Separatist Space, VIII

Joeyray's Bar
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"Happy place, Sam. Don't think you're in a vent shaft, find your happy place. Focus on that."
I follow them there, and once we get to the wall realize I don't have a way up.

"Do you see any other way for me to get up?" I call out to Joey.
I look and shake my head. "Use the crevices I did. I can't see anything from here."
I slowly but surely make my way up, and finally reach where the others were.

"Quite the climb."
"Least we weren't being shot at."
Samantha made her lips into an 'O' and blew three times letting her cheeks puff up.

"I love you, Joey." She said, slowly easing down the vent.
I smile at this.

"You two are antiquated pretty well obviously." I remark slyly and quietly, more speaking to myself than anyone but loud enough for the others to hear.
I return with a blown kiss of my own. "Stay safe." I then turn to Alidia. "We've known each other for sometime, but...didn't get to know each other well the first time we met."
I suddenly seem to remember.

"Oh, right....Umm, what are we doing by the way? We have the coordinates of the base, do we not?"
The squeaky sound of rubber boots sliding against metal echoed throughout the vent. It became more distant until it ended with a thud.

{Keep this line clear, im okay.} She said, navigating her way through the vents.
{Roger that.} "She want's to give them precise coordinates. I guess I can't blame her, but it's an unnecessary risk."
"Yes it is. But whatever floats her boat, I guess."

Actually their mission objectives are as follow: (Not sure how this wasn't made clear)

- Find base and send co-ordinance to Mission Control
- Discover what the purpose of the base is.
- Uncover any possible information.


Samantha crawled until she saw light at the end of the tunnel. Reaching it she peered down to see two guards sitting in chairs. Both were suppose to be watching the Camera's, but instead were playing a game. On the screen on the top left showed the roof, Joey and Alidia. Sam swore to herself and came to the conclusion she had to take the guards out before they looked up and saw the two guards.
"Best not to argue with her." I chuckle and sit back, then spot the camera and tackle Alidia out of sight. "Jeez...should have seen that..."
"Uhhh..." I say, before getting up, looking awkwardly.

"What was that for? Please...don't do that."
I pull her back down. "They have cameras. We're lucky we hadn't been spotted yet."
"Oh, cameras. Oh, well okay then." I say, looking a bit foolish.

"Well then, we may have been seen by now...we should get Sam out of there, she might be running into a trap."
The sudden motion catches the eye of the gamer guards. One of them looks up at the screen, then back at his game, satisfied with the empty roof. Samantha exhales in releaf and slowly pulls out her silenced pistol from it's holster. Aiming it carefully at one of their heads, she applied pressure to the trigger. Sorrow and regret pierced her heart before she had even pulled the trigger.

Samantha winsed and sighed, then put her gun away. She couldn't kill in cold blood like that, even if they were terrorists and pirates. Or were they? Samantha resorted to the stasis gun. Pulling out a taser like device, she aimed it at the middle of them and pulled the trigger. Both men froze and their skin turned blueish. Samantha quickly punched out the vent grate, jumped down and pulled their guns from their holsters and put them to their heads.

When the Stasis wore off and their skin returned to it's natural color, they slowly put their hands up.
After a short drive Kit finds the advancing BP troops and stops letting the Hellions computer calculate travel time by foot. She then returns to scout with the information.
Scout was directing troops when Kit returned.

"Nice to see you made it back. How much time do we have?"

The counter on the Hellion displayed thirty minutes.

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