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I loosen up, trying to calm down. They’re the Magnus, not gods. I also take out my SMG, intending to use it until I needed to busy myself with the medical stuff. “Good luck.” I say under my breath to Jarlburg.

I let out one final calming breath before grabbing my shotgun from the floor. I was now even more determined to prove myself. I catch part of what Stephany says and nod back to her. "You as well. May you shots be true and your blows rend our foe."

I bring the shotgun to my shoulder and click the safety off and look at the Captain. "My rage helps me as I need it to. It does not control me as it does some of my fellow krigere that I trained with. Now if you are done trying to prove a point to me sir I am ready to go."

Shaking my head, I face the recruits. "Then you all heard me, prepare for battle. Find your squads and get ready for combat." Noting the looks of surprise, I laugh. "You think you were the only Gladiators here besides ourselves? You would be wrong. Go."

I leave the Captain in search of the squad I was attached to.
{So, where did these !@#$%^-s run off to? Somewhere with a forest I hope. I always wanted to hunt something for lunch.} I radio to Captain Roslin, half-joking.
{No idea. All I've been able to get out of the tracers is 'The Deadzone.' They say infested still live in it.}
Picking his own body up with what strength he had... Feeling tired and stressed the few days he has been station here didn't help. Still wondering to this day why he allowed himself to be conscripted into this program. One thing though ticked in his mind, he was going to fight with them.
Stepping into the obs room I head over to Joseph;
"Sir, one hapless recruit reporting for duty."
I say, saluting.
I search around for a minute, then find Winterfield. "Hello, sir." I say to him
I nod. "Good to see you're alright. You're with fire team alpha. Go find 'em."
I nod in return and turn on my heel, heading off to find my squad.
Watching him walk away, I turn to the other Captains. "Hope the others don't get too mad. Not our fault the Empire attacked just now."
Working my way through the room, I quickly pick out my squad mates and head over to them. Stepping up, I nod;
"Eric Stefson. I've been assigned to this squad."
I say looking over their gear.

I'm not real knowledgable about military rank and field tags; How would Eric's squad name, Alpha, be incorporated into his field tag, Tango316?

It isn't. Your Squad and tag name are separate. Long as your tags can be ID'd, your team can as well.

IC: A Gladiator in white and red armor looks Eric over before shaking his head. "Trial by to be you recruit." He offers a hand. "Sergeant Copperfield I'm Alpha Team's leader."
"There are just some things we can't control." I said, agreeing with him.
John decided to leave the medical bay.... he was joining with the others.l
I sigh and beckon towards the door. "We should head out. Not much we can do from here. Let's get the fire teams in order."
"Time for a bit of fun." My hand rests on the hilt of Hos lIngwI'. "Do I get assigned a fire team or can I go more or less alone."
"Go rendezvous with squad Iota. This first mission you will be taking with them." I reply to the recruit and shoo her off.
"Yes sir." I say, before going quickly and finding Iota. "Hello." I say in a cordial tone.

"Where am I assigned sir?"
The squad leader looks at the recruit. "Sucks to be you. You're new and already are on a mission." He start leading the Iota squadron towards a dropship.
"You are assigned to Iota as well." I reply immediately.

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