This Is Their Story: Chapter VII

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I hold my blade and Stryker in hands, and pass him. I stop at the doorway, and nod at him, notifying I'm ready.
Taking up a position on the other side of the door way, I remember a breaching signal we'd used to indicate flash and clear. I raise two fingers and twist to the left, then make three and point at my heart. I only hoped Kain remembered it too.
I nod. I take a flash-bang grenade out of my belt and toss it in. Then I go in, holding Darkstar under Stryker like a tactical knife, ready to kill on sight.
I'm right behind him, checking each each corner and the roof. "Clear." I look around, not seeing anything immediately and sigh. "What ever it was, I don't see it here."
"Just cus' we can't see it, doesn't me it ain't here..." I say carefully watching a corner. "There's another door here, probably a closet."
I walk over to it and look the door over. "Doesn't look to have been moved recently, but I've been wrong before."
I open the door and it is locked. "Time to do things the old way." I shoot the door hinges and kick it in, then throw it aside. I see a hole in the center of the closet. It looks recent, but like its been there for a bit...
I inspect the hole and sigh. "No way to tell what made this. Could have been our friend, could have been a Zerg."
"Lets get out for now. I dont want to go in there yet."
I nod and step back, closing the door and looking at the vents. "Something...this seems off. All the other crazies we've seen tried to kill or inhibit the Zerg. This's like they were all part Zerg to start with."
"Yeah... Let's get out, I don't want to get ambushed in a building..." I fade and walk out.
Even after Kain leaves, I stop and look around the room again. The blood led here, and we couldn't afford to leave. "Ah, hell..." {Head on out, Kain, I'll catch up when I've caught our little friend.}
A screech is heard, and another Zergling, its body on fire, is tossed down the hallway. Further down the hall, more Zerglings were engaging someone, with the sounds of fire, cracking bones, and bullet casing echoing around the room.
I look that way and head towards it, firing on the lings. "McKenzie? Is that you?"
Another Zergling flies down the hall, and a figure is barely made visible down it. It was a female, in the armor that was found often around the facility. In one hand, a fire raged, smouldering everything it touches, and in her other hand a pistol unleashes its fury with a dull, low clack.
I keep up the pace. "McKenzie, answer me!" I leap up and over a flying Zergling and keep firing.
I walk outside, and go towards the Command building.
The individual doesn't answer, and after all the Zerg in the room are dead, she moves on into the next room, almost as if she didn't notice him. A Hydralisk comes barreling down the hall, and fires spines at her, but suddenly finds the spines in itself.
Cursing, I slam a wall of Earth between her and her path. "McKenzie, look at me. Or are you not her?" I had holstered the Lancer and now held Ignus in my hands. "Come clean. Now."
She touches the wall, and it shatters. The individual turns to him, and McKenzie's psionic voice is heard.
You know who I am. A roar is heard in the distance, and the individual advances past the shattered wall, heading toward the roar. Almost as soon as she steps through, a Zergling barrels down at high speed, and attempts to ram her, but misses and flies through the hole, ramming into Jared instead.

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