Separatist Space, VIII

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I sigh and follow, catching a tree branch and swinging up into them, leaping from branch to branch. "You couldn't be content with the planet, could you?"
"I love the tropics!" She said cheerfully, keeping up with Joey from the ground.
"Right..." I leap again and land on a larger branch, stopping too look the base over. "Well, that's not conspicuous in anyway."
Sam chuckled as she looked at the base. It was large and scout towers lay scattered miles in the distance.

With only a pause, she began to climb down the steep hill in order to get to the base of the compound.
I sigh as she goes and I follow, swinging from branch to branch now. "So, how do we get in?"
Samantha smirked at him, then pulled out her hand gun. She aimed it over the wall without looking and flipped a switch, then pulled the trigger. A grappling hook shot over the wall and connect to something on the other side.
I sigh and look for crevices to use to climb. "Gotta go up and over don't you?"
Samantha glared at him. "You had to bring that up, didn't you?" She asked with a naughty grin as she climbed the wall.
I chuckle as I climb, moving quickly and deftly. "Save that for the ship you."
Samantha chuckled and couldn't wipe the smile off her face until she was over the wall. She then ran up the wall and plopped down on the roof of the base, waiting for the others.
I reach the top and leap over to where Sam is, landing a lot quieter then it appeared possible for me to do.
"You're quieter then-" She stopped herself. "Nevermind." She said, disguising her smile quite well.
I chuckle, the smile still in her eyes. "You'd be surprised what I can do." I flash her a roguish grin, giving away my meaning plus some.
she laughed and shook her head. "Come on, we got a mission to do. I recommend disguise over stealth, its only a matter of time before they find us but with a disguise even when they do find us they won't know it's us? You down?"
I shake my head. "You're better at it then me. I'll stick up top and watch you, make sure we have an exit route, the typical special forces stuff."
"Right, you'll stick up top and watch me." She said with a wink, half jokingly. She approached a vent and pulled out her knife. She then unscrewed the grate.

"Out of all my fears, claustrophobia had to be mine." she said, crawling in the vent.

"You'd never know I am claustrophobic though, I hide it quite well."
I chuckle and shush her. "You're in the vent system, they'll hear you for sure."
Her eyes go wide and her eyebrows raise. "Right, of coarse." She says, slightly shaking her head. She was just about to drop down when she stopped. She looked up and peered into Joey's eyes.
I peer back. "You'll be fine. If you need me, yell. I'll be there faster a Zergling with a metabolic boost."
She looks down at the darkness below her and nods, biting her lower lip. She then looked back up at him.

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