The Plague of Soralinas

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Through my whole life, it has been my mission to kill. Nothing near me is safe from me. A Gornasin is death incarnate, and I am the epitome of what a Gornasin should be. All of my kind strive to be revered and feared by others by proving themselves through feats of strength. This is why others hate me so much, for I am not even of their tribe, yet I far surpass them, even in their land against their natural enemies, which are different from the ones I knew in my homeland. But I have learned quickly, and the jealousy and hatred that was my undoing amongst my birth-tribe is growing amongst my foster-tribe.

One month ago I slew a Coraro with my empty hands. Others were jealous and ashamed that they did not dare to hunt Coraro even with weapons. I cannot explain that I did not seek the creature out, that I fought for my very life with it. To do so would be a sign of weakness, and weakness is even worse than my overabundance of strength. Yet I wish someone, somewhere, would be willing to ignore my accomplishments, would want more of me than just a hunter and warrior, would desire me not just because I am strong, and a good source of meat, wealth, and reknown. I doubt I will find such a person in Dorsal.
"Well I meant more along the lines of the equipment, gold and maybe some of the food." I then turn and head in the direction of the bandit camp.
-tiny time skip-
I rest on a branch over looking the bandit camp. I take out my bow and knock an arrow, drawing back on the bow string I take aim at the Bandit leader. I loose the arrow watching as it lodges in the mans neck killing him instantly. I kill another two in a similar fashion before setting my bow aside and drop to the ground pulling out my daggers and charging the remaining Bandits.
2 charge forward swinging claymores while three stand back, firing off arrows at you. The location of the final two's location was unknown.
I dodge the claymores easily enough, getting in close I cut ones throat. The arrows were a bit of a problem however they weren't that bad with a meat shield. An arrow grazes my arm but I ignore the wound for now, moving close to the other sword wielder I pounce and cut his throat as well. I use Elemental magics to deal with the archers picking up rocks and launching them at the archers, pummeling them to death. Hmmm that was eight were are the last two? I ask my self looking around and trying to use some air magic to 'sense' where the other two might be.
Four appear on each side and charge at you, all wielding maces and shields.
The characteristic *Bang* of a flintlock pistol is heard as one of the four drops dead, the hole the lead round had caused leaking blood and brain matter. My illusion fades as I appear behind the Panthentine. "You're entertaining to watch." I reload quickly, much faster then was normal with the pistol. "Thought you could use a hand." She didn't need to know I was here to steal the chief's sword. It was made of pure steel, and I couldn't pass it up. Another *BANG!* and another dropped dead. I shift to my sword and look at her. "You take one, I take the other?"
The two illusions fade away as the two fall dead.
"Oh how fun." I wait for the right moment then jump into the air and back flip as they all collide into each other. As they try to get free of each other I start cutting throats or stabbing them in various weak points however this takes a while and every so often I have to stop and dodge a swinging mace or shield. "Hope that was the last of them." I say as I stab the last of this group through the eye.
I sheath the sword and lean against a tree. "Well, if it is, then my jo--er, mission is done."
"I was fine but thanks any way." I head over to the chief removing my arrow from his neck, I then draw his blade and use it to chop his head off. After that I proceed to scour the camp for anything worth selling. I also grab my other two arrows from the bandits I shot and grab any other arrows that are in good condition.

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There is a chest filled with coins, a few swords, and a shield made of a strange metal.
I spot the sword and grab it, then notice the shield. Walking over, I inspect it. "I think I'll take this too." Wrapping it in an illusion, I place it on my back with the sword.
I take some of the swords to sell to a merchant in the city market. I then return to the chest of coins, this could be a problem I want to take the chest with me but it would weigh me down to much. As a solution I decide to take some of the coins and leave the rest for whoever else might come by. I then grab a sack, shove the chief's head into it, sling it over my shoulder and head back to the city. I retrieve my bow on the way.

I'm a thief. Had you taken it, I'd have stolen it.

IC: I watch the Panthentine then start the trek back myself, using the trees to make it faster. Shield like this...I'd make a fortune selling it to the highest bidder. Just gotta figure out what it's made of... I continue trying to figure it out as I go, not minding any of the troubles that would normally accompany a theft like that.
I watch the thief as he moves past me. I would have taken the trees also but I did not want to risk it with the amount of stuff I was currently carrying.

-tiny time skip-

I sell the couple swords I brought with me to a weapons merchant in the market then head over to the park. I walk up to Kyle and hold the sack out to him. "Here you go. The leaders head as you asked."
Kyle takes it and looks inside. "Thank you very much! You have helped out this town much." He pulls out three sacks filled with golden coins. "Here is your payment." He happily walks away.
Reaching the town, I swing down and land, heading for a Dwarfish blacksmith who could ID the metal the shield was made of. I know the sword is worth a lot of gold...but this could be worth much more.
I take the sacs of gold and put them in the small pack I have on my back. I then head towards the Guard Headquarters hoping to find the Captain of the Guard there.
Finding the smith, I walk up, pulling out the sword and removing the illusion on the shield. "Oi, what's this shield made of?" I lay it on his counter.
The dwarf looks closely at it. "Could it be? It's made out of Diamond Iron. How did you find such a thing?" He was so taken aback by it.

A guard stops you as you reach the barracks. "What is your business here?"

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