This Is Their Story: Chapter VII

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The year is 5978. The Protoss and the Zerg have been dormant for centuries after the Tribes Conflict, the Epic Wars, and the Damnation Age. Humanity is "In deep crap currently. All factions have collapsed, and resources are thin. This time has been entitled as the Dark Epoch. Very few planets are hospitable, colonies are hard to be sustained, and people live in lives that were previously beyond inhumane, but is now the standard. De-Evolution is an understatement.
One planet, currently un-named is quite small, about 1/4th times larger than the Earthern moon. The planet is home to camps of wild creatures, mutated from various synthetic alements, camps of bandits(humans who want to loot, burn and pillage any form of Utopian society), and 8 people.
These 8 are descendants of great leaders from past times. They have no recognition of their own lives, but understand their current situation they are in. They are the only people capable of leading humanity back to greatness. Or sending them down past Hell.
This. Is their story.

Name: Kain "Korozain" Orin

Build: Light

Descendant: Orin Family, "Korozain" Orin, Shade Gheist Legend

Description: Tall, moderately muscled. Black, short spiked hair. (Uses a natural tree sap for "hairgel") Dark Tan skin, mild facial hair (thin beard around mouth). Wears a thin, durable metal obsidian like armor. Armor is ornate, and a sacred model to the Orin Family. Starts with an obsidian polearm(ornate sword tip much like a Naginata) with a dark metal tip.
Personality wise, he is very distant from other people but once he trusts you, he'll speak to you. He tends to tell jokes a lot, mainly very dark sense of humor. Mercy, love, compassion. All are lost concepts to him. Known mental issues in the past...

Skills: Dark Arts, long melee weapons(staffs or spears), Agile.
[Dark Arts is a fighting style used by psionics of the Shade Gheists that normally involves kicks or joint(like elbows and knees) attacks, also allows the fighter to use a dark energy and cast attacks (requires alot of energy and willpower to do.]

Name: Magistrate Zaron
Race: Protoss (Nerazim)
Tribe: The Akeilei Stalkers
Description: Dark, skin. Long, dark, dark, purple robe with various zerg bones and some protoss. He wields a Void Blade, a scythe with two blade endings (2 extending on either side of the shaft so more like quad bladed). Hood normally hides his face and you only see his glowing eyes.
Skills: Agile, leader, high class psionic.

Name: Jared "Slasher" Rios
Body build: Average
Descendant: Rios, Cayl Rios-Lord Knight of Loria
Description: Brown eyes, Scar on left eye and arm, brown hair, thin and muscular, leather armor with mithrite reinforcment and Lorian nanites in blood stream, goatee, solemn, but loyal to friends and family. Likes to train in all shapes and forms, including working out. Wields a single edged long sword and VMN-300 Submachine gun
Skills: Weapons master, namely with single edged long swords, marksmen, and hand to hand combatant, quick and agile, not unlike his ancestor.

Name: Stefan "Hawkeye" Alexander
Body build: average
Descendant: Honor Alexander - High Admiral
- Appearance; about 6 foot, muscles like a swimmer, eurasian decent with a solid tan, green eyes, longish dark brown hair kept back in a ponytail, some stubble, hunting boots(black), military cargo pants(green camo), tee shirt(white), reenforced leather bracers(brown), armored vest(green camo).
- Personality; suspicious of those he doesn’t know, hard to befriend, trusts friends to watch his back, despises traitors.
- Behaviors; formal with all he doesn’t know, far more open with friends, highly protective of the weak, to betray him is to sign your death warrant.
Skills: well trained in mixed martial arts, near expert marksman, wide array of survival skills.
Weapon: high-powered bolt action hunting rifle w/ retractable 6” bayonet and removable scope. Also has a set of brass knuckles.

Name: Jordan Raksin
Build: Light
Descendent: Raksin, a powerful Field Marshall.
Appearance: Is about 5' 7" and is almost without muscular build. Is pale white skinned with brown eyes and brown military style haircut. A clean shaven face. He wears camouflage fabric and hard brown leather boots. He wears a kevlar vest just under his shirt.
Personality: Doesn't give sh!t about others. Though other than that he's a happy go lucky.
Behavior: Often wanders into situations where he has to end up running away while randomly firing.
Skills: Is a grand marksman as well as very stealthy.
Weapon: High powered rifle with scope.

Name: Cole Davin
Build: Heavy
Descendent: Kofrin Davin, the biggest human to walk the universe. Earned a place in history simply by being able to kill several Zerg hives by himself.
Appearance: 6' 10" with tons of muscles. His skin is tanned with brown eyes and bald. He has no facial hair. He wears black muscle shirt with black sweat pants and a kevlar vest.
Personality: Friendly and will do anything for a friend. He is very trusting. He is a complete idiot.
Behavior: He will often accidentally destroy an object. Sometimes of great value.
Skills: Can use anything that he can hold as a weapon.
Weapon: A Flanged Mace.

Name: McKenzie Huntington
Build: Light, Lithe
Descendent: Max Huntington, infamous Mercenary Leader
Appearance: Roughly 5' 10" with tanned skin, blue eyes, short red hair. Uses a black light armor with stripes of red around her armor. Doesn't like wear a helmet.
Personality: Realistic person who likes people, and charismatic. Usually well-liked, even to people who don't know her.
Behavior: Enjoys combat, but tries to find a peaceful solutions to stop fights before they start.
Skills: Good with Automatic rifles and psionic abilities that allow her to summon a projection of a creature who fights. This creature lasts for about 8 minutes.
Weapon: Exotic automatic rifle with a bayonet. Has twin serrated knives

Name: Jen Stukov Devise
Body build: Average, Lithe
Descendant: Devise and Stukov, Rebecca and Leon during their times and they led a group of Terran's of their own on a planet that was nowhere near the Dominion after something happened on a certain planet.
Description: 5'11" palish skin to a tanned look, orange eyes, very dark brown hair, hair is long and slightly wavy. Wears a leather vest along with chaps and a cloak.
Hard to sway, hunter, thoughts of adaption.
Can be quiet and is hard to trust others at first but once there is respect and trust along with friendship then she will help them in need.
Skills: Good psionics since the first people that started the bloodline were a Shadow and a Valkyrie. Is adapt at a hunting spear that can be used for multiple uses, fishing, hunting, killing, leverage...
Weapon: Hunting Spear

Character Name: Oraia Raynor
Race: Terran (part zerg) [NOT infested]
Build: athletic (Light-Average)
Descendent: Raynor, Jimmy Raynor and Sarah Kerrigan
Oraia has a few zerg tendrils entwined with her fiery red medium length hair (think HotS Kerrigan but with her normal hair as well and fewer tendrils). She stands about 5’5”, has brown eyes, lightly tanned skin, a mark of Erini on her left shoulder blade [], psi index of 10, she wears an orange modified spectre suit with a white kitsune painted on the right shoulder.
Oraia is a bit laid back but will follow orders, shy around people she doesn’t know, once she gets to know someone she is very friendly, hates the zerg even when she controls them
Skills: Mechanic, Psionic. Survival Skills, mixed martial arts, infiltration, field repairs, rapid regeneration, control zerg (the bigger the zerg strain the fewer she can control, max of about 10 at any one time), telekinesis and telepathy
Weapons: Modified Warp Blade, Plasma Assault Rifle
Posting is not permitted until Chapter: VI is finished. Post and I'll kick you in the face with a kitten with chainsaw for claws, and the chainsaws are coated with salt and alcohol.
I nod. "I understand how that goes. We're all just barely starting to remember ourselves. It was slow at first."
12/28/2012 09:01 PMPosted by Korozain
Posting is not permitted until Chapter: VI is finished. Post and I'll kick you in the face with a kitten with chainsaw for claws, and the chainsaws are coated with salt and alcohol.

I like that one. Will have to remember that.

"What the hell is taking McKenzie so long?... I've got a bad feeling about this..."
I mutter to myself, as Sarah and I join up with the group.
"Yeah ...." I say trailing off.
I clap her back and turn to the others. "Anyone able to raise McKenzie? I can't."
Me thinks Jester may have forgotten about this...
No, McKenzie is unconscious.
what?... WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?!?!?!?!?! did I miss that...
OCC: I didn't post it, but I hinted at it when she said that something felt wrong around the camp. A bit before the request for the APC, she passed out.
I went back and reread it too. I have no idea.
I try; no response;
"I can't either... This can't be good..."
I say grimly.
OOC: Messed up how CR or SF didn't find you yet.

IC: {I'll go back and check up on them, pretty sure the Factory has some kind of vehicle...}
I go to the factory area, I find a blocked off area.


"My !@#." I say as I shoot the lock. I enter and find a vehicle. It looks like some kind of light scout vehicle. It's dark and seems like a demonic kind of twisted. It has a twin SGA227 MG system in the front.
"Shade Gheist Dark Runner." I say to myself immediately knowing what it is.

I go to the seat, the controls are just touchpads of some sort, I put my hands on them and its systems whir to life. I shoot out and drive it around to get a feel of the controls.
I pass by where everyone is. "So, I'm going to go to sanctuary for a bit while having a nice joyride on this." I then speed off and disappear in my iconic mist along with the vehicle.

OOC: Somewhat like that, but base color black, lights purple.
I glare after him and grunt. "That sounds like Kain..."
Sarah rolls her eyes;
"Shade Gheists..."
I arrive at the APC without... Jordan.
"What the hell do you people have against the Gheists? I mean, seriously. Just because they approach things differently doesn't mean they're bad."
"Nothing. They're just a bit too eccentric for my taste.."
In the matter of an hour or to, I make it back.

I park in front of the gate and see Alexandria near the APC. I get off my Dark Runner and jog towards her.

"Hey, you know where McKenzie is?"
Just as I opened the door, Kain came rushing back, even greeting me. "Nah, I just got that call about time and I was just on my way."

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