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I watch Talena leave the path. "I get the feeling she's about to receive several painful bullet wounds." Serrator shakes his head and continues running diagnostics on both Eric's pod and John's.
You see the individual using the Plasma Cannon. A Darsalin Heavy is using it at range, and he has you in his sights. He turns his gun over to you, and fires it. Judging by the round's path, it'll land right at your feet.
I swerve to the right and then slide into a small alcove formed by rocks that protects me from the plasma blast. I then leave the alcove and continue towards the cannon. I holster my pistol, pull out my Typhon and aim it at the plasma cannon wielder. As I come into range I pull the trigger and unleash a rain of lead on the Darsalin.
The Darsalin takes cover under the fire, and then returns fire with a Defiler. It starts sending a hail of death back, and snipers start shifting positions, getting ready to fire again.
I stop behind a rock for a second then continue firing on the Darsalin in controlled bursts aimed mainly at the things head or body to do the most damage. I keep the snipers in mind but given they are not shooting me at the moment they are not a very big concern.

I watch Talena's current trial with interest she was pretty good even if she was very young.
I watch her and chuckle. "She's forgetting that she left enemies on the path. That'll be her downfall."
"Perhaps yet perhaps not looks can be deceiving."
"She's done either way. She's running out of cover and the snipers have her out numbered and out gunned. She won't even be able to take out Darsalin."

OOC: We should have had Jester finish this before going to bed...
"hmm. You are correct but at least she can give them a run for their money."
"We'll see. I figured she'd be decent at CQC, but we all know how that went."
I nod. "I may work with her on CQC a bit. However I find your simulators a bit too ...constrained for how I like to train."

I fire another burst at the Darsalin and duck behind my little rock. I turn around and see a sniper but I don't react fast enough and get shot twice. One killed my shields and one went through my heart 'killing' me. I open my eyes, I'm back in the simulator room and I'm breathing heavily. I leave my simulator and then just sit down next to it and listen to music until someone contacts me.

OOC: Jester feel free to shoot down the above 'fail scene' for Talena or have me change part(s) of it if/as needed.
"I operate best in that environment, though I can operate fine outside it. We'll see. I do know that she's still no good as a sniper either." Seeing the end result of her gambit I chuckle. "And I would be right. Man, heart shots all three times...gotta be rough."
"Her weapon selection is a bit counterproductive to being a sniper that is for sure. I wonder what she would be capable of with a sniper or marksman rifle."
I shrug. "Probably didn't get that draw in the Academy. SCION is infamous for that little system."
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I plug Serrator into the system and he creates a series tight hallways, closed spaces and various cover in the form of barrels, low walls and crates. Soon, several Juvalins, Safrilions and palulus are in the area. [You have fifteen minutes to complete the sim, Recruit Eric. Go.]

Sorry I wasn't on, had a friend over.

Don't really feel like going into details here, so I'll go over over the tactics that Eric uses.
- Hitting forward enemies with his bow and then setting off the arrow's charges (EMP, explosive and neurotoxin) as more enemies move over the corpses to engage.

- Cleaning up injured enemies with pistol fire.

- Sniping with the bow when necessary.

- Always moving.
I lean up from watching the screen. "Not bad. At least she didn't make the same mistake as John. Yeah, SCION was awful." I turn to Captain Roslin, and say "Should we have them run the Mul'aree simulation?" I asked.
I draw my sword and set it across my lap, I then take out a sharpening stone and begin running the stone along both edges of Hos lIngwI'. I would prefer to do this elsewhere but I also didn't want to insult them by leaving at the moment.

OOC: keep in mind that she keeps Hos (3' long sword) in a dagger or combat knife sized sheath and I am pretty sure none of the captains have seen it out side the sheath or anything else like that.
"We could, but I'm not sure they're ready for it. Hell, we still need to run Eric through all three sims, and John through the other two when he recovers, and then run the team survival sim. Depending on their ability to work as a cohesive team, we'll run the Mul'aree sim."
"Good point. So far, I don't think their chances will be that good." I reply, checking my pistol.
I nod in agreement. "Which isn't good. I mean....I don't know what I mean really, but they barely operate on their own, which isn't a good indication of their team ability."

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