Separatist Space, VIII

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Not really up for more random !@#$ in space. Give me something to do with Stefan and the group.
"Thirty minutes."
The Vaxarus Prototype speaks up.
"Defensive weapons have been set up, and bunker emplacements have been prepared. Gunship-platforms await for your word to strike, and bombers are on standby."
I shake my head. "Would have been some indication, shouting or some other none sense. They still don't know we're here."
"Eh, you sure? I'd be safe rather than sorry."
"I'm sure. Because Sam would have informed us."
"Unless they're setting a trap for her, you can never be too sure. Especially considering the fact that the BP certainly wants Sam, she's a loose end."
"They don't know if she's alive. If they did, we wouldn't have made it into that garbage area."
"I suppose...but still, it makes me uneasy..." I say, looking at the ground.
"Don't blame you." {Sam, is everything ok in there? Or do I need to come knock some heads?}
Joey's voice was clearly audible to the guards who looked at each other after he was done talking.

{Joey, what did I tell you?} she said with an agitated voice. She was now faced with an extremely difficult decision. Kill them, or take a risk.
{Look, I saw the camera, and I wasn't taking chances. If you have guys prisoner, make your decision fast. I'm looking at the watch towers and they're suddenly alive with movement.} I had spotted a window when I'd climbed up and already set up a rappelling rope for if I needed to get in fast.
Samantha took a deep breath as she thought about her options. Looking around she saw a sofa she could easily hide them behind. It would be harder to hide a bloody mess, however. Samantha dropped their guns and back handed both of them in the face as hard as she could. Both fell limp. One at a time she carried them and carefully placed them behind the sofa. One would have to look hard to spot them, just what she wanted.

{Hide or something. They will be able to see you clear as day.}


Scout had his position in the planetary fortress. All men had been issued to the front lines in the trenches. Now they wait...
I overhear Sam on the radio.

"Especially with me being so...colorful." I say, chuckling a little bit and failing to suppress a grin.
---@Zarkun & Dac---

{I'll head to the control room or something, we have to figure out what this bases purpose is. Alidia, you should go back to the ship and prepare to receive the information I transmit to you.}
{Aye aye.} I say into the radio, before heading back out into the forest. I move quickly to the ship, looking out for any BP members that may have seen it.
I look at the window again and grin. {Sam, you're about to hate me.} I hook myself to the rope and get ready.

IC: Alexandria was on the Prometheus, walking to the brig as the commander took the new prisoners there. Twas going to be a good time.

While the commander was doing that (Dacder), men were being loaded up into Drop Ships... They were going to help the collection of races... Despite the fact that they would rather have it completely human-from cover fire in key locations, using stealth troops to maneuver around so they can secretly give one side an advantage...maybe.
I walk the motley collection to the brig, and open the doors into it. I saw Alexandria wasn't yet there, and so I waited, gun in hand, with the prisoners.
can i haz a recap of everything. sry i was busy with my RP

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