Separatist Space, VIII

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"Im not sure. I used to know Luis well... He liked tropics. We need to get on a shuttle and identify the exact location of this base and it's purpose and schematics, then send word back to the Separatists."

I dropped out just before the space battle mark ...... though i did see Dacs SOB char .....
Just go to Execrate in your ship and find Scout, that will put you right where you want to be in the ground battle.
"I never would have suspected though...."
"I don't think that'll be necessary. This ship's descending for repairs. Feel the shift in gravity?"
"And then the trash man will swing by and empty us. We need to-"

Samantha was cut off by the sound of heavy metal unhinging. The air in the garbage center began depressurizing.
I activate the take off sequence and hover, waiting for the door to open. "And we make our exit and follow the ship down. Don't worry, I thought this through."

OOC: The scenario I'm thinking of is from a level on a Star Wars game XD It was eerily similar to this one.
OOC: Oh really? What game? Im going for a cross between a mission in KOTOR and that one ME mission.


Samantha watched as the doors opened and the wall began pushing all the garbage out into space.
im guessing the space battle is over now ...... i almost wish that i had kept up enough to post atlest a bit for the battle. o well

IC: The Anatoga exits a worm hole just above the compound on execrate and lands. Kit disembarks and heads off looking for Scout.
Morph, the battle is about half over.


You see squadron after squadron of marines running to their battle posts as Black Peace Ships hover in omnipresence in the distance.
No it isn't Morph. It's still hot. And KOTOR actually.

IC: I maneuver the Wandering Star out the doors and hover nearby. "We'll be fine."
and that one bit from SW ep. 5...


Scout looks back at Eric. "Let's get to work." He says, pulling the slide back to his rifle and letting it go with a clank, still not breaking eye contact. He then turns and begins walking down the hill.

Siege tanks and marines start preparing in the trenches and establishing defenses to defend the command center.

[The Group]
Following Scout, the first merc gunships begin to land, unloading teams of power-armored mercs armed with plasma cannons, battle rifles, RPGs, and flechette guns.
Is it that one where they crash and find that one race of savage-like people at that one base?

War, what part of ep. 5? I don't remember that. It's funny how media influences our RP's and stories though...
Where Han escapes from the Star Destroyers by hiding the Falcon behind one of the SD's main towers and drifting free when the release their trash to go to hyper...
As Kit walks towards the main compound she turns her head towards the Anatoga and nods once. the Anatoga then lifts off and heads towards the BP ships intent on giving them a hell they could never imagine. Kit is once again dressing her Ghost suit with Hos lIngwI' at her hip and her rifle across her back.
Troops continued running in every which direction as alarms blared from every corner.

---@Zarkun & Dac---

Samantha was quiet for a long time while the Wandering Star drifted close behind the capitol ship. Finally, she broke the silence.

"What if we were on the wrong side?"
Kit stops a passing Troop and her voice cutting through the noise, even though it is at a normal speaking tone, asks "Where can I find Captain Scout?"
"We're mercs, Sam. Truthfully, it won't matter, because which ever side wins will be a different kind of tyrant. It's the common people I fight for, not the bureaucrats. If I fought for them, I'd be working for Mengsk still."

"Lt. Scout should be to the east directing troops right around this building down the hill." He answers, catching up with his squad.


"The Separatists don't dictate tyranny... But..." She stopped and looked out the window. "What if Luis was right through all of this?"
I look at them with a long face.

"If I'm on the wrong side, then damn us. But I don't think we are....they're the ones who murdered entire colonies."

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