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Copperfield walks up, in his full armor and carrying an SMG, shotgun, assault rifle and two combat knives. "Captain Roslin just went to the hangar. We go now."
I nod and flick off the safety latch on my bow;
"Alright then. Lead on."
Byakuya grabs a sword, a pistol and a shotgun from his locker and puts on his helmet while Jolie grabs what can only be described as a shotgun minigun, a normal shotgun, and a pistol. Copperfield leads the way to the hangar and to where Alpha stands. "Oh, by the way Eric, we're the Wolf Pack."
I grin, remembering an old phrase that I'd read once;
"Fear the silent wolf; for not all packs howl as they hunt. Let's be about it."

Kudos for those who know where that's from.
"Ready whenever you are for drop Captains." I say as I enter the hangar behind the two Gladiators.
I nod and look over the group. We were still missing Gamma. Of course, Jarlburg was probably still looking for them too.
John was walking quickly as to get pass the Doctor. He was` going to join them somehow even if it meant as only an Operator.
The Doctor rests a hand on John's shoulder. "You have direct orders from Captain Arcadia to rest. You shouldn't push yourself too hard."
John shrugged off the hand. "I should be fine.... Besides, I'm not working myself to hard. I'm just walking. And someone could stay behind and help with the Operating."
Beams of plasma fly past the small dropship, turning the surrounding ships into nothing. The dropship's wing get's clipped off as it comes near the Magnus hangar bay, making it crash land. Safrilians and Paululus as well as several Darsalins start approaching the wreckage.
From the wreckage, the barrel of an SMG suddenly sticks out, and begins spraying the incoming enemies.

"Anyone hurt?!" I ask frantically, not daring to stick my head out of cover. I fully expected someone to be hurt, but hoped that wasn't the case.
"Ah hell that was fun. Perhaps I should have flown though. I'm fine by the way." I say standing up and looking around at the others in the compartment.
"Well for Christ's sake, help fight these damned monster!" I say, pouring lead out of my SMG blindly.
"Right just a sec." I walk over to Stephany and peek out over cover to see what we are dealing with. I duck back down seeing the various enemies. "Should be fun." I peek back over and fire a few rounds from my pistol before ducking back behind cover.
A young Gladiator in red and purple armor had a large chunk of metal impaled in his right arm. "Get him some help!"
I quickly move over to him.

"If this is what you call fun..." I say, carefully pulling out the metal. It finally comes out, and I quickly put some gauze over the huge wound before giving the poor guy a shot of painkiller. I pull out my gun, fire some more shots off, and then clean his wound, feeling awful when he screams because of the alcohol. I then pull out my gun again, spraying some more before using my radio.

{This is Iota, we've crash landed and have one wounded or more. We're pinned down and under heavy fire.}
Hearing the radio message, I curse. Damned infiltration squads. "Alright, Wolf Pack, you'll go clean up their mess and provide cover. Once you're sure it's secure, Gamma, where ever they are, will come in and form an advanced force."
I turn to Copperfield as he receives orders;
"What's our orders?"
I ask.
Copperfield looks at Eric and chuckles. "We're cleaning up Iota's mess. They're an Infiltration squad." He gets Byakuya's and Jolie's attention and everyone loads up on the drop ship, Flaming Endurance, and it takes off. Jolie looks at Eric.

"How old?"

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