This Is Their Story: Chapter VII

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I'll just stay knocked out for now... I'm becoming easily tired now and it'll be hard for me with the multitasking.
OOC: Should we just... Take a break from this and just bump it on sunday? Or would that just cause it to die?
I think we can bump it periodically and then officially start up again on Sunday.
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IC: "Hey, piss off. You're only giving us more work to do."

He just shakes his head;
"You're telling a combat engineer not to do his job? 'Cause that'll get you far."
He says with a snort, and continues to work on the craft.
I sigh. "I think I have a better grasp on this than you think. Just, don't take off anything else."

OOC: Koro, rotor blade metal type please.
DM: The blades are made out of a nano-steel fibre plating. The nano steel is weaves in 1cm thick strands around a light plate of the same material.

The material can be found made like this on most vehicles and some structures.

OOC: Im Gettin off , not feelin well.
All good, Koro. Get some rest.

IC: I chuckle, then stop. Making those was gonna take forever. "God damn it..."
He sighs and gives you an exasperated look;
"Look, I've been working on these things and their previous models for the past ten years. I've got the training and experience to keep most everything in the NR's arsenal up and running. If you'd like to help, go scrounging around the armory; you aught to be able to find plenty of spare parts there."
He says, getting back to work.
"And I've been building things and repairing them that are twice as advanced for 20 years. I don't think this will be an issue." Cursing, I sit down. Nano-steel fibre plating...that stuff is a pain in the @ss to reshape...
I go outside then go back to my Darkrunner. I jump on it and ride it to where Jordan is. "Do you think this has any parts for the Vendetta?"
Dot. Dot. Dot.
I hate to say it Koro, but maybe we should start over with this one. I mean, we completely deviated from where you wanted to go with it.
I know. I think I'll just restart from chapter one but make things more barebones with more crazies and hazards and less Zerg/Protoss
That could work. I will definitely reuse Jared, though maybe with a less ammo dependent weapon.
I was too generous I think that was the mistake.
That might have been part of it. Another part was that no one but you knew where you had gotten the idea from and we misinterpreted what you wanted.
I got this idea from all the survival games I had played throughout the years. Like Fallout, the DayZ mod(especially that) and many others.

And the main detail of the plot I left out to add as a major twist later on, Project: Lunar.
And hiding that was not a good ish idea.
Maybe give us as the RPers a little bit of info. Not a ton, but some would be nice. Helps us understand the RP purpose. And I think I need to play more survival games...
Yah. I kept things too secretive.

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