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I quietly nock an EMP arrow, aim for the Safrillion's head and let it fly...
It connects with the Safrillion's head, but the sound of the body slumping to the ground wakes the Paululus. Fortunately, Copperfield was waiting. He came up with both knives and stabs them into the heads of the first two and grabs the other two, slamming their heads together hard enough to crack the helmets and their heads open. Grabbing his knives, he chuckles. "First rule of sleeping enemies. Use your knife, and always kill the standing one last."

I duck behind a crate to avoid the turret fire and switch to my rocket launcher. I then peer around the edge of the crate to locate the closest turret. I fire one rocket at the closest one before returning to cover to reload. As I do so I curse at myself ft not getting out of the room faster.

The turrest keep up a steady rate of fire and Gerald turns around, keeping back a pack of Paululuses that was trying to be sneaky. "Damn those security system."
I shrug;
"I didn't want to risk having to dealing with a shielded Safrillion."
At one of your shots your SMG is fired out of your hand, flying down the hallway, but if you went to get it you would be very exposed.
"When using a knife? You my friend have a lot to learn. Safrillion shields are useless when you're up close and personal. While they work great for projectiles, they aren't as effective versus melee. Our shielding has the same problem."
I nod wryly;
"Should have remembered that.. thanks."
Cursing, I pulled out my pistol; it was longer ranged than my shotgun. I start laying down as much fire as I can with it, beckoning for the others to held lay down fire.

I reload my rocket launcher and turn to the Sargent. "Working on disabling those turrets sir."

I peer around the corner to pick the next two turrets to target. The first one is is a position to keep suppressive fire on the one of the other squads and the second one is near the door preventing my escape. I fire at the first one that I had targeted and turn to fire on the second one and return to cover. "Two more down sir."

As the turrets pop down, they begin systematically popping in and out of the walls and ceiling, keeping up a steady rate of fire and making it near impossible to come out of cover. Gerald cursed. "Damn these ships. They're AI's are self adapting, meaning you'll either not get any now, or fewer than before. We'll need to shut down the security system if we want to move forward." He flips on his radio. "Hanna, you and Jarvis need to take out the security system." He pauses as he listens. "Alright, do it fast, Gerald out." He turns back to Jarlburg "Hold position and watch our rear. They'll knock out the turrets."


Copperfield nods. "Anytime. Lets move on. The quicker we do this, the better."
As you fire the Pistol does next to nothing to the shields of the Darsalins. One heavy slowly approaching, firing his Sinner.
I crouch lower into the ground, hoping that his Sinner wouldn't punch through my meager cover. I pull my shotgun, understand that was the only thing that could kill a heavy that I had.

"Dammit, I need support!"
"Alright, let's be about it."
I say, nodding for Copperfield to take point.

Cursing I switch back to my shotgun watching the rear flank waiting for the turrets to be disabled. "Next time I won't stick the grenade in a crate..." I mutter to myself as I fire my shotgun at a group of Magnus troops.

A Safrillion steps out of the line of fire and takes cover, firing his Defiler from cover.


Copperfield nods and waves as a Safrillion steps out and grabs him by the throat. Fortunately a Gladiator uncloaks and puts her knife into the Safrillion's spine, killing it. She nods in Eric's direction and vanishes from sight. Copperfield coughs and then sighs. "Great. You seem to be attracting attention, Eric." He starts walking.
Jester STILL has not replyed to Kit ...

I cut down a Safrilion that had been trying to sneak up on Arcadia as I drop my cloak. "Need some help?"

"Blasted Xeno." I shout as I throw a grenade at Safrillion's position. "Come and show yourself as I have a lead slug for you." I shout as I draw my action back on my shotgun.
The Safrillion catches it and crushes it in his hand, stopping the explosion. Gerald whistles. "That's new." He continues firing as more Magnus forces show up. A Juvalin pops out and fires briefly before getting shredded by it's own plasma turrets.

I shout a curse at the Safrillion in my native tongue as I lob my last two grenades at him. "Your head shall be my trophy Xeno!!" I shout as I fire my shotgun at him as well.

Two Paululuses take the grenades to the back of the head and die in the explosions. The remaining forces keep firing with a Darsalin heavy moving towards you slowly.

I fire on the heavy Darsalin aiming for joints and the neck where the armor is thinner. "You shall not over come me Xeno's. Your body will be left in the void of space for the stars to consume. I will use your blood to paint the halls of your ancestors homes in our victory." I rapid fire an full clip at the heavy Darsalin.

The Darsalin's shield protects it, but only up to a certain range. Gerald's shotgun sits nearby and he uses his pistol. "Just keep him busy. I'll get him soon."

"I can take him sir." I start focusing my rage on the Darsalin. "Come on Xeno, show me what you got. I am eager to rend your flesh from your bone." I shout at the Darsalin as I keep firing my shotgun at its weak armor points trying to draw it closer as well as hold its attention.

As it gets closer, suddenly Gerald picks up his shotgun and fires, the rounds piercing the shield and the armor, killing it at 10 feet. "Their shields are the least effective at our maximum effective range. It's something to remember."

I let out a small sigh of frustration as fire a few quick rounds at the Paululuses. "I will remember that sir. Sir what are the chance that Safarillon won't suspect a rush on his position?" I ask as I try to keep my rage from taking over me completely

"Good since the turrets are only firing occasionally as long as we're in cover." He picks off a Darsalin that poked his head out too far. "Just be patient." Suddenly the turrets die and the Magnus look at each other in confusion. "Now!" Gerald holsters his pistol and picks up his shotgun, rushing forward and gunning down the first few troops.

I holster my shotgun and let out a bloodlust roar as I leap out of cover charging the Safarillion. I leap over the cover that he is using falling on top of him drawing my as I stab at him. "Death is waiting for you xeno and I will send you to greet him. I will take your head as a trophy and display it to your still living kin."

The Safarillion catches Jarlburgs arm and throws him over himself onto his back. He then quickly leaps on Jarlburg, drawing his energy blade and speaking in an alien language. However, as he raises his blade, Gerald's javelin protrudes from it's chest and it dies instantly, the energy blade clattering to the ground. Throwing the body aside, he offers Jarlburg a hand. "Berserker rage will get you killed against these guys. You never have the advantage unless you're on your feet or you catch him off guard. He expected you because of the way you targeted him."

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