This Is Their Story: Chapter VII

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DM: It falls down, but recovers rather quickly and turns to try to hit him.

IC: Now that its back is turned, I charge and grab onto its back, and try to my are my way up the hulking Zerg beast.
The Omegalisk roars again, opening its blade arms. Suddenly, from its back/headdress thing, six spiked tendrils erupt, and begin lashing out at everything nearby. One of them attacks the individual, and is cut off, however, in a quick few seconds, it regrows. The Omegalisk continues its attack on everyone.
I jump back before it hits me, I manage to grab one of the tendrils with a hand, and release Dark Energy, making it wither and die, but only the individual tendril.

I hit the ground, and try again, this time with Darkstar in hand.
I avoid the tendrils, cutting one and setting it aflame. "The hell is going on here?!"
Sorry again for forgetting about this....

What has happened beside a parasite popping out of Jester's Chest and some Zerg attack?
Read the log on the last page, I sent an audio log to everyone. Kinda revealed something big.
"I don't know! All I know is that sh!t keeps getting worse!" I try to climb it once more, ready to cut down anything in my path, Darkstar charged with energy in my hand.
Landing in front of the Omegalisk, I roll beneath it's scythes and come up, slicing it's face. It roars in pain. "I think I just pissed it off!" I leap away from a stomp aimed at me, rolling as I land and coming up, ready to avoid another attack. "Some one tweaked it's genes!"
"STOP IT! I'm trying to destroy its brain!" I cautiously climb back up to its head, and use the Dark Energy charged Darkstar and rip open the carapace covering its head.
We should probably wait on Jester, since it's his thing.
That's why i didn't go too far, because he can still have it do something. If he wants to.
The Omegalisk roars again, its roar sending everyone back a step. Its carapace regenerates almost instantly, and all damage upon its body vanishes. It stretches, and somehow, burrows down underground. Upon attempts to find it underground it would not show up, having burrowed elsewhere.

The individual shakes her head, her off-hand closed. She was not happy.
I keep ready. I wasn't about to relax after that thing had done that. I turn to McKenzie. "How crazy and or stupid are you? You trying to get yourself killed?"
"Jared. Do not speak with anger. It will make things worse." I approach the individual.

"May I ask, what makes you hate the Zerg so much?"
You foolish idiot. Had you not stopped me, I would have been able to kill it before it broke loose! The voice says, and the individual shakes her head. Then she adds And who is this.....McKenzie that you speak of?
OOC: Is that the voice talking To her or is it talking Through her?
"A friend who's mind you took. And you wouldn't have been able to kill it if it could do that. You're either crazy, or foolish, but either way, you need to use your head, and not just your abilities." I sheath Ignus, looking at the hole. " a large hole." I turn and head back towards the underground area. "I wasn't done down there. Anyone coming with?"
"You know damn well I'm game. I never got to finish my experiment on it."
I chuckle. "I'm not wasting my time chasing a single Omegalisk. I'm sure that bugger will be back at some point in the future. For now, let's content ourselves in making this place spill its secrets."
"Well, I think that Audio log was the most I could get. The rest was all corrupted data."

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