The Plague of Soralinas

Joeyray's Bar
"Some bandits had it. No idea where they got it from."
"I am here to see the Captain of the Guard about a job."
"Very well, but I am watching you." He replies to the Panthetine.

"I would give you a 250 coins right now for that shield." The blacksmith says to the human man.
I enter the headquarters, ask where the Captain of the Guard is and head to his office. I enter his office. "I saw a sign about a job of catching a thief, on my way into town."
"Sorry, but from what I know, Diamond Iron is worth much more than that." I figured he'd think I was stupid, but I'd heard of Diamond Iron in my heists, just never seen it.
The Captain looks at the Panthetine. "Yes, Nolan Forlister. He has stolen a great many things. Somewhere outside of the town where there is a cave in which he lives. We don't know the exact location, and we can't send guards out of town. We need you to apprehend him, if you're up to it."

The dwarf looks at it, "Fine, 750 gold pieces."
"Sure do you know the general direction his cave is in?"
"Still not high enough." I pick the shield up, admiring it. "You know, I could fetch a nice price for this on the black market, especially once it's made known what it's made of."
"West, around the mountains." He answers.

The dwarf starts panicking, "1500!"
I look at him real hard. "You know, there must be more to this shield then you're telling me. Mind sharing?"
"OK I'll be on my way then." I say leaving. As I walk in the direction of the cave I just happen to walk by the blacksmith. Spotting the guy from earlier I stop and walk over to him also noticing the shield as i get closer. hmmm interesting
"It's of Diamond Iron! It is the birth right of the dwarves! No other race should be allowed such an item!"
"Really? Well then, if it's that precious, I think you'd be willing to pay more. But since it seems you aren't, I'll just go give it to some one on the black market." All I needed was for him to throw in the offer of that clock work rifle of his behind the counter, and I'd give him the shield. It was too bulky for my line of work.
"1750 gold pieces and any weapon you want." He answers, starting to panic a whole awful lot.
I point at the rifle I wanted. "Throw that in and it's a deal. And ammo and future suppliers of ammo."
"Fine." The dwarf unhappily passes the man the clockwork rifle and 10 cartridges of 6 bullets with it. He then gives the man 5 coin purses and takes the shield.
"Hold up. Where can I get more ammo when I need it?"
"Only from myself. Because I am independent." He replies. A smirk comes across his face.
I shake my head. "Expect regular visits then." I sling the rifle and slide the clips into pockets that seemed to be designed for them and walk away. Now I can take a variety of jobs again. Feels nice. I head out to a message board, select an assassination job, and head for it. Truth be told, I was only going to steal, not kill.
I pick up the shield and look at it for moment before setting it back down. The craftsman ship and metal are beautiful but I have no need for a shield nor am I a Dwarf.

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