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IC:'ve got to be kidding me...
"Explosive head, delayed charge A"
I murmur into my comm, the command going to my quiver. Dropping my pistol into it's holster, I pull up my bow, the requested arrow nocked and ready. I pull back and send it through the Juvalin's head. A second later the arrow head explodes, sending the corpse sliding to my feet.
I chuckle and shake my head. "I'm beginning to think he should be reassigned to assault. CQC would have rammed their sword into the things head seeing as their ability to use those knives isn't too great when you're inside their guard." With the first group dead, it's safe to move on, although the sounds of Safrillions and Feralins preparing for Eric can be heard some ways down.
"I think that the arrow would barely even go into the skull of the Berserker..."

"He isn't thinking much about how he'll deal the blows. He should've looked for the second Juvalin before firing, mapping out the area and thinking of the best way to use it to your advantage is something of importance. Though we don't need to do that as much because of our AIs."
"I still do. AI's can miss things, even Serrator admits that. Still, he should have confirmed location before attacking."
I check my gear and nock another explosive arrow. Creeping forward, I keep an eye on my radar for hostiles.
As Eric passes by a doorway, a cloaked energy claw strikes out, destroying both the arrow and the bow. The owner uncloaks and steps forward, lifting Eric up by his throat. Then, it does something unexpected. "Any last words, human filth?" I sit upright, already reaching for my helmet with the shipboard comm. "I didn't program that in, neither did Serrator. You two?"
"Not me. Solice, was that you?" I say, turning to the screen.
Alert! Unknown code detected. Attempting lockdown for further study.
01/03/2013 09:37 PMPosted by ShadowFury
"I think that the arrow would barely even go into the skull of the Berserker..."

Remember, I said it was high-powered compact recurve bow. This thing's pull weight is a lot lighter than what it would be with out the recurves, say... 500 pound pull weight that's been reduced to 100 by the recurves.

I grab onto the Safrilin's gauntlet, my fingers finding wiring;
"Yeah... This feels important!"
I yell, ripping the wiring and simultaneously kicking it in the face with both feet.

I walk into the briefing room knowing I misses the first briefing. If the blasted shuttle was on actually had a competent pilot I might not have been late. I wait patiently for one of the captains to arrive or one of their aides.

I get a comm message that we had a late arrival. I curse. "Shadowfax, go to the briefing room and tell the new one to get over here and that we will let him know what's going on."

"Of course." Shadowfax's shifting plates pulled down into the system and reappear in the briefing room. "Hello. I am Captain Rhys Winterfield's AI. You are to report to the Observation Room of the Simulator to get the briefing. I will transfer to your suit to direct you there." Shadowfax disappears from visibility and soon his image is seen on the top left corner of Eric's HUD and starts directing him to the observation room.

I hear Joseph and see the Safrilian. "Oh, sh!t. I'm getting in there. And Shadowfax is bringing another person over." I grab my helmet and run towards the simulator. My Energy Claw and SMG at my sides. I head over to Stefson's pod and enter.
I check the list. "Well, shoot. Looks like you are getting another person, Captain Roslin."
The Safrillion rams his energy claw into the side of Eric's head as he is knocked away then looks directly at the screen. "We are coming for you, human scum. Pray to your gods." It ceases to exist and I cut the simulation, putting on my helmet. {Code Red! Captain, get your men stationed!} There is static for a moment, then comes the reply.

{We're working on it, Gladiator. Tracing the signal now. Get those recruits combat ready.} Sighing and cursing all at once, I turn to Mikaela.

"We're under attack."
Someone's going to need to change their name, both Kroger's character and mine have the same first name.

I drop out of the simulator, quickly reorienting myself with reality. Stepping out of the simulator I face the veterans;
I ask, Already guessing the situation.
I see the physical injury to Stefson. The simulation shouldn't have been able to do this, somehow the Safrilian got a more or less physical form in there. I pull Stefson out and ask him, "Are you able to fight?" I check with Joseph, {Since when did the Magnus get the ability to get into our sims?}

"We can just refer to you two by last name. Or first name and last initial."
{No idea, Techies are confused as hell. Guess it's a trial by fire.}
I frown. "They aren't ready. They'll get killed, especially John, he's in no condition to fight right now." I sigh, and grab the chip for my AI. "Solice, we'll have boarders. Unplug."
Hostile code isolated. Ejecting. The chip pops out, and I hook it to my helmet.
That works.

I suddenly notice the wound and give it a quick inspection;
"I'll be fine, but a bit of quickheal and an armor patch wouldn't be bad if we've got the time."
Hearing the words 'We're under attack.' I immediately stand and sheath Hos. "Well this just got interesting." Looks like I get to test my skills against these Magnus warriors sooner than I thought.

The alarms start going off and I am jolted from my brooding. {Sirs what the hell is going on?} I stand up heading for the door.
"I'd much prefer that you not be in my suit AI. That slot is not for you or any other AI until I am given one by my father the Keiser." I say rather annoyed with the sudden upload into my suit that the AI did. "Just set a way point and I will find it from there." I bring my shotgun to the ready and hurry towards the observation room.

I do not care for you opinion. But I am fine with that then, Rhys is much better. Shadowfax ejects himself and re-enters my armor, but not before he uploads the waypoint to Jarlburg.

"Good, you and the other recruits will have to be able to be in fighting condition for what's coming up." I say to him. I notice Shadowfax's presence. You and I are about to get into some nasty trouble.

We always find ourselves in such predicaments during battles. Luckily we are able to find a way out of them quite easily, or more I am able to. Shadowfax replies.
I nod and perform a quick series of exercises to check for any physical limitations from the wound; none.
...good, a lack of flexibility would get me killed for sure...

I arrive in the observation room and salute to the captains. "Eric Jarlburg reporting. What are your orders sirs?" I ask remaining at attention.

"We don't have a choice. John is down for the count though, so we aren't making him fight. As for the others...God be with them." I look at the new recruit. "Saddle up, we're under attack."

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