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"Then you wouldn't mind me checking then." I press past the second gladiator.

The second one steps in the way again. "You'll take our word or you'll find yourself bloodied, recruit." The word recruit was nearly spit, and definitely full of venom. I notice the escalating situation and radio Jarlburg.

{You're only to make sure there's a team there and no breaches. Nothing more. Don't push your luck or I'll send you back to our ship just to keep things peaceful.}

"I may be a recruit in your army but don't think that I am not with out any experience or your more a fool than you look." I sneer as I start to walk off towards the western hall since the southern side was the hanger bay doors to space.

One of the infiltrators spits in disgust and I meet Jarlburg halfway. "Sorry for that. Rhys hasn't taught his men discipline. Of course, with as much time as he spends complaining, I shouldn't be surprised."

I look at Roslin. "I am not worried about it sir. I would have gladly taught them not to underestimate me. I am not just a recruit I am and krigere as well as heir to the throne of my people." I say rather proudly. "What do we do now sir?"

I sigh. "Don't underestimate them either, it'll be your undoing. As for what we do, we wait for a response from Rhys."

OOC: Now I wait for my CO-DMs to post.
Shadowfax pops up in the middle of Roslin's screen, blocking his view. Winterfield is currently preoccupied. Please call back another time. Shadowfax minimizes up to top right corner and starts giving video feed of my battle.

I smash the claw through the face of the final Paululus and notice the bridge's door open. I notice a shape come through the door and move back and notice the distortion of view and start firing off my SMG at his head and slowly move back. Its cloaking field cuts out and it starts charging with its energy claw. His shield give out and lunges at me. I duck under his slash and slash open the gut of the Safrilian. I push him over me and move over right behind the door. I sit behind the wall beside the door.
I sigh. {Get back to the hangar. I swear to God, you never wait to hear the plan. And I'm not saying word one until you come back.}
{Just keep anyone from coming at the bridge.} I say quietly into my radio and slowly start stepping into the room with Shadowfax doing calculations of my chance of survival after seeing how many and how large the targets were.
{We need the ship in one piece, Rhys. For the love of Gaia, use your brain.} Rhys never makes it into the room completely, the Arbiter's energy claw striking from behind.

"Human filth!"
I hear the blade striking through the air and I barely move out of the way. I parry his next attack and kick him back. "Sh!t."
The Arbiter remains ready, with two Juvalins drawing their weapons. "Leave my bridge, filth." I watch the fight and curse.

"All units move now, clear all hallways with grenades first, than push to the bridge and clear the ship." Several "Yes, sir"'s echo and the attack begins.

Upon entering the hall I sweep the area quickly killing any stragglers that survived the initial blast with my shotgun and take a spot in the front as we make our way through the western hall towards the bridge. I toss a grenade into the forward hall before entering.
{Winterfield, sir. What our the orders?} I ask, not having moved much.
I walk up behind Stephany. "He's a little preoccupied. Let's go."
"Yes sir." I say, following him.
I proceed through the corridors engaging every Magnus troops I found. "How much farther to the bridge?" I ask as I dispatch a group of Paululus.

"That's a good question." I say, cautiously following the group.
Gerald checked the map. "We're assigned to clear the entire west wing before heading to the bridge, so it'll be a while."
I turn to Captain Roslin;
"Orders sir?"
I ask.
"Your unit is assigned to the north halls and clearing that way. I'll head to the bridge."
I salute and fall in with my unit, readying a set of arrows.
"I'm coming with you Sir."

"Me too sir if it is OK."
I shake my head. "That's a negative. Sergeant, you report to Captain Arcadia and see what she needs. Recruit, stick with your unit. Infiltration has been tasked with the Eastern segment of the ship."

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