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I sigh. "I still bet they won't be ready for the field for a while. And I am not saying I am impossible to be seen. But I am the best at assassinations and infiltrating." Shadowfax starts clucking. "But yes, I wouldn't have been able to take down that capital ship alone."
"I don't know, let's keep in mind most of these guys had the highest scores in their academy tests, not to mention something at least semi-useful to the Gladiator program."
I walk to the observation room, and get ready to watch the recruits.
Well, this should be good. My A.I. says to me. Think we are all going to be replaced?
"We're all going to be replaced. All that matters in the end is when, where, how, and if we had passed our teachings along to someone. We're doing one of those now, so all that is left is the other three." I reply to it.

There is a slight error on the assignment list. John Conner is now with Mikaela's team, Stephany Morales is now with Joseph Roslin's team.
I turn back to the screens, smiling to myself, and wait for the simulations to begin. I might have to see how the veterans react to various illusions along with the recuits. That could be fun but I can't push it too much. And perhaps run the infiltration course later.

what the hell is taking so long?
Chuckling at Mikaela, I walk over to Kit. "You can't mess with these first sims. We need an evaluation that's untampered with. You'll get a chance though."
"I know and what I have planned is better used .... outside of the simulators. It should make for some ... interesting times and don't worry I won't mess with them during actual missions."
"Once we get these results we'll see how suited they are for battle." I say as Shadowfax start creating the simulation for the trainee. Bright blue lights are on the roof of either side of the red halls, with many passages leading off, random barrels sit. I speak into a mic to the trainee. "It isn't finished, so just find some way to be hidden. There are still aliens to be put in."
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I look over Eric, shaking my head. The man had a lot to learn, despite his history in militaristic training. "Front and center Recruit Eric. You get to run my CQC gauntlet."

I nod and salute;
I say, and follow Joseph to the simulation room. Grabbing my gear, I plug in and wait.
"Yes Sir." I look around and note a darkened off shoot that doesn't lead anywhere except a few crates piled up. I quickly move behind then and hide waiting for the go ahead to start the simulation.
I plug Serrator into the system and he creates a series tight hallways, closed spaces and various cover in the form of barrels, low walls and crates. Soon, several Juvalins, Safrilions and palulus are in the area. [You have fifteen minutes to complete the sim, Recruit Eric. Go.]
John was watching everything that was happening... He was short for a Gladiator, but his armor made up in height. John was also getting used to the augmentations. He shouldn't push to hard... Stress levels anyway, but he should push as hard as he can physically and mentally. "This is going to be an interesting... Simulation."

OOC: So what's the scoop on what's going on?
"You are under Mikaela, so plug yourself in and wait for his simulation to come on. It will have to do with you sniping I am thinking."

The hallways start to fill up Safrilians and Paululus, as well as a few Feralins. Soon they start moving around and the simulation begins. {Your mission is to infiltrate the engine room without sounding an alarm. I made it easier by having mostly Paululus and a few Safrilians and Feralins.}
John plugs himself into the simulation, waiting for the others in his group. He knew that it was important to use more than sheer luck and skill at times... It was best to be cautious when the time called for it.
{Roger.} I put away my assault rifle and draw my pistol. I look check my HUD for enemy positions and objective location before moving to the entrance of the hall I'm in and look around for any patrols.
I plug my AI in, and it starts setting up a forest obstacle course. Several targets and several items lay in the way of the path. It is night time, and the targets are hard to see. Unknown to John, two-thirds of the way in it, there was live targets, snipers and gunners of all sorts.
Good luck. You are being timed. The A.I. says, and adds Don't stop moving, otherwise you will be shot. A sniping scenario will come later.
John was looking around, it would be hard to see... But maybe it could be an advantage? {What is the objective of this simulation? I will then start once you give me the objective.} Pulling out his Marksmen Rifle, peering around.
Eliminate the targets. Good luck.
John noticed that he was in a forest, what if he climbed atop the trees and jumped to tree to tree? Yes, for that would help him move quickly, but give him an idea on enemy placements. He begins his ascent up the tree.

Making it up, jumping over to another tree, barely making a sound, Rifle out. The enemy would most likely be using Thermal, Night Vision, or some kind of light source.
A fake target, a cardboard cutout with a target painted on it, rises and smacks into John knocking him off the tree. Soon, more targets pop up, and the AI sighs.
Wonder if they did that one purpose, if so... !@#$%^-s. Getting back to his feet, John scanned the targets real quick, firing at the targets that had popped up, using all fifteen rounds. John then switched to his pistol and shot at the last ones near him.

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