This Is Their Story: Chapter VII

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I ram Ignus into the Zergling and roll, flinging it off me and slamming another wall. "McKenzie, stop. You're going to get yourself killed."
I see the other two NR survivors talking over near the building.
The individual doesn't say anything in response, just continues to move. A trio of Zerglings sprint at her, and she holsters her pistol, drawing a sword, and picks up the pace toward the Zerglings.
Is Kain still invisible?
I curse and sprint after her. Crazy b!tch. We need to get out of here...
OOC: No.
They nod and salute in your direction and then go back to their conversation.

I wasn't planning on having them be major characters.
OOC: They aren't but they are still characters.

IC: I salute them back and walk into the structure and start searching for data files.

"Keyword: Project Lunar." The computer scans through all files and finds something...
Project Lunar: In the later years of Earth, the Moon was moving away at a drastic pace. Soon, Earth's tides were getting to uncontrolable, that humans had to do something. This something was moving the moon, back into place. The project consisted of installing 5 Vespene powered engines on sides of the moon to bring it back into its place from the 21st century era. They would get the gas from a large group of people from the Koprulu, considering Humanity had no where else to go in that sector seeing it was just a wasteland from all the wars at this point.

They had representatives of remaining factions of humanity come to show how humanity can unite once more to save their home. The ship they came on attracted mass amounts of Zerg due to the concentration of the precious gas. The Zerg, also attracted Protoss, seeing that they wanted to cleanse them. The factions land, and create outposts on the moon, to get ready for the operation, because this had just now became a defense mission for them. Of all the factions, the NR seemed to be the main force aside from the United Humanity Alliance.

After a few years had passed, the operation was ready to commence. The Protoss and Zerg had lost, and humanity would recuperate and thrive once more.
Or so they thought.
The thrusters were uncontrolably powerful. They had found out later that most of the Vespene had actually been Terrazine, and the ratio to Terrazine - Vespene was 10terrazine -1 grams of vespene gas.

The concentration of the Terrazine caused almost all personnel to go insane, and things had only gotten worse. They managed to turn off the engines, but most of the operators were ravaged by the Zerg or the insane humans, for the majority of the Protoss had decided the moon would destroy the coming infestation. They were wrong.

The impact was slowed just enough, that the moon instead, merged with earth, it is now like a tumor on the face of the Earth, gaining parts of the Earth's characteristics, but not naturally.

Biomes were together, and animal species were mixed. The impact zone had become a dark spot on the faces of the moon and Earth. This area has not been explored, and it should never be explored.

There was also many ancient structures that were underground, and have been revealed from the moons new features. Teams who went inside never came out...

Many camps were destroyed, and after the years, the (Labeled: Sins) insane men had built camps, and even bases, or just took over the ones they had found. They destroyed any remaining humanity left on Earth and the Moon. (God knows how it is on the face of our home).

I, Doctor Yanato, write this report on the Project: Lunar. As the biggest mistake in human history. To anyone who finds this log. Please know. There is no hope for our corrupted race. I will see you in hell.

-Doctor Roushi Yanato

"Holy hell..."

{Guys... I just found something...}
The individual engages the Zerglings, moving so elegantly as if to be dancing as her sword slices through their body with little effort. As you look at the sword, you realize that it is alive, and not in the fact that it was talking, but the sword was living materials colored to look like a sword. As she clears the third Zergling, she advances into the next room, where the roar echoed louder.
Growling, I pull her out of the room with a gust of wind and lift her up, keeping her from moving. "What the hell is wrong with you! You trying to get yourself killed?" {Little busy, Kain, send me a copy.}
I send him the audio file. The man's voice is full of dread and depression. The end of the recording, is a gunshot.
She lets out a burst of telekenetic energy. Landing deftly on her feet, she turns to Jared and sends
Either the Eternal Hunger wins, or I kill them. I care not for what happens, for if I die, I die knowing that I killed as many of them as they killed us. And in the end, that is all that matters. She brushes her hair away, and the roar is heard again. The sword starts quivering in her hand, looking forward to the coming fight. She turns, and enters the room again.
I repeat the process. "Listen, the Zerg will get there's some day, but not now. If you want to cause heavy damage to them, this isn't they way." {Kain, what the hell was that?}
Again, another burst is let out, and she telekenetically grabs and throws Jared down the hall. She then turns and sprints into the room, with the sound of something crashing and another roar.
I flip and land, sprinting and jerking her out, then collapsing the pathway. "Cool your sh!t before I knock you out! You can't win, and we still need your help."
Her eyes flare, and without warning, both of them were outside and on the ground. A massive creature, the Omegalisk, had rammed through part of the structure and hit the both of them on accident, sending them both outside. Now, with more room to move about, it roars, echoing loudly, and it rushes over to the pair. The individual was already up, rushing at the Omegalisk.
"Oh for the love of---Wait up you fool!" I sheath Ignis and draw Fury II, leaping up and firing on the Omegalisk.
{That's why we're here. We're on the f*cking moon... Of Earth. And apparently it crashed into Earth and there's some border that's spawning some sick s!ht apparently!}

The Omegalisk attacks.

"What the f*ck..." I run outside and see the massive beast. {Jared! Try to keep it occupied, I'm going to do something...}
I slide underneath it, firing shots into it's weaker underbelly. {Yeah, easier said than done.} Coming out the other side, I holster Fury II and draw Ignus, leaping up and slamming it in a gap between armor plates.

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