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"Yes sir!" I head off after the other recruit arriving just a bit after he did. I walk up behind him. "Heh looks like I'm assigned here as well."
I look at the Sergeant and sigh. "Same role as always, fill in the holes. Something tells me this is gonna get dicey."
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IC: A Gladiator in white and red armor looks Eric over before shaking his head. "Trial by to be you recruit." He offers a hand. "Sergeant Copperfield I'm Alpha Team's leader."

I salute and tap my bow;
"Sorry sir, But I'm a bit of specialist.. I guess you could say close range sniping/fire support..."
I say, bracing for a less than pleasant response.

Sorry I didn't make it clear in my last post, but what are Eric's squad mates armed with?
Copperfield sighs, resting his hand at his side. "I know your role, I read your file. You'll take Joseph's old spot. He got hurt in a recent Sortie and is slotted to go home." He hands Eric a badge with a howling wolf on it. "Welcome to the team."

OOC: That'll come while you're riding down to the enemy ship.

I take the badge sticking it in place;
"Thanks, I'll do my best."
Nodding, Copperfield grabs the other two members of the team. "This is Byakuya Hakasho and Jolie Winters. They're the other two members of this team." The first one indicated, Byakuya, is in a suit of deep green and brown armor, while Jolie, the second and clearly an attractive female, is in a suit of yellow and orange. Jolie offers her hand.

"Nice to meet you, Eric."
I shake her hand;
"Same here."
I say.
Byakuya is next. "Welcome, Eric. We're glad to have you here."

I stop in my tracks about halfway down the hall and curse at myself. I never asked the captain which squad I was attached to. Lowering my head I return to the room where I last knew him to be tearing myself mentally for acting ignorantly. "...Sir.... Which squad was I attached to?" I ask shamefully keeping my head lowered.

I look at the recruit and chuckle. "Raise that head of yours. Mistakes happen. You're assigned to the Spartans, team Gamma."

I look up at the captain and salute before turn to leave the room once more to look for my squad.
"Right ... fill in the holes. Not to be rude but I work better as a 'floater' or 'lone wolf'. Heh nice call yourself a wolf when you're really a fox. I shake my head and smile to my self at my private joke.
"That's essentially what you'll be doing. Floating from team to team and helping shore up the weaknesses. If we do this right, we can be in and off that ship in ten minutes." I turn to Rhys. "What do ya say Rhys? You up for that kind of challenge?"
I nod and smile more, gripping the hilt of Hos lIngwI'. "Well then that suits me just fine."
The Iota squad leader sits down with the team in the dropship and it takes off and starts heading towards the Magnus ship behind the large amount of fighters heading after it. "Buckle up, I guarantee that this will get bumpy." The pilot says.
I head towards the hangar and get into a small, and near impossible to see ship and take off, heading towards the bridge of the Magnus ship.
I sigh as I head to the hangar myself. Once more I had to pick up Rhys' slack. As Jarlburg walks, a man in all white armor approaches him. "You Recruit Eric Jarlburg?"
I shake my head. "One would think he would learn that doing that will get him killed." I say, somewhat to myself as I walk into the hanger behind Captain Roslin.
I chuckle. "He'll learn, especially since we've identified a Juvalin Chief on the bridge. One of us can handle it, but seeing as he's mister 'don't get my hands dirty,' he'll need us for a foe like that."
I nod in agreement, and file onto a drop-ship to get ready to board.
The vessel lands and cuts a small hole within the hallway to the bridge. I drop through and activate the device. I look at my body and see nothing. It was working. I sit still in the hallway as a squad of Safrilians comes by. As they pass I turn around, my energy claw in hand, and lunge at the back one. My claw impales his chest. I pull up and cut from his chest to his head into two pieces. I pull out my SMG with my other hand and shoot one of the two remaining ones while stabbing and slashing at the last one.
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Byakuya is next. "Welcome, Eric. We're glad to have you here."

"Glad to finally be of use... How soon till we drop?"
I ask.

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