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A sniper round whizzes past John's head, and the AI speaks. There is a path to this, you do realize this, right? Don't stand still too long, otherwise, you will be eliminated.
John was quickly behind a tree, reloading his weapons, both Pistol and Rifle. {Roughly how far am I from the first live target?} Diving from tree to tree to throw them off, ready to arm the grenade when I need to.
The first five targets are some distance back. There's a reason we have the path outlined with foliage. Another sniper round rings out, impacting the spot above John and leaving a hole in the tree.
Seeing several bushes, John jumped in, completely concealed as he made his move through the foliage, doing his best to not make any sudden movements.
Several more targets pop up, all of them still fakes.

In the Observation Room, Mikaela shakes her head.
They just want to trick me... Lower my guard by shooting the fakes so the snipers can get a clear shot at me... Sneaking through, planning on taking out the sniper(s).
There was a patrol of a Combatant Feralin, Paululus Light Infantry, and a Safrilian Captain. The Feralin looks over to your position and slowly approaches.
I back pedal and hide behind the crates/barrels again. I glance over the crates/barrels to see where the Feralin is.

I watch the two recruits currently engaged in the simulations. Conner seems a bit slow. Talena might show some promise as an infiltrator. I would love to try out that infiltrator simulation. I sigh.
Another target pops up right in front of John, not hitting him. The AI pops up in the corner of his HUD, and says You are doing quite poorly at this. So far, you have left 19 targets unmarked. With 27 targets over-all....... She doesn't finish the sentence, and disappears.
The Feralin looks around the corner but sees nothing and heads back to the main patrol and they start going back a previous hallway. {You understand nothing is going to get done if you don't advance.}
None of them like my person. :\

IC: {I'm sorry if you didn't tell me every bit of information that you wanted me to do... I'm not a mind reader... Told them I wasn't suited for this... And you didn't tell me what kind of Simulation this was, all you said was to take down all of my targets. So if anything, you are falling behind in your job, AI.}

John bursts out of the cover, throwing a grenade while taking down his targets next to him... Appeasing to the AI that didn't tell him enough information.
I shake my head at the other two recruits. Sloppy, both of them.

They will learn. The courses are a bit high level, which is not good for their psyches.

Our first unit deployment is in three weeks. We don't have time for easy, medium, hard. Serrator simply nods and continues creating rooms filled with aliens.
{Yes I do but part of the objective is to not raise alarms is it not?} I ask as I go back to the main hall and stat in the direction of the simulations objective.
I shake my head. "Honestly, an obstacle course with targets to shoot. And you don't shoot the targets. I don't understand this at all." Annoyance was evident in my voice.

I made myself clear on your objective. Shoot the targets. Doesn't matter if it doesn't fight back or it does. I am not falling behind on my job, you interpreted my words in a way that you believed was the right thing, where my words were as they were. The AI replies.
As you come around a corner a few Paululus carrying crates come right in front of you. Most of them drop the crate and start running to alert a higher up, but one charges at you. {You have to react and adapt quick.}
{You also didn't tell me what kind of targets they were, all I know is that they could've all been live targets and I had to hunt them all down. You see... } More shots rang out, John moving through the 'course'. What a poor excuse of one it was. In Boot Camp they had a real course.

The grenade was thrown far and landed near the Sniper, blowing him up.
I immediately shoot the one running at me with my pistol then pull out my Typhon and shoot the others running after them. when they are dead I drag them into a dark side corridor and stack the crates in front of them. I then continue on my way reloading my Typhon and again drawing my pistol.
A round rings out and the course resets itself, with John back at the start. The AI re-appears on his HUD.
A target is a target, no matter how it is designed. If you have problems with that, I can put you in a location where your targets are cut and dry, but you will fail. One would think that in Boot Camp you'd understand what a target looked like even though it was cardboard. With that, the AI disappears.
John chose his position near the tree.... again. Come on... Time to show that AI. The time started and he burst into a sprint, his pistol the only weapon that was out. Three targets popped up to my left, a grenade came flying into my hand and at the targets, blowing them up. Then stop briefly at the trunk of a tree before taking off towards another, using my pistol to shoot two more targets.
I look at Serrator, then Mikaela and grin. "You gonna do it?"

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