Separatist Space, VIII

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Kit nods and heads out in the designated direction.
Samantha looked at Alidia, "True, but you don't know his motivations. Maybe they had corrupt governments."
"Pegasus info theorizes that he took the colonists and only destroyed the buildings. Theorizes," I emphasize. "Besides, even Luis is corrupt. He's a f*cking pirate for Christ's sake. If that's pure then we've all been living the wrong lifestyle."
Korzis yells at the woman, "Who are you?"

The woman responds, "I am a Chaos Hunter."

"A what?" Korzis replies.

"A Chaos Hunter, my name is Laura. And apparently you are the host." She responds.

He whispers to himself, "How does she know about the 'Demon'?" He then yells, "What do you want?"

"Simply for you to come with me." Laura replies.

Go on Korzis. Allow her to take you. The 'Demon' whispers within Korzis's mind.

"Fine." He walks over to the Chaos Hunter.
"But what if that's just propaganda?" Samantha argued. "You're right, he is not a good dude, with all the killings and stuff, but his motives might be just."
"Nothing really justifies what he's done. The allies of the Black Peace attacked Villanovan, and nearly wiped out all life there. The women, and young of my people were slaughtered without remorse...if I could have Luis in a room alone, I'd make his death nice and long. And painful."
"There's nothing to confirm it was Luis, Alidia. Nor is there anything to suggest that either side is in the right. However, this man has killed plenty of innocent ship men, with out a second thought. You do the math."
Samantha took it all in, then looked out the window once again.

Be advised, cloaking capacity at 40%

The AI signaled. Scans showed that we would be planet side shortly anyways.

[if anyone has anything to say in the conversation, just say it. Im doing a time warp.]

The ship approaches the base and begins landing procedures.

"Joey, get us far enough away to where they wont see us coming, but close enough to where we can walk there."
After a short walk Kit arrives at the small command post and goes right to Scout. "Where do you need me Captain?"
"Good, I remember you." He said, only giving her a slice of attention while guiding around troops.

"I need you to get in this" He said, pointing at a hellion, "and find out exactly how much time we have."
I land on the outskirts of an oddly out of place clearing, three hundred meters into the trees. "How's this?"
"Fine by me." I grumble, slightly annoyed by our conversation from had to be Luis behind it, who else?
"This is good. Let the cloaking charge a while and power down." She suggested kindly, standing up and heading for the ramp.
I cut the cloaking's power and the radar jammers and follow. "You coming Alidia?"
"Naturally." I say, before following.
I chuckle and close the ramp behind us, activating the electro shielding. "Right, so now we need an access hatch."
Kit walks over to the Hellion and as she gets in it begins to change getting a major upgrade. Thin but extremely strong armor plates cover the entire thing, the engine becomes much more powerful and resilient, the chassis become lighter but stronger, the flamethrower however remains as it is. Kit floors the accelerator and speeds off to complete the job she had been given.
"Not sure how we are going to do that..." Samantha says looking around the area.
"Well, we can always look for odd spots. I mean, this is an obviously out of place clearing."
She looked around. "It's natural enough. C'mon, lets go!" She beckoned as she walked into the forest in the direction of the base.

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