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"Yes sir." I say, before going back towards the wreckage.
I listen to the battle over my comm. "How close are we to the ship?" I ask rather inquisitively.

Gerald looks at the pilot, then cocks his shotgun. "Right now." The drop ship lands and lowers it's ramp, Gerald and Hanna leading the way off with Jarvis right behind.

I rush down the ramp behind the sargent. I quickly grab cover and observe the battle for a moment to see where I was needed. I target a nearby Paululus and dispatch it with a single shot from my shotgun before I switch to my rocket launcher to target a large group of the Magnus troops.

Gerald chuckles and helps clean up the stragglers, his twin barrels ripping apart a Safrillian that got too close. "Rocket launchers are a bit over kill, don't ya think?"
"Nope. Makes great crowd control. Will also disorient some of them as well." I say before firing a rocket into a small crowd of Paululus.

Gerald shrugs as Hanna's Gatling tears up a large group of Darsalins, their circular shields unable to last against the hail.

I charge into a group of Paululuses and Feralins after switching back to my shotgun. I fire it twice at a Feralin before bashing a Paululus with the butt of it.

Gerald is right behind, his twin barrels killing two Feralins and three Paululuses. "We're about done here. Go see if that medic near the wreckage needs help."

I fire the shotgun point blank into the skull of another Feralin before acknowledging the Sargent. "Will do sir." I turn and hurry to the drop ship wreckage looking for the medic.
I look around after killing several of the aliens. Not much more to be done, maybe some mopping up. I noticed a man walking towards me, "What do you need?" I ask, to the point.
"I was told by my Sargent to see if you needed anything Stephany." I fire a shot over her head at a Feralin sniper.

"I don't think so. Except maybe help getting the wounded man out of the wreckage?" I ask questioningly.


I nod slinging my shotgun onto my back and take cover in the wreckage. "Where is he at?"


"In the troop compartment." I say, and lead him to where the wounded soldier is. "Just pick him up, and let's get him out of the wreckage if nothing else." I say, starting to pick him up by his underarms.


"I'll get him just make sure the area is clear." I say as I lift the wounded man and set him over my shoulder. "One of us has to keep a weapon at the ready just in case. I can carry him until we can get him somewhere safe."


"Alright." I say, pulling out my shotgun. We begin walking, and I don't see any alive enemies.
Hate to do it, but Jester never got his adversary.

IC: A Banshee round barely misses Stephany's visor, impacting on the ground.

I step back, looking up I don't see the thing firing.

"Darsalin, find some cover." I say to Jarlburg, running slowly to where I see some suitable cover.


I curse slightly as I see the round almost hit Stephany. I carefully maintain my balance so I don't drop the wounded soldier as I take cover. "Here use this." I toss her one of my frag grenades.


I look back up from the cover, looking more carefully for this damned thing that was holding us up.
Another round rings out, striking the cover.
I continue to scan, but not seeing anything.

{We have a Darsalin firing on us, no clue where from.}
Crack-CHING-CHING-CHING-Squish. I fired a round off, using the walls to force the bullet around the cover that he may possibly be using.
{Just this guy, then we're clear, I believe.}
I come out a door on the level with the Darsalin, looking around with shotgun in hand. {Looks like it. Guy had a good view of the battle field from up here. You'd like it Arcadia.}
I cringe a bit trying to keep myself out of the snipers view. "Blasted xeno. Your ancestors would look at you in disgrace for missing your first shot." I yell at the Darsalin trying to goad it into doing something reckless if it was still alive.

I wait for a few minutes before breaking cover and heading towards the landed shuttles. {Injured Iota member is at the shuttles Sargent. What are your orders now?}

IC: I walk down the ramp as Jarlburg brings the wounded Gladiator. "Heh looks like I missed the party."

I head over to the working shuttle. "Heh glad we haven't lost anyone yet."
The sounds of gunfire can be heard. {Come to the western hall. It's where they're pushing the hardest to get back in here.}

DM: As the two ships exchange fire and the battle wages inside, down on a planet below, something stirs. "Could it be...our chance for freedom has come?" The sinister presence waits, biding it's time for a victor.
{This is Captain Arcadia. Roger that, en route to your location.} I radio, and start sprinting toward the west hall.
{Right.} "You two coming?" I ask, pausing for a second as I feel ... something nearby, before heading for the specified hall and drawing Hos lIngwI'.

"Yeah right behind you." I head off right behind the Sargent, pulling out my now silenced Typhon.
Gah! That was Kroger, from Gerald. Team Com, no one else could hear it...too late now though.

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