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I chuckle and shake my head at the conversation the captains were having while watching the last simulation. "Rookie move for a seasoned marine turned Gladiator."
Shadowfax, they were taught how to shoot accurately while standing still at Boot Camp. She is seeing how he operates. And she did not specify how fast they had to be moving, for they could be walking. Though, with how the guns are set up, they will most likely still kill him.
Solice replies. And I agree with you assessment of their operating parameters.
Sighing, I signal Serrator, who appears in the upper left of Talena's HUD. Please report to your simulator. Recruit Eric's is having connection issues.
My music cuts out as the AI appears on my HUD and tells me to go my simulator. {On my way.} I walk back into the simulator chamber, back to my simulator and plug back in. {Ready.}
Serrator creates a series tight hallways, closed spaces and various cover in the form of barrels, low walls and crates. Soon, several Juvalins, Safrilions and palulus are in the area. [You have fifteen minutes to complete the sim, Recruit Talena. Use your CQC skills to survive. Go.] I chuckle. "Any of you hear what my surprise twist was?"
"Uh oh. What, suiciders?" I ask, already knowing what he was about to say.
I draw my pistol and advance keeping it at the ready. I pick off the first few enemies with short bursts of fire.
I chuckle. "That was easy using their own grenades against them. No, my Captain put himself at the end with three energy sword wielding Safrilions." As Talena progresses forward, a cloaked Safrillion follows. "Hey Rhys, five credits she misses her tail."
John's brain was sending mixed signals from the virtual world and the light of the living.

Blood was oozing out... A sniper, not like a helmet would do anything, it would still punch right through it. Apparently innovation is against the rules here, but I guess they haven't been near some of the soldiers that would do anything to complete an objective, even if it meant to sacrifice themselves by ditching a helmet. Moving fast, the tree as cover, that was when a grenade flew past the tree and right near John's face... Detonating. Shrapnel going into his left eye. He could feel the pain from both worlds. It was stinging, hot, burning! The feeling was intense and he felt blind in the real world, for the brain doesn't know what's going on.

Something was happening with his connection, everything that had happened in there felt real to his brain and was creating the same symptoms.
Priority alert, subject's stress levels rising. Solice rings, and I frown. "Cut him out of the combat, then get him out of the simulation system." I turn to the others, and say "Well, he learned his lesson."
"Hopefully not at the cost of his psyche. Let's not forget Max..."
I keep moving forward picking off enemies before switching to my shotgun and jumping down a side hall just barely dodging a swipe from the Safrillion. What the ... I turn and fire my shotgun barely catching the safrillion in the chest as it lunges at me. It gets thrown back slightly stopping its lunge strike. I turn back around and continue toward the end of the course picking off enemies as I go.
"That sucked for him. I still feel bad sorry for him for what happened, but he got off lucky. He probably didn't have to go through what we went through." I reply.

I had a random thought. If the UED took over the Sector, what happened to my Remnant faction?
I don't know... They probably never existed in this timeline?

IC: John's left eye started to bleed, the brain was confused, just recreating the bleeding like in the Sim, of course though, he wasn't out of it.
A large Juvalin fist comes out from an unnoticed side hall and slams into Talena, sending her sprawling. I chuckle. "Gotta go plug in. Serrator, send in the suicide squads."

Of course. I head to the simulation room and take a Captain's pod. Talena can hear the steps of the Juvalin and the yells of the Palulus as they drop their weapons and pull out their grenades, charging her.
OOC: a better question Jester is what happened to all the custom races and factions that live in or around Koprulu

IC: What the hell? I quickly pull out my Typhon and open fire while backing up focusing mainly on the suicide squads. I duck down a side hall that leads in an alternate route to the other side of the course and run down it hoping to not see any more of those suiciders.
The Juvalin chases after, firing on Talena with it's Sinner. It would seem indeed that she is a better infiltrator. I enter the system and stand at the end of the course, the three Safrilions talking to each other like I wasn't there. "Not a surprise."
I slide behind some barrels, pull out my shotgun and wait for a moment as the Juvalin nears. I stand up turn around and fire a shot into the Juvalin's face. I turn towards the end of the course and not the three Safrillion and one of the captains there. I start running in their direction.
The Juvalin roars in anger and fires again before falling over dead. One of the spikes manages to clip Talena's shoulder. Not hurting her, but spinning her around. The Safrillions notice her and take up a defensive position around me and draw their energy blades. I toss a combat knife to her. "Here's the real test."
I catch the knife as I move slowing to a walk as I draw closer to the Safrillion's. I smile behind my helmet putting away my shotgun.

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