This Is Their Story: Chapter VII

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"Figures. Still, there might be weapons schematics or something, maybe some parts that we need to repair that VTOL craft."
"I had completely forgot about that thing. Let me pull up my analysis of the vehicle again, see what we need."
I pull up the VTOL analysis again.

Main Rotor - Damaged
Engine - Damaged
Fuel Tank - Operational
Main Weapon Systems - Operational (No Ammo)
Fuel - 10%
Hull - Significantly Damaged
Avionics - Operational

Overall System Analysis -Mark VI Vendetta Gunship 67% Operational

"So we're going to need a main rotor assembly, Engine parts, ammo, fuel, and some metal. Few of those are no problem. Let's see what we can find at the factory."
I nod and keep walking, stopping at the entrance to the factory. "Man...McKenzie isn't in her right mind. Were you able to figure anything out?"
"The thing didnt say anything to me, but I can tell she's trapped. I could hear it."

I lead him to the garage where I found my Darkrunner, there is an armored car here. "Maybe we can salvage this cars Metal and Engine parts."
I nod, looking the engine over. "Only a few parts. Car and truck engines vary a fair amount from VTOL engines, so only a few of the parts are interchangeable. The metal can be used to repair the hull though."
"Thats where the term "Salvage" comes into play. I'm not a real techy guy, so I'll just get some of this metal off." I grab a blow torch and start taking off pieces of it that aren't filled with holes.
I work on getting the engine parts, mainly the drive shaft and pistons, a couple fuel injectors.
They killed us, so I shall avenge them for what they did. And be silent, fool, for you have no idea what I am capable of. The voice echos in their minds, the first being spoken to Kain, the second to Jared.
I laugh. "You're rich. Look, I'm pretty sure your mental prowess can't match up to Mother Nature. That aside, you're being stupid and reckless."
Your race has had years of idiocy and ignorance. You have no room to talk. The voice replies back.
"Yeah, well, you can't lump them all into one, so I have plenty of room to talk. Use that brain of yours and think about it."
You are a fool if you believe you are unstoppable. The Devourer's Agent has your scent, and that is due to your own stupidity. The place you call Sanctuary will be destroyed, and when you go to point a finger at the Eternal Hunger, just remember: You cause your own destruction. The voice says. Outside, the individual takes a seat near a tree, listening around to everything
"I don't think I'm unstoppable, but I'm also not stupid enough to think that I can kill the Swarm in a one man army style. You have limits. It's only a question of how long before you're pushed to them." Finishing my work, I look around the garage. "Now....what else do we need..."
"3 blades for the VTOL, and I don't know what material they are made of, so I don't want to use scrap on them..."
"Structural analysis should tell us that. Want me to go run the scan?"
"Sure. Mine just shows the damage and component integrity."
I nod and head back out to the VTOL, running a scan on the rotors. "Let's see what you're made of..."
I have no idea how much I'll be able to post from now till about sunday night/monday. Please be patient as I have no idea how much time I'll have for this over the next few days.

You come across the NR engineer pulling the VTOL apart, repairing and looking over the damage as he goes.
That's...not what I was looking for...

IC: "Hey, piss off. You're only giving us more work to do."

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