Starcraft 2 stuck at checking for updates

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Works! Thanks!
@zero Thank you so much for the help!! If this happens to anyone to repeat what he said open internet explorer, go to whatever website you want that isn't your homepage, once it loads and you know you're not in offline mode, try opening SC again!
nothing seems to be working for me.
I have done all of the suggestions regarding internet explorer yet to no success.
In addition to SC2, my LOL acc had the same problem.
i made a new windows 8 user account and that rid my league of legends problem
but i had the same problem with SC2.

Any suggestions?
Tried the Internet Explorer option (adjusting LAN settings) to no avail. Disabled firewall, uninstalled Spybot....nothing seems to be working. Had no problem playing yesterday....what happened?! Any suggestions?
[quote="81964254159"]Zero's solution worked for me. I use Chrome for all my web-browsing, however switching settings in internet explorer resolved the issue!
1. Open Internet Explorer (IE)
2. Go to "Tools" (It's the small gear button in the upper right hand corner of Explorer)
3. Go to the "Connections" tab
4. Click "LAN Settings" (at the bottom of the page)
5. If the box labeled "Automatically Detect Settings" is checked then uncheck it
6. Close and restart the launcher

Please try creating another Windows Administrator Profile and then trying to run the updater.
thank you so much this does work. :) Good work .
Thanks Zero I had the same problem.
Thanks to zero I was able to fix this issue! Nice, and for the person who says do not contact support.... that dude probably closed his own issue by mistake I've had nothing but amazing support from Blizzard even for stuff they cannot help with.
Sadly this fix is not working for me now :( I keep checking the tab and it's defaulting back... so I tried the steps again and nothing :(
thank you so much. I never ever had this problem since day 1 and all of a sudden I got this problem and this worked and fixed it. Thanks again!
I hope @blizzard #blizzard is fixing these dumb problems. Going to IE to fix a problem is that like a joke by slacking blizzard?
Dude i freaking love you. thx for fixing my problem with your post
I had the same issue. First time i didnt belive that work offline mod of IE could cause this problem, so after one day while i tried all kind of stuff and read all topics i tried..lunch IE access an watch a video, the retired sc2 setup and it work with no to me:P
Might seam like a lil comment ( xD ), but when i opened IE, sc2 worked. I usually use Mozilla. Maybe IE can execute sc2 upgradets when mozilla cant. I was about to follow zeros hint when i suddendly realized that i dont even have to.
But dirst id always check if windows firewall blocks some aps that you need
Hey guys, had the same problem, tried everything. Downloaded the blizzard app. and everything worked right away!
Doesn't Work.

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