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"Heh yes and no. I would prefer to be back on the ship listening to some music but this will do." I continue to do a peek, shoot, duck pattern of attack on the enemy to keep them back and off of the others.
"You're insane." I say, still firing, wondering when the others would show up.
Crack. Crack. Crack.
Three rounds ring out, and four unlucky heads explode from high-powered shots. I take cover in another part of the hanger, with some enemies lulling around in confusion as they were attacked from another direction.
{This is Captain Arcadia, I'm nearing Iota. Gimme two mikes and I can clear them a path, unless you want me to wait.}
Crack. Another unlucky alien takes a bullet to the head.
I was just boarding the drop ship Invictis when Arcadia messaged me. {Hold your position. I'm on my way now. Alpha will be touching down in 3 mikes. Keep up the cover fire.}
I board the Invictis ready to show the Magnus a thing or two.

"Heh thanks. Looks like we have Captain Arcadia for cover." I keep up my previous tactics popping a few alien skulls.
I grow slightly more bold, and start repeating what Talena is doing.

"Thank god."

I turn to face the Gladiator in white armor. "That is I sir? I take it you are the leader of Gamma, if so then let us make haste to our shuttle. I apologize for delaying our departure as well sir."

The Gladiator chuckles, leading Jarlburg to the shuttle. "You're fine. Always nice to not be in front every now and then. I'm Sergeant Gerald."
Jolie looks at Eric.

"How old?"

"Twenty. I've got a lot sim time and good records, but this is my first combat."
I say, prepping arrows.
She shakes her head. "Not that, when they took you. How old were you?"
I shrug;
"Don't really know. I grew up in the program, so I guess I was either adopted as an orphan or my parents couldn't afford to take care of me and gave me what they could."
I say with mixed feelings, not used to talking about my past.

"The front is where I belong sir. In truth I am unaccustomed to the ways of the USEC." I say as I follow closely behind the the Sargent.

Gerald chuckles, tapping a red armored Gladiator and a blue armored Gladiator on the shoulders and then leading the way onto the drop ship, himself armed with a double barreled shotgun, pistol and what appears to be an extendable javelin. "You'll get used to it. Generally Gamma leads the charge, but looking for you on this new ship is a bit of a trick. Still mapping it out myself." He beckons to the other two on the drop ship. "The one in red is Jarvis Keensly and the one in the blue is Hanna Morgan." Jarvis is carrying twin pistols and a single war axe and Hanna a shotgun gatling gun, standard issue shotgun, and an SMG. Hanna speaks first, with a Scottish accent.

"Welcome to the Spartans, Jarlburg. You be in the best squad aside from the Captain's." As with Jolie, she is clearly highly attractive. Jolie nods.

"A lot of us have a tough time talking about it, but none more so than Captain Roslin. You know he was originally a Hoplite? The guys seen more action than the other two Captains, but he specializes in CQC so they called in the others."
I let out a low whistle;
"Damn, given all he's probably been through, I'm kinda surprised he's still sane... What's our ETA?"
I ask Copperfield, changing the subject.
With a quick jab the claw goes straight through the neck of the Safrilian, and my SMG's bullets starting to tear through the other one. I activate the device again after this fight and move towards the bridge, quickly taking down anyone nearby on the way there. I hear about Iota's crash but continued towards the bridge. If they die it means they aren't worthy as Gladiators. I think to myself.

As I am about to kill another group I am interrupted by Shadowfax. If you kill these pawns you will alert the higher up. The bridge is very close and these Paululus squeal quite loudly. I nod and continue past them.

"I am glad that I was accepted for not being a standard recruit." I say my Norse accent was starting to show through again. I couldn't keep my accent in clear English for very long. "I am eager to see Gladiators in the heat of battle. I have yet to hear of them fighting as we never saw them in my home sector."

Hanna laughed and Jarvis spoke up. "We're typically not assigned near your sector as the Magnus are interested in you yet."


"Three minutes." Copperfield finishes loading his weapons.

Edit- For the love of...I don't give a damn if your person is Infiltration SF, that action would get you court martialed, especially ignoring your squads.
I nod and begin to meditate in preparation.

I hold back a comment about Magnus since the last time I said something the Captain rammed me into a wall. "Well whenever Magnus comes for us they will find us waiting for them. I intend on relaying my experience that I gain here to my people since this is a foe we have yet to face."

I enter the transport and grab a hold of the rail on the ceiling. I keep my breaths calm and consistent as part of my prebattle ritual. I didn't want to get to worked up before arriving into the fray.

Gerald chuckles and Jarvis speaks up again. "Your experience might not help as much as you think. They have several ways to start an attack."

"But is not better to be prepared for something that you some of rather then be caught off guard knowing nothing?" I keep most of my focus on my ritual keeping my rage under control now to release it when we arrive at the target.

Gerald sighs, thinking back to the Battle of Galliope. "Even knowing all we do, because of their varying tactics, we can never be prepared enough. There are just...too many variables in their strategy. Still, something is better than nothing."
I stop my ritual for a moment and look at the Sargent noting his sigh. "Honor your dead and deal swift justice to this Empire for the slaughter that they have dealt to our species."

I continue my ritual for a few more minutes before I satisfied. "Is there anything that I need to do or know before we land?"
As I move past the squad my cloaking devices shorts out in tons of sparks. I look at the small squad and just cut them down with a SMG.
Ready for the drop whenever.

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