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The Safrilions move around Talena, watching her carefully. They speak to each other in an alien language then one lunges forward, blade first.
I side step the lunge and bring my knife into the Safrillion's face while grabbing the energy blade from its grasp.
I scoff at the foolishness of melee combat with three trained Safrilian warriors. That doesn't seem all that smart. Perhaps one, but three? Those claws can cut straight through shielding and armor!
Another steps forward and destroys the energy blade before bringing his blade towards Talena's head, aiming the cleave it in two.

OOC: It would have been too easy to have you killed from behind XD
I roll out of the way and pull out my shotgun firing into the Safrillion that had just tried to split my skull. I turn to the other and fire into it as well.
The Safrillions shields take the brunt of the damage as it grabs Talena and runs it's sword into her heart, killing her. End Simulation against Magnus Empire. Begin examination. Talena finds herself in a large circular room standing across from me, an energy blade in her hand. "You misjudged the range. That Safrilion made mincemeat of you."
"Yeah I could have done better Sir. What's with the energy blade Sir?" I look at the energy blade that was in my hand.
"This is the last bit of the test. CQC, despite what the Academy taught you, isn't just your shot gun. Melee is also important." I spin my own energy blade, tinted to appear blood red. "I'll see what you can do."
I drop into a ready stance and activate the energy blade. I start to circle the captain waiting for either a good time to strike or for him to attack first.
I feint a lunge, ready to lash out with a round house when she takes the bait.
I side step swinging my own blade at the captain.
I duck under the blade and bring my foot around, the round house connecting to the side of her helm. I follow it up with a knee to her face.
I take the kick to the helmet and go into a short roll before standing again and lunging at the captain with blade first.
I side step, grabbing her wrist and flipping her onto her back and disarming her. "Good try, but not good enough." I slam the sword into her heart and watch the body vanish.

Simulation over. I step out and look at Talena. "Stick with infiltrator. You're better at it."
"Yeah." I raise a hand to my chest over my heart as I exit the simulator. "It was fun sparing with you though and I might try that course again at a later time."
"It's no easier the second time around. Report to Captain Mikaela for your next sim." Returning to the observation deck, I sigh. "She definitely belongs with you Rhys."
I sigh. "I know." I sit back and wait for the others to finish their simulations for me to get my next person.
{Captain want me to go ahead and plug in for your simulation?} I ask Captain Mikaela over comms remaining next to my simulator.
One of the pods open up, and medics rush over to it, carrying John out of it.
{Yes.} I reply.
I get back in my pod plug in and wait for the simulation to load.

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