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"Heh well like I said I'm more of a 'lone wolf' and I hate fighting in cramped spaces. However I can adapt. And I sensed ... something on the planet I think it was zerg but at this distance I can't be sure." I say as I walk over to where the Captain is.

I stay vigilante for enemies even though most of them here were already dead.

I grab a Feralin by the collar of its armor with one are and with my other plunge my knife blade into its neck. I turn to look for another live enemy and toss the corpse aside.

I shrug. "If there is something Zergy down there, I wouldn't be surprised. This place is considered a quarantine zone, even by the Magnus. Which is why I'm puzzled as to why this ship came here."
"They were likely hoping we wouldn't come after them if they came here. Then they would skip off to the heart of Magnus space and deliver the code they have to the rest of their fleets." I keep my hand on the hilt of my sword.

Seeing no more enemies I sheath my knife and stretch a little bit. "So where are the rest of our foes?" I ask pointlessly aloud.
I get to my feet grinning like a loon;
"That was rather spectacular... I'm going to have to remember that little trick..."
I look at the recruit with the bow and shake my head. "Don't get cocky kid."

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"It worked once. I'm not sure it'll work twice. As it is, I think capturing this ship is a better choice than destroying it. Might be able to hack the Magnus Battle net with it. What do you think, Serrator?" The AI's picture appears in my HUD. I think it's a good idea. Might finally give us a way to fight back.
I finish up with the last wounded soldier.

"Only minor injuries to report, sir." I say.
I nod. "That's to be expected. For once we caught the Magnus Bastards off guard in stead of the other way around." While we speak, the commanding Saphrillian watches from the bridge, and slams his fist into the console.

"These filth cannot be allowed to take this ship. Stop them by any means necessary." Several "Yes, Arbiter"'s echo and the crew sets to work. However, the one in charge, the Arbiter, seems thoughtful. While the Ascended claimed to have offered Humanity a chance, I have found no record of such a thing. Why does this worry me so?

I turn to the captain. "Then let let us not waste a moment sir. Lead and I will follow. Show me our foes and I will strike them down." I say rather strongly my voice hinting a bit of bloodlust.

"Not now, Jarlburg. First, we need to get Captain Wintersfield back first and take responsibility for his teams."
I let out a small sigh of frustration. "Yes sir, I just have one question then. Where would Captain Wintersfield be going?"

"I have no idea. I haven't seen him since we got here."
I sigh as well, understanding his annoyance, but from a different angle. "Presumably to the bridge, where he'd proceed to get his @ss handed to him. Hopefully he hasn't arrived yet." I turn on the COM. {Come on Rhys, the solo act is going to get you killed. This isn't an infiltration op anymore, so get your @ss to the hangar or I'll kick it when we find you.}
I begin my ritual again to ease back the rage. After a few minutes I stop and look at Captain Roslin. "What are your orders for now sir?"
"Make sure all the hallways leading from here are secure and at least one team of Gladiators stationed in them. Then return to your team here at the western hall."

I salute and turn to head towards my squad to relay the orders.

"So Sargent which hall will we secure first?" I ask after relaying the orders.

Gerald chuckles. "Well, it sounds like he wants you to secure the halls. I'd start with the north halls, check each one individually and make sure radio contact is established."

"Alright then." I turn and head for the north hall keeping my radio on so I could be recalled whenever. "I should have figured that I was to do the task alone." I mutter to myself as I draw my shotgun. I pass through the hanger quickly and head for the northern hall passing through the door and begin to sweep the hall looking for any Magnus stragglers.

Before Jarlburg gets into the hall a Gladiator in green and yellow armor stops him. "I'm guessing you're Captain Roslin's inspector?"

"I am." I state plainly looking strait at the gladiator.

He nods. "What he need to know? It's been fairly quiet down here?"

"He needs to know that there is a team posted here and that the area is clear." I say as I proceed towards the door to check the area out for myself.

He stops Jarlburg again. "We have orders to keep everyone in the hangar. We've seen tell tale signs of Stealth ops out there. It's why the doors are closed and barricaded. Anything else?"

"Right, thanks for the heads up.." I turn to leave heading for the eastern hall. I was already starting to figure out how to get to the northern hall without going through the door that entered the hanger.

In a few minutes I arrive at the eastern door and look around for a team of gladiators that should be stationed here.

Gladiator in all black armor approaches, clearly infiltration from his armament. "You with Alpha from Captain Roslin's teams?"

"No I am from Gamma. I am here to check out the area though under Captain Roslin's orders." I keep myself alert to anything that moved nearby.

The Gladiator grunts. "Don't matter. We don't answer to Roslin unless Captain Wintersfield is dead or MIA, which from what we know, he isn't. So take your CQC and go away." Spotting the squad, I sigh. Damn infiltrators...

"Your captain is MIA. He has not made any radio communication with Captain Roslin since we have landed and is no where to be found as of yet. Any other problems you can take it up with Roslin. Now I am not leaving until I am satisfied that this area is clear. So you can take your infiltrator ego and stuff it." I say sharply as I ready myself pushing past the gladiator.

Another, this one also in all black armor, blocks Jarlburg's path. "The are is secure. There's been no attacks, stealthed or otherwise."

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