This Is Their Story: Chapter VII

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Sarah nods, but shakes her head wryly;
"I'll see what I can do, but given the kind of person he is~"
"~Oh stuff it. I'll come, IF you can manage to get me to my feet."
I say with a grin.

Sarah rolls her eyes and moves to help me up...
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Hearing the skittering

She whirls and searches the room through the sights of her gun;
"Oh sh!t... That's not good, we need to get out of here as fast as possible.. and nobody split up, am I clear?"
She hisses quietly, the unmistakeable tone of authority in her voice.
"Sorry, but I don't take orders from NRMC, nor am I debating the importance of what we have to do." Drawing the Lancer, I beckon to the doorway. "Let's go Kain."
Sarah quickly gets me to my feet and we make our way to the door;
"Fine, but if want to get yourself killed, go right ahead."
She looks around and faceplams;
"Thats right... you idiots don't remember anything... There are Zerg Predators in the vents. They're fast, smart, chameleonic, and highly lethal. And are well known for picking of stragglers. So, by all means, don't listen to me and get yourselves killed."
I chuckle. "You clearly don't know what we're capable of. Trust me, we can handle this. While it can hide from sight, it can't hide from the earth. Or, as you can hear, it's sound."
"I can sense them but I'll stay on guard. I hate zerg." I keep an eye out for a computer console as I head towards the door.
Sarah shakes her head grimly;
"Like I said, they're chameleonic. As for the sound, we can hear them because they let let us... or this place could just have rats.."
She says with a wry smile.
Shaking my head, I head out the door, and look for the blood trail. "Come on...."
I follow Jared and try to see anything he misses. "I'm glad she's not an officer... NR Higher Ups get really oppressive... Just like their whole system..."
I shake my head. "NRMC officers were no more intimidating than she just was. I put enough of them in their place before this whole mess started."
"Their graves..." I say sinisterly.

A vent above us shoots open, and a corpse falls out. His flesh is gone on most of his upper body and head.
I leap back and aim at the vent. "Infrared." My visor color shifts to blood red. "I don't see anything. Must not be too interested in us right now."
The blood trail leads into another room, where the door is partly opened. Outside of it, a few Zerg bodies lay broken.
I chuckle at the bodies, shifting back to standard. "Well, this seems to fit. Hate the f*ckers anyways."
Leaning on her shoulder, we head for exit;
"I'll pretend I didn't her that, Kain!"
Sarah shouts back and I just laugh;
"Let it go, it's just who he is."
I say to her.
"I hear that. Wait... You think the little thing killed these ones?" I say, taking out Darkstar, and making it short like a knife.
Looking one of the body's over, I shrug. "It's possible, but...I don't think so. Not unless it increased McKenzie's psionic potential along with absorbing her mind."
There was clattering on the other side of the door. A screech follows, and a zerg organism smashes into the door, flying out. It impacts against the wall, going straight into it and breaking it, getting stuck in the wall. It screeches, trying to get loose, before it spontaneously combusts, burning to a crisp.
"I don't suppose you lit it up?" I say looking at Jared after witnessing the abrupt sight.
We make our way back to the APC and Sarah helps me inside. With an audible thud, I sit down and turn to Jen;
"Sorry about the whole sedative thing but I didn't want you to mess things up... and that it mattered anyway..."
I say bitterly.
I shake my head. "Wasn't me." I slowly approach the door, loading a round into the Lancer's chamber.

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