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I immediately fire off the EMP arrow in return and draw another.
Crack. Crack Crack Crack Crack Crack. I picked up the fire at the individuals, and notice the stealthed Safrillian, and smile to myself.
"Thermal mode, lets get these things dead." I say to Solice.
Stand by. Swapping to Thermal. The visor charges color, and I open fire on the cloaked targets.
It misses it's intended target but catches an elite Juvalin and kills his shields, making it easier for the Gladiator fighting him to finish him off. Nodding in thanks, he engages a Darsalin.

OOC: For a certain Sniper who seems to think she needs to mess wit my stuff....

IC: A Banshee round impacts directly next to Arcadia.
I pivot on the spot, not even looking down the sights as I return fire, then I duck back down into cover, reloading my gun.
The owner of the Banshee had already shifted positions, returning fire and then ducking behind cover again. My own drop ship had just landed, my team moving out and fanning out, taking on enemies. Spotting Eric engaging cloaked Safrillians, I open fire on the general area with my Typhon. {Watch for a glimmer as a bullet ricochets off the shield. That's your target.}
I say watching the spray of Joseph gunfire...
One of them finds it's mark, a cloaked Safrillian's shield lighting up just momentarily. {There!} In response, he douses both Joseph and Eric with Defiler fire.
My bow already drawn back, I let go sending the EMP arrow through the Safrillian's shield and duck into cover.
The arrow passes through the Safrillian's heart, killing it instantly. I run forward, my energy blade passing through another seamlessly as I go. "Do you know if this location is secure?"
"It's getting there"
I say putting a gas arrow into a group of Paluluses.
From inside the wreckage, I still poke my head out occasionally. I shoot a bit still, just waiting at this point for the area to be secured so we wouldn't be in such a fix.
{All Iota members able to move on your own please exit the wreckage. You're good enough to leave it.} I catch the blade of one of the last few Safrillians, throwing it off balance and then running my own energy blade into it's chest. Copperfield came back with Jolie from securing a hallway, checking on Eric and Byakuya. Copperfield approaches Eric.

"I see the Captain arrived. He bail you out of your mess?"
Hearing this, I go out the side, stumbling slightly on my way up. I went over to Copperfield.

"Reporting sir. We have one wounded, the rest of the recruits are okay, Winterfield is MIA."
I step out, firing on the last remaining enemies in the area, heading to regroup with my allies. Three rapid cracks revealed three dead enemies, and I sprint at a break-neck pace to the others.
Copperfield chuckles, pointing to me. "Report to the Captain, Recruit, not me." I spot Arcadia and wave her over. "Glad to see you still have your edge!"
I walk over to the captain.

"Sorry about that, sir. Winterfield is MIA, and we've got one injured, but nothing worse."
I nod;
"More or less, I made a stupid mistake that won't happen again, sir."

Probably done for the evening.
Copperfield chuckles. "Don't feel bad. Those cloaked buggers tend to be like that." I turn to the medic.

"I know where Captain Winterfield is, the arrogant fool. As for your wounded, a casevac should be arriving soon."
"Okay, sir. I assume we'll fall under your command under further notice, sir?" I ask, not bothering to ask why Winterfield was an "arrogant fool".
I shake my head. "Your team leaders will check in with their Captains. If Winterfield doesn't respond, have your team leader report to me. We'll figure it out from there."

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