Grenade, SW-5 Shotgun

Appearance: Stands 6'8" out side of his armor and 7'2" in full armor. His hair is kept shaved down to stubble and has no facial hair. He has dark blue eyes. Muscular build with many scars all across his body, some from battle others from the procedures that his people went under to improve themselves in battle.

Armor Appearance: Bears the symbol of his clan on the right shoulder. Armor color is steel grey as the dominate color with the border color being emerald green.

Personality: Quiet and reserved Eric often stands off to the side observing his new allies. In battle he utilizes explosives to disorient his enemies then follows through by making sure to quickly dispatch them with his shot gun. He is eager to fight for honor and seldom speaks of his home sector. He is stubborn about accepting help from people and holds firm to his beliefs that he learned while he was in training with his people.

Backstory: Eric is the son of the current Keiser of his people. He is to be the heir to the throne but only if he completes his proving test. He is trained in most forms of combat and is eager to learn more so that he can be ready for almost anything.

He was temporarly exiled from his home sector as part of the proving that he and many others are preforming and have done. He was sent out with nothing but a small shuttle and his armor to complete his proving. He has joined the Gladiators in hopes that he will find what he needs to accomplish his proving.
The Gladiators are dock on the UESC Battlecruiser, Firebird. They are led towards a small briefing room, in which stood four people, three of which were highly decorated Gladiators, and an Elite Marine. One of them step forward, his armor mainly black. "My name is Captain Rhys Winterfield. This are my peers, Mikaela Arcadis and Joseph Roslin. And then there is the Marine here, she still outranks you, Sergeant Kit. Joseph will brief you more."
I step forward, my red and black armor gleaming in the light. "I'm Captain Joseph Roslin, also called Blade. I hold more seniority in this war than most of you will hold in your lifetime. You are here to be trained as Gladiators under our tutelage. We will run war games when not on missions, and your first mission will not be until we deem you fit for combat. Mikaela will give you more info and tell you who you're assigned to."
I step forward, my green armor giving off no reflection. "I am Captain Mikaela Arcadis, or 'Wraith'. Training exercises will be held in the simulation room. You can go against each other, make a simulated mission yourself, or if you are feeling lucky-" I smile under my helmet "-You can see if one of us can set up something challenging. Whichever one you choose is your choice." I bring up a clipboard, and say "Eric Stefson, you are with Captain Roslin. John Conner, you are with me. Talena and Stephany Morales, you are with Captain Winterfield."
I look over Eric, shaking my head. The man had a lot to learn, despite his history in militaristic training. "Front and center Recruit Eric. You get to run my CQC gauntlet."
I start speaking to Shadowfax. This is a waste of our talents. These recruits probably don't even know how to aim a gun!

I understand it is a waste of our talents, and you are exaggerating there. They don't know how to aim non-human weaponry. Or use it. They probably don't know how most of our weapons work either. But we have to do this, Rhys.

I know, and I am disgusted by it. I walk over to my two trainees. "You two must be the unlucky ones. You both have to not mess up, you'll learn that quick, especially under me. Your first challenge will be infiltrating a Magnus Empire war frigate. Of course this will be holographic, so you won't end up dying, like you would if it were real."

"If you did not pick this up, underlined is me speaking to Shadowfax mentally."
OOC: Talena will be denoted by text. Kit will be normal text

I survey the new recruits. Interesting group. This should be good.

"Sounds fun Sir." I say ready to prove myself to my assigned CO.
I chuckle. "Take it easy, Kyle. No one is better fit for this job than us, even if you and Shadowfax disagree." What do you think, Serrator? Still wet behind the ears? A small picture of me appears in the top left corner of my HUD, only in all orange armor, and nods. Very much so. He'll learn though, as will all of them.
"Treating them like babies won't teach them how to fight effectively. And yes, I disagree that our talent should be used to train them." I say to Joseph. I turn my attention back to my recruits. "Come with me. I am taking you down to the simulation chamber."
I shake my head. There's a difference between admitting they're more human then us, and treating them like babies. "Alright, Eric, let's go."
I head off to the observation room for the simulation chamber wanting to see what the recruits could do before deciding what to do for my portion of training the recruits.

I follow the Captain down to the simulation room.
"You two head in, I am going to commence your challenge once everyone is ready." I then turn away and head to the observation deck, but before I left I said, "You better plug yourselves in before you start shooting."

When I reach the Observation deck I remove my helmet and Shadowfax transfers to the ships system. His cold voice speaking, "How long do you think they'll take to complete the simulation, excluding the penalty of death?"

"I would say, 45 minutes." I respond. I start inspecting mu XM39.

"I agree." Shadowfax says in response, his dark plates circling around without stopping, his true appearance a mystery behind them.
Reaching the Observation deck, I shake my head. "You two aren't better than everyone. I've kicked your @sses more than once."
"We're better at infiltrating and leaving no trace." I say, smirking at the last time Joseph tried to infiltrate. "You just go in guns blazing. We use strategy and assassinate quietly, and quickly."

"He is quite right. And you two can't tell my lies from my truths." Shadowfax adds in.
"I'm CQC, not assault. That would be Max that specializes in assault. I never did the infiltration course, waste of time. As I recall, your 'infiltration' in the last simulation ended in my shotgun in your face." I chuckle, remembering that match. "Of course, you shouldn't have tried throwing the grenade in first either."
"Yes sir." I say as I grab my weapons and 'plug in'. I enter the Simulator chamber and wait for the simulation to begin.

I look over at the Gladiator Captains and smile slightly. "This could be fun to watch."
"We'll see. We're supposed to run them in all three of our courses, but we're taking liberties with keeping them separated until we deem them ready for the first mission."
I roll my eyes and say, "What about when I had to get you into that capital ship, and saved your @ss more than once there? And before you got that shotgun to my face I got my claw into your gut. Nearly did it again, but you clothes lined me with that shotgun."

Shadowfax holds back a chuckle and says to me, "You are acting like a child right now, Rhys."
"Let's see, half those messes were your fault in the first place mister, 'I'm cloaked and can't be seen.' That Juvalin would have had you if not for Mikaela, then that Safrilion's sword would have had you if not for mine. Seriously, infiltration isn't everything. And that energy claw came close to my gut, you missed by an inch." Serrator chuckles, his hologram appearing. "Shadowfax is right. That ship was a team effort and the simulations are simulations. For now, let's remember that our job is to make sure these men and women don't get killed when we get boots on the ground." I nod. "You're right."

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