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I pick myself up ignoring Gerald's hand. "I will keep that in mind sir." I could have kill this xeno even on my back. I think to myself as I put my knife back into its sheath and draw my shotgun. "Where is the next area that needs to be cleared?" I ask eager to get back into the fray.
"We just keep clearing rooms and hallways. Shouldn't take too long."
"Then let us be off. These xeno's won't clear themselves out." I say as I reload my shotgun check my rocket launcher.

I peek over the cover I am behind and put a burst of fire right between the eyes of a Drasilin before ducking back down.
The Darsalin Heavy mows down two of the other Spartan's in Iota. As the bullet hits the shields on his head it weakens his shields heavily. He turn and finds the medic cowering and he prepares to fire on her.
I pop up again and put another burst in the Darsalin's face. I drop back down behind my cover.
I sprint to another cover, a significantly better one, not stopping to fire at the Darsalin. I have my shotgun ready if he comes too close, though I didn't really have much for the range he was at. I suppose I could have charged him, but hindsight's always twenty-twenty.
As the bullet hits his head again and his shields disperse completely he fires at the one behind cover, the projectiles piercing straight through Talena's cover. "YOU SHALL DIE HUMAN SCUM!"
Seeing he's distracted, and that his shields are down, I charge. I run up to him, and, at about 7 feet away, blast him with my high-powered-shotgun, the rounds hitting him directly in the head.
"F^CK OFF!" I shift to different cover and fire on some Paululus.
With the shotgun slug tearing straight through his helmeted head, half of his head blown apart. His scream of pain bringing the attention of a Juvalin berserker. When his roar is heard all the Paululus try to hide.
Gerald nods and leads the way down the hall with the frozen turrets, ripping one off it's setting and test firing it. "Perfect," he grins. "Let's go. Who knows what's left."
Noticing the Beserker, I quickly rush back to my cover. I had noticed the two that the Darsalin had hit were both dead, and that I could do nothing to help them. I also get my SMG back along the way, and start showering the beserker in lead.
I grab a few grenades that were on the ground from the fallen Paululus. "These should work since I no longer have and fragmentation grenades. Anything I special I need to know about them?" I say as I follow Gerald and examine the plasma grenade.
As the bullets strike the Berserker he only gets angrier, nothing seemed to be happening. The Berserker charging forward, grabbing Paululus and throwing them at the squad members of Iota while he charges through the hall.
I dodge them, and get behind the best cover I could find. I continue to fire the SMG, several bullets striking it's eyes.
Gerald chuckles. "Yeah, when you pull the pin, make sure you're behind something or there's plenty of space between you and it. Those things can give even the most battle hardened Gladiators a heart attack."
The Berserker ignores the loss of its eyesight, going purely off the smell of its prey, still whipping Paululus. Iota squadleader screams as a Paululus charger lands on him and it uses its tiny knives to cut his throat. Leaving Iota to the two new recruits.
{This is Iota, we're on the verge of breaking, and almost all of us are dead.} I say, waiting behind cover now, holding my shotgun, just waiting for the beserker to get too close.
I hear the call. I could hear the gun shots, but didn't think anything of it. {Iota, this is Captain Joseph, where is your location?} Damn you Rhys...Why can't you just follow orders?
I run from the bridge and hear Iota's cry for help. "Sh!t. Shadowfax, bring up the quickest way to get to them." Soon a map of the ship pops up on my HUD and the location of Iota. They were a fair amount away and I started sprinting.

The Berserker comes over the cover of the medic and slams one of his knives down, planning on removing one of her arms.

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