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The Doctor didn't stop John any farther from how it seemed, now how to get to the others that are most likely on another ship?
Crack. Crack. Crack. Crack-CHING-Squish I chuckle and fire again. The round had deflected off the wall, and hit someone who as approaching, popping their head like a balloon.
{Sometime today, Iota will run out of luck eventually.} I radio, continuing my shots with pinpoint accuracy.
Copperfield perks up as the Drop ship lands, it's guns blazing to allow the team to unload. You can hear the pilot's voice over the intercom as the ramp lowers. [Welcome to paradise boys!] Copperfield charges down the ramp with Jolie.

"Let's go ladies!"
I continue shooting somewhat wildly, hoping to just delay until backup arrived.
"Where the hell are they?!"
Grabbing my bow, I sprint down the ramp taking in the situation...
John was put into a Temporal Rift until further notice.... Or that is until the battle was over. He was sleeping it seemed to be.

OOC: Let the waiting game commence.
The wreckage is easy to see, sitting in the middle of the hangar with enemies approaching from all sides. A pair of Safrillians notice Alpha and charge, only to get gunned down by Jolie's gatling. Byakuya was close behind, his sword in hand. Copperfield had his assault rifle out. "Eric, Byakuya, secure the crash site." Byakuya nods and heads towards it.
I nod, and fall in behind Byakuya and put a neurotoxic arrow through the neck of a Darsalin. The gas cloud released by the arrow sending the Magnus soldiers around him reeling.
A cloaked Safrillian leaps from the gas and onto Eric, raising his energy claw while another engages Byakuya. "Eric!"
I roll back with the blow, kicking my feet into the Safrillian's gut and sending it flying over my head. It stagers to its feet only to collapse as the deadly neurotoxin does it's work.

Wasting no time, I draw a basic arrow and send it throw the eye of Safrillian attacking Byakuya.
Hearing the shout behind me, I turn, and see the other Gladiators. I quickly level my SMG, and fire rapidly into the back and back of the head of the Safrillian that had just gotten up.

About time.
Sorry, War, but it isn't that easy.

IC: The Safrillian's shield disperses the arrow and it continues it's fight as the one that had seemed to go down stood back up, drawing it's Defiler and opening fire on Eric.

I continue firing at it, hitting my mark more often than not, then stopping to reload before firing again at it.
Ah.. yes. The shields. Forgot about those...

..idiot!... should have remembered those shields...
I think to myself as I dive for cover, prepping an EMP arrow. Popping up, I let loose at the Safrillian that had charged me, the arrowhead's micro EMP field cutting through its shields.
DM powers activate!

IC: Before the arrow reaches it's target a Palulus' body flies into the air between it and it's target from an explosion. When the body is out of the way, the Safrillian had vanished.
you son of...

I curse, quickly prepping another EMP, I look for the tale-tell signs of a cloaking field. (shimmering, things moving on their own accord, etc.)
OOC: He doesn't even care about the SMG fire? Okay then..

IC: I see him disappear, and duck back down into cover, my head popping up occasionally to see if he was visible again.
Your welcome /troll And Dac, you just said a Safrillian, no idea that it was the one War was fighting.

IC: Whenever you think there was a shimmer in one section, there's on in another. Byakuya locks blades with his opponent and yells to Eric. "Use a grenade! That's your best bet right now!"
Gah... F!!!ing stealth...

I grit my teeth and chuck an EMP grenade at the nearest likely stealth field and draw back my bow, ready to fire.
The grenade goes off but no dice. Instead a hail of Defiler shots comes from an area further to the right before ceasing again.

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