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I can edit it out if you wish. Though ... perhaps be a tad bit more specific next time ...
I come out of the cover to assist Jarlburg, and hear the Sargent over the radio.

"Let's get over there then, just watch out for that damn sniper."
Dac, damnit, that was Sergeant Gerald!
OOC: Well ffs, edited anyway.

IC: I begin moving along towards the place the Sargent had mentioned, trying to stay in cover as much as possible from the sniper.
I'll let it slide, but keep in mind that there are Team Coms and that message was from Sergeant Gerald to Jarlburg, strictly. This is the only time I'll allow it.
Zarkun: Sorry, didn't make that clear. I meant to say I heard it over Jarlburg's radio, not my own.
Ah, ok.
{{Yes sir enroute now.}} I switch back to the rocket launcher incase snipers try their hand at trying to pin us down as I head towards the location that Sargent Gerald was.
I have no idea how much I'll be able to post from now till about sunday night/monday. Please be patient as I have no idea how much time I'll have for this over the next few days.
As the two reach the west hall, they can see a fierce battle waging, neither side able to move forward, but neither willing to fall back.
I quickly advance to where the bulk of the gladiators are, assisting one of the gladiators with a bullet wound to his leg, then another to a shot to the neck.

"Good thing it didn't hit an artery." I say, patching him up.
Their necks are protected, so unless he wasn't wearing his helmet, his neck is unharmed.
I let off a war cry and throw a grenade into the thick of the Magnus troops. I switch back to my shotgun quickly so I could continue to terrorize the Magnus ranks.

The fire intensifies from the Magnus troops, a plasma cannon being set up. I arrive from the upper levels in time to see it. "BRING THAT THING DOWN!"
I finish with the wound, and stick my head up, raining fire down upon the Magnus with my SMG.
I follow closely behind Capt. Roslin. Hearing his order, I whip out an explosive arrow and send it down the barrel of the plasma cannon...
The cannon implodes, sucking itself into a small pinpoint. In that brief instant, I speak. "DOWN!" I hit the deck, most of the other Gladiators following suit. Without warning, the small pinprick explodes outwards, killing most of the Magnus troops except for those who were to far away to be caught. However, the shockwaves slammed them into the walls, stunning and disorienting them.
Having hit the dirt, I immediately get up and shower the disoriented troops with SMG fire.
I quickly get onto my feet and begin to kill the remaining Magnus forces while they were stuned. I use my combat knife so I could conserve ammo.

I come up behind the group of Gladiators Talena beside me. "Damn looks like I missed the party again."
I chuckle, using my Typhon to pick off a couple Paululuses. "There's plenty of aliens on this ship. You'll get your chance."

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