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A simulated environment begins to load. It was another course, like before with John, however, it is set in a snowy ground with few trees. Solice appears on the HUD, and says Follow the course, shoot targets that appear or fire at you. The snow shifts, and reveals a path set by hardened stone.
{How do I know that path isn't covered by mines?} I ask the AI as I draw my pistol and step to the edge of the path.
She gives a strangely human expression, almost as if thinking, then smiles. Because this isn't EOD class. She disappears from the HUD.
I sigh and start down the path keeping low and scanning for targets.
One pops near her, sending snow at her. Soon, several more pop up, chucking more snow.
I shoot the target as I duck under the snow then roll to avoid the next batch of snow and coming to a kneeling position I shoot the other targets and then keep moving.
More targets begin to pop up, with two of them begin Grenade-chuckers, their 'arm' winding up to toss the grenade. More snow is also thrown.
I dodge the snow and pick off the grenade throwing targets first. I then shoot the other targets, reload my pistol and continue on the path. I keep my guard up at all times because if the last two simulations were anything to go by this would have a nice twist in here somewhere.
Almost as if agreeing with her assessment, a bullet whizzes by, almost hitting her head. Soon, more targets begin to fire at her, and a pair of Juvalin Bezerkers appear a bit further down the course, enraged and charging.
"Well at least it is interesting." I say smiling behind my armor and dodging out of the way of incoming bullets and behind a nearby boulder. I put away my pistol and drawing my Typhon I peek over the rock and fire a few rounds at the Juvalin Bezerkers. I then break cover and head further along the course before taking cover behind another rock and fire some more rounds at the Juvalins.
One of the Bezerkers drop dead, but the other charges, jumping over the rock and ramming into her with little issue. He swings his arm, the blow threatening to kill her. The rounds stop, save for one, who shoots and hits the Juvalin in the !@#.
I jump backwards avoiding the bezerkers punch. I bring the Typhon up and shoot it in the face full on for a moment and then reload as it dies. I then continue on the path looking for where those sniper rounds were coming from.
Upon looking around, you realize that the sun is reflecting off of weapons in the distance, and rounds were coming from that direction. The snipers were out in the distance, firing at you. One round lands right next to your foot, almost triggering shielding.
I look in direction the rounds were coming from but duck behind a rock as the round lands near my foot. hmm this could be interesting. I could go off the path and go straight for them and probably run over a mine or get shot. Or I can follow the path which will take longer but is probably safer. I decide to continue following the path given it provides more cover and more fun. Breaking cover I continue down the path while I once again put away my Typhon and draw my pistol.
More rounds ring out, and up ahead, a large Plasma round whizzes by, missing by centimeters. Someone ahead has a Plasma Cannon, and has some skills with it. The scream of engines is heard.
I smile again because engines mean something I can hijack, just need to deal with the plasma cannon and I'll be fine if I can get a vehicle. I keep moving dropping behind rocks now and then for cover and always looking for the vehicles and the enemy with the plasma cannon
Another Plasma Cannon round flares nearby, destroying cover. Two vehicles jump over the sides, one Human and one hostile. They both are too far away to jack, and the Magnus vehicle was firing on the Human one.
I fire on the driver of the Magnus vehicle as I move hoping to pick it off before the Human vehicle gets destroyed. I keep an eye out for incoming plasma rounds and sniper shots dodging them as needed.
Both vehicles move out of effective range, and another Plasma Cannon round destroys more cover. Sniper fire picks up a notch, as they realize that their prey will run out of cover to use.
Fine then. I go off the path heading directly for where the plasma cannon is firing from, dodging the rounds as they come.

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