The Plague of Soralinas

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It had been two hundred years since the outbreak of what is now called the Plague of Decay. All the nations are prospering as they had before the plague. Useful new technologies are being researched by all the races, except the Orcs, they're too stupid. War has returned to a normal thing between the Orcs and other races, namely the Dwarves and Humans. The Forsan's are at a higher than ever population, and they recently have birthed many witches and warlocks. The humans have gotten started on the most basic of pistols, but these are only available to the royal family. Trade between the human and elven nations are at an all time high and the Dwarves have found out how to build explosives, and even Gatling Guns. But recently, a human trade town in Norsia has went completely dark, nothing is known about them. There are no signs of anyone, and no signs of attack. It's like everyone just got up and left. This is only known to the royal family and top commanders of Norsia, no one else. Could this just be a timely raid, or the plague returning?

The Land or Soralinas:
Hammerfell and Highrock are Norsia, the forested, somewhat mountainous home of Humans. Morrowind is the Wasteland, a place with some vegetation, and little wildlife, this is home to the Dark Elves, and it lacks much sunlight. Summerset Isles being Forsatina, forest covered island of the Forsans. Argonia being Dorsal, the swampy, disease filled land of the Gornasins. Elsweyr being Deria, plain home of the humans. Valenwood is Dartkal, mountainous and forested home of the brutal Orcs. Cyrodil as Seralis, home of the High Elves, place covered in many different types of landscapes, with the exception of deserts and arctic like places. At last, Skyrim being Terra, mountainous home of the Dwarves. Sorry for how messy this was.

"Wait for Character sheet to be posted. Link to sign up/discussion thread is following, it also holds all the lore:"
The Leader's Names and Appearances:
The Orc Chieftan, Crogar the Powerful

The Dwarf Chief, Gorlis Strong-Mind

The Human King, Derrel Jordis

The High Elf Queen, Taria Serene

The Dark Elf Emperor, Forjaz Morsil

The Gornasin Empress, Vashia Sanlah

The Forsan Wolfmen Chief, Worlis Anubis

The Forsan Harpy Queen, Torese Wide-Wing

The Forsan Panthetine Queen, Ryshalla Battle-Claw


Name: Fenris Gunther
Race: Human
Age: 25
Weapons: Sword of Shadows, thief's kit, stolen flintlock pistol
Nation: Norsia
Magic: Restorative, Illusional
Appearance: 6'1", leather armor, red cloak, striking blue eyes, brown hair cut short, lithe muscular build.
Backstory: Fenris has been a thief since he was 5 years old, starting out stealing food to help him survive, then getting bigger as he got better. Eventually he found himself doing a heist in the palace of the royal family, making off with 300 gold pieces and a pistol. He has since refrained from such large and dangerous jobs, not eager to find his head missing from his shoulders.

Name: Luke Sillinpar.
Race: Human
Age: 31
Weapons: A buckler sword, as well as a small crossbow.
Nation: Norsia
Magic: Conjuring

Appearance: Is hooded, with a clean-cut face and blue eyes. Around 5'10, 165 pounds, he's not the most muscular, but decently athletic and quite fast. The armor he often wears is black, and a red robe underneath that.

Backstory: Born as the son to a pair of demonic worshipers, they forced him to learn conjuration magic, and do not much else, until the age of 16. By then, he hated them, and managed to escape the prison called his house, never looking back. Since then, he has made money through all sorts of means, and has a pretty good amount of wealth, though he's always worried about it running out..even in his low-cost lifestyle. Because of his backround, he is often anti-social and frightened of other people, preferring time alone to meditate. He shuns his parents for their doing, but has no qualms using conjuration magic himself, making himself a bit of a hypocrite. He often wonders about cities, renting rooms in Inns, though he's been saving for a house for the longest time.

Name: Tarioshi
Race: Forsan Panthetine
Age: 18
Weapons: Claws, Teeth, Bow, Daggers
Nation: Forsatina
Magic: Restorative, Elemental
Appearance: 5'4", tiger like, usually wears leather with a little bit of metal armor (think Assassins Creed),
Backstory: Exiled when she turned 15 for being a witch. She had only just discovered her magic abilities, almost entirely by accident, a few days after becoming an adult. There just happened to be a trading ship from the Dwarves in port at her home town of Oceanfall. Tari went with the Dwarves as she was no longer allowed among her people. Over the next three years she has trained under mages from several races (mostly human, dwarf, and High Elf), to hone her skills in elemental and restorative magics. Tari spends her time travelling and from time

Claws, teeth, tail, twin sabres, sling, musket.
Some small amounts of Restorative magic.
Taller but thinner than most Gornasin. Tends to be calmer and less warlike than others, but this is counterbalanced by his tendency to succumb to berserker rages.
Framed for the murder of his father and slated for execution. He escaped and swore vengeance. He found another tribe that was glad for the addition of a fierce warrior, but only stays with them some of the time. Spends most of his time roaming the swamps.

Name: Valkoth
Race: Dwarf
Age: 34
Weapons: Axe (x2), Clockwork Rifle, Mug of beer
Nation: Terra
Magic: Restorative
Appearance: 4 foot three, burly, heavy-built. Armored with winged golden helmet, gold-colored armor plating with various tools around his body. Has a grey back-pack filled with everything he needs.
Backstory: Highly renowned engineer, Valkoth has been to just about everywhere to fix just about everything. He has tool for every job, a joke for every race, and a single gun to deal with every nuisance. To him, everything is a challenge, a puzzle to be solved with tools at hand (And with beer. LOTS of beer)
Story So Far:
No Data.
I leap from tree to tree, the bag full of Dwarves clock work weapons on my back. "Hehe, another successful job. Those Dwarves will be chasing that illusion for hours." Grabbing a limb and swinging down and landing on the ground, I stroll into town and go straight to the black market warehouse. Going to my vendor, I open the bag. "Got them." He stares and then laughs heartily.

"You did good, Fenris. Of course, when haven't you. We'll make a killing off of these." Nodding, I take my seat behind the counter and lean back as he sets the pistols on their racks, mumbling excitedly to himself.
I keep following the road I am on hoping to reach the Human capital of Kirstis soon as I can as I was running low on supplies. As I walk various signs of civilization begin to appear on either side of the road but the actual capital was still a while away. I hope I can get some work here, I'm almost out of money and supplies.
Stalls line the market square, every person yelling something like "Half price on cooking wares," or "Fresh food as if it were caught, picked and killed yesterday." The latter followed by a under the breath whisper of, "Most of it was though."

A small board sits on a street in the urban area outside of the city.
I stop at the board and read what ever is on it. Hmmm I've never been to a large human city before.
There are several signs about odd jobs and to contact people in the community if you want to try to do them.
Looking over the various odd job signs I quickly memorize 3 of them. I then continue on my way into town hoping to quickly find the people who the the signs had said to contact.

OOC: could ya go a bit more into detail about the odd jobs please.
One was a job of exterminating a bandit camp just west of the town. Another was to find a thief and bring to the guards, dead or alive. And the final was just to help solve a mystery.

The one to exterminate the bandit camp you were to contact Kyle Praslin, he was to be met at the greenland within the city park.. For the thief you were to contact Terit Lanstan, Captain of the Guard. And for the final you were to go to the alchemical shop, Witch's Lair.
I decide to deal with the bandit camp first but I needed some supplies first so I went into town looking for the city market. I also keep an eye out for the city park so i can talk with Kyle Praslin about the job.
Spotting someone walking among the market stalls, I point him out to the stall runner, who quickly grabs his attention. "Sir! Sir! You look like you could use a good pistol!"
I walk over to the merchant who is selling pistols. I pick up one of the pistols and inspect it. "Dwarven impressive it must have cost a fortune though, and I don't have enough money for or the need of a pistol."
The vender chuckles. "I'm sorry, ma'am, I couldn't tell from behind. I sell these pistol's cheaply, and with enough ammo to last you weeks. A pretty lady like you can never be too cautious." I shake my head and stand up, slipping out of the stall and heading for a near by food vendor. Buying some bread, I snack on it while he works.
"Still no thanks." I put the pistol back and head over to a stall that sells fresh fish and buy one. I then head over to a stall selling archery supplies while munching my fish. I buy a few arrows and a bow string which left me with just enough for a room at an inn, or so I hoped. I then continue my search for the city park.

After a quick search and asking someone for directions, who was helpful enough to give them, I enter the park. Looking around I head for the 'greenland' and the man who I believe is Kyle. Walking up behind him I ask. "Are you Kyle Praslin?"
The man answers. "Yes, I am. Are you here about the extermination job?"
"Yes I am." I draw the hood of my cloak back.
He was somewhat taken aback to see a Panthetine and after a few moments of silence he says, "The camp is filled with about 10 bandits, all well armed with steel. I would say that about 1000 gold would be a fair price to give you if you kill all the bandits. Proof for this is if you bring back their chief's head."
"Yes it's a plenty fair price. I do however have a question, can I keep what I find in the camp?"
"Yes. Just not the head of the Chief. That's mine." Kyle answers.

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