Separatist Space, VIII

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*Sigh* You better not screw something up CR.


Upon arival you see two soldiers, obviously patrols, admiring the ship with the muzzles of their guns, slowly approaching it.

OOC: Zarkun, just go with it. I know there would probably be 80,000 turrets and crap killing them :P


Sam froze. {What are you doing?}
I curse quietly, I didn't know if I stood a chance against two heavily armed BP troops, but I had to chance it. I sneak to the edge of the clearing, before running the decent distance between me and the troops.
No, just an unpleasant and lethal electrical zap.

IC: {Listen for the sound of breaking glass.} The grin on my face could be heard through the comm and I swing out, smashing through the glass and rolling and come up, my energy revolvers firing before the BP in the room had a chance to react. {Found the control room.}
Markus... You are lucky that I wont just flat out kill everything... As you can tell, I'm not in a good mood...
OOC: Mark...Marrrkkk?

The two troops turn their head and one of them raises his weapon. It was too late, however, and Alidia was already close enough to deal a deadly blow before they could pull the trigger.


Metal grating closes the hole where the window was. Samantha turns towards the North wall at the sound of the shattering glass.

{I'll be there soon.} She said, turning and running as fast as she could, opening several doors on the way.
I slash at the soldier, and manage to catch him in the neck.

Wonderful. I thought, as blood spurted from his neck. However, this blow took me past where I wished to go, and the other soldier now had a clear shot at me from the side of me. With blood covering me from the man I just killed, I dive at him, and manage to tackle him only after he gets a few shots in at me. It was painful, but I could handle it. Once on the ground, he pulled out a knife and we started a melee, eventually he was able to find a target with his knife, and sunk it deep into my abdomen. But I quickly retaliate with a savage blow to his head, crushing his skull against the ground.

With the blood of myself and my enemies now covering me, I clean up the mess the bodies made, and went inside of the ship. I radio Joey and Sam on their radio network with another radio I find inside of the ship.

{Joey, Sam....We may have trouble, there were two Black Peace here, and they might have radioed their findings back to command. You need to get out of there as quickly as possible.}
"That all you got!?" One of the men you almost killed yelled. "Bring it!" He said, walking to the ramp with a knife. He turned back and looked at his buddy who decided to turn his neck into a fountain.

The soldier had completely forgotten about his rifle that he had left on the ground.
Deciding that enough was enough, I left the ship, and went on the ramp. I dove at him with claws bared, intending to finish the job.
He ducked to the floor and Alidia flew over his head. While he considers it "ducking" He more over gave way in his legs and allowed his body to collapse on the floor. After Alidia was well past him, he grunted, but eventually stood up.

"For a cockroach, you sure are..." He groaned and held his head in his hand. "Strong."
I turn around.

"I don't know if I should thank you, or make your death that much more painful." I reply, before approaching him once more.

"Drop the knife, and I'll let you live...not let you go, but you will live. That's more than I can say for option two."
He looked at his friend who was looking more like the mouth of a waterfall. He then looked back at Alidia with an evil grin. He clenched the knife tightly, then released it. It fell to the ground and pattered three times, landing two feet away.
And now for a little fun since it is my ship.

As the knife bounces away, the man finds himself receiving just enough of an electrical shock to knock him unconscious.

IC: I chuckle and start searching through the computers. {Roger that Alidia, not that I think it matters. I just killed everyone in the command center.}
I go over to the now unconsciousness man, and pick him and carry him into the ship. Once there, I tie him up with nylon rope, and lock him in a separate room.

{Who's to say there aren't more nearby? Hell, for all I know there could be a company of Black Peace coming to kill me and take the ship as we speak. And whatever you're doing, it's no longer needed....I have a prisoner.}
{Info from the source is more reliable. Less likely to lie. Seal up the ship and activate the outer defenses. That'll deal with any further BP incursions.}
I do as he asks, and then sit in a seat on the ship, worrying over them.

{Just...please do be safe.}
{We'll be fine. Anyone who knew I was here is now dead.}
{If you say so, but still, please do hurry out of there.} I say in a rather nervous tone. Truthfully, I was sure that the BP had sent a large force to come and kill these people who had the audacity to land so near to their base then kill two of their men.
Samantha burst in the door and looked around. "Well hello, there." She said to Joey cheerfully. She then continued looking around.

"Joey, this is the interior security hall, not the control room."
I pull up files on everything we need. "Ah well, still found what we need. This is the place we're looking for. Well, partly. Seems he's split up his important functions into three separate bases."

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