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John awoke with a jerk, clenching his face with his hands.... He was still getting used to the training and the augmentations. He wasn't around as long as any of the others, and John was used to fighting like a Marine. Innovation, crazy dumb !@# ideas that might or might not work. If anything... At least he knows what it means to be in a team, they are your friends... The one thing that you as a person will never let go. At least he came with those qualities.
"The augmented marine will need some adjustment to the simulators you are using and all of them will need more training most likely in team ops mainly. Hopefully they will learn in time for the first mission." I say mostly to myself continuing to use the stone on Hos every so often stopping and checking what I had done.
I don't want to hold the RP back because I wasn't on, so how would Eric do using the tactics I mentioned?
Not super well, but not super bad as he'd get picked off by a Juvalin. It's a CQC test, not just archery.

IC: Serrator sighs in relief as Eric's pod finally connects to the sim, however, not the one Talena had run. Instead it's inside a Magnus ship, just outside the LZ in the hangar. Serrator appears in the top left of Eric's helmet's HUD. Your mission, Recruit Eric, is to use your CQC skills to reach the bridge and eliminate the Safrillion general. I have given you a way point. You have 30 minutes to complete the simulation. Good luck. The picture vanishes and is replaced by a timer.
Sorry I've been off, but life happened.

Drawing my sword and a magnum, I follow the way point. Moving quickly, I stay alert for trouble.
All good. Just lettin you know.

IC: Around a corner can be heard several Paluluses and a pair of Juvalins. There is no way around them either.
Checking my sensors, how far around the corner are they?
They're with in the 25 meter range, but out of sword range. I watch and chuckle. "If he does well enough with this first set, he might just make it to the bridge."
I holster my pistol and draw my bow with a contact detonation EMP arrow, a contact explosive arrow set for quick draw. Sneaking up, I pop out around the corner and put my first arrow through the head of one of the Juvalins.

(How close to the first one is the second Juvalin?)
You're about to find out.

IC: The second Juvalin's fist slams into Eric's visor, slamming him into the wall. I cringe. "CQC, not infiltration..." The Paluluses and the remaining Juvalin then prepare to fire on him.

...not a good place to be... gotta be quick...
I bound back, body-slamming into the Juvalin, keeping it between me and the Paluluses. As I do so, I drop my bow back to it's quiver and draw one of my pistols, firing into the Juvalin's gut and chest.
The Juvalin grabs Eric and hurls him over the Paluluses. While having only angered the Juvalin, he is now mid air over the Paluluses. "Take advantage of it..." The Juvalin roars in anger and an answering roar is heard a little ways off. What ever he was to do, he had to do it fast.
"He's focusing more on one target than just getting them all in one fell swoop. Although, he was right focusing on the Juvalin." I comment.
I shrug. "Not saying that was wrong, but he should have used something with more...boom."
I drop my magnum and pull up my bow, the explosive arrow loaded into place. Dropping to the ground, I pull back and let go, sending the arrow through the Juvalin's head in an explosive mess. Turning, I take off the head of a Paluluse with a coup de grace and charge in hacking away.

Like that? :P
Not quite. You see, now you have three other Paluluses to worry about.

IC: The other three Paluluses fire on Eric with their Energy Blasters, threatening to quickly turn him into slag.

OOC: Last chance. Next one you die.
"Nothing a grenade launcher can't do. Personally, nothing says "Die in pieces" better than a Tank shell." I chuckle.
I laugh in turn, watching the scene unfold. "Man...he's good, but he shot the wrong guy..."
Charging in, I run the first Paluluse through. Spinning forward, I pull out the blade and chop off the second Paluluse's head. Rolling to the side, I sweep up the magnum that I'd dropped and put three rounds into the third one's head.
The owner of the responding roar comes around the corner of the objective, wielding two Gorgan Combat Knives. Spotting Eric, it roars and charges him.

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