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The small patrol you saw earlier hears the gunshots and starts coming to investigate, their footsteps sounding closer and closer, you didn't have long before they would arrive in your hallway.
"Do what?" I say, not looking in his direction. My attention was on the screen, and I already knew what to do for John's sniping scenario.

A target pops up, its 'arm' winding up to toss a live grenade. A single shot would keep it from tossing the grenade, but only if you hit it at the correct spot.
I holster my pistol and grab my shotgun moving as fast as I can towards my objective choosing to for now ignore the patrol. As the patrol rounds the corner to the hall so do I still heading towards the engine room but in a slightly more roundabout fashion.
"The Feralin in the tree trick. Your Captain did it before you, and you swore you'd do it too."
I smile under my helmet. "Good times. I made sure that Solice has a few tricks on the course. Like Artillery teams when he gets 3/4 the way to the end. Should be good."
You can hear the captain yelling orders in an unknown language. You hear squeals as the bodies are uncovered by the Paululus. The lights in the halls start flashing red, the alarm had been set off. {Your killing of the Paululus was well thought out, except for using a Typhon. It all fell a part there. You had a chance to have not alerted them, but you didn't think that through.} The simulation ends.
John so the grenade, he wanted to do something interesting, even if it would mess something up that was his... Taking off his helmet in mid-sprint, he tossed it at the grenade arm, the grenade was thrown out and the helmet caught it, going right back at the target. Destroying it. He made it to the next tree and did his pattern, rechecking ammo while on the run. Shooting any target that he could spot, even if it was only a glimpse.
{You are right Sir I didn't think that part through. I should have stuck with my pistol. Want me to run it again Sir?} I look around at the empty space of the simulator chamber around me while waiting for orders.
There was nothing in site for a little bit before the sun rose, and reflected in the distance. However, in the distance, a round rings out, flying past John and landing behind him. A few extra guns opened fire from various clearings around the course, live hostiles attacking the man running the simulation.
"That's a fail. You don't remove the one piece of armor protecting your head." Shaking my head, I take a seat, observing the two. "You gotta give the gal her props, she made it further than either of us would have thought."
John's Rifle was pulled out, giving out suppressive fire as he charged forward, doing twists and turns, flips and rolls. Catching a tree branch and flinging him onto a tree, he was tree hopping, using it as cover and as a look out point. Jumping from tree to tree, he threw a grenade at the targets, making sure to cook it.
{No. Come on out. This first one was just to test your skills in each category. Your next test will be in CQC and Assault. That one is under Joseph. Though you did better than most recruits did.} I reply. I look at Shadowfax, "She shows enough promise to be an Infiltrator, but still not good enough to demand my attention."

"Or mine." He replies, his voice monotone. Shadowfax looks at Mikaela, "The simulation you two put up doesn't seem like one that tests accuracy, but agility and reaction time."
I chuckle. "Too bad. You know the drill. We only got three weeks, so they go to you. The other sims are to appease Command."
"I'm aware of it. The Tree-Sniper will tell him that he needs his helmet." I turn to Joesph, and even he could tell that I was smiling under my helmet. I take it off, and shake my hair out a bit. "I think that she did quite well as well. I still wonder why she doesn't have silenced equipment, or even a combat knife." I turn to Shadowfax, and say "Why do you think we have targets at all ranges? A accuracy scenario will come some time later. For now, we test how they react to situations and conditions, then we work with the data we have to improve them."
"From what I can tell, Command was in a bit of a hurry to get them to us. We have the supplies to give them what they're lacking in." I remove my own helmet, watching the remaining sim. "Still can't believe he'd do that. It get him killed in the field."
{Yes Sir.} I say heading out of the simulator chamber. I wait outside the simulator chamber and listen to some music I had downloaded into my armor while I wait for the other recruits or orders from one of the captains.
John smiled. There's a course, but there is no course... He jumped out of the tree and 'out' of the course. Moving quickly but silently, both Rifle and Pistol was out, while tossing a grenade out and kicking it towards the live targets.
As John advances, a round rings out and brushes along his temple. The round spins John around, disorienting him and causing him to bleed from there. A bright flash of pain hits him, and the troop that fired continues to fire, threatening to hit him in the head again.

I smile, looking at the situation. "Ah, I love that one. He now has to learn the hard way."
"She'll be given a suppressor for that assault rifle and a combat knife, but I don't like the fact that she has a shotgun, the only thing louder than them is a rocket launcher." I say.

"I would expect something more triggered for accuracy for someone who stays in the back picking off targets." Shadowfax replies to Mikaela. Shadowfax observes the scene with John, "That was slightly idiotic of him. But all of you humans would know that from experience."
He didn't jump into any tree... So redo your post. He jumped out.

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