This Is Their Story: Chapter VII

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Bored I look around and spot a small pile of guns and discarded armor. I walk over to the pile and sit down next to it. Zoning out I start messing with the stuff.
"Oh, you see her around lately? We comm'd to her a bit ago and she didn't respond."
Shacking my head, walking into the APC. "No I have not seen her... Do you still need this?" I was talking about the APC.
"Yes. Take it north. Loading the base location on the APC's nav-systems now." I walk off into the tree where she was sniping last time i saw her.
Near the body of one of the dead Zerglings, McKenzie was lying face-first on the ground, her helmet up with only the one hole from the Hydralisk spine showing any part of her face. She is twitching spasmically, and her blade lays nearby.
You killing McKenzie off?...
"Holy..." I pick her up, and jump down branches until its safe enough to jump down without dropping her. I then hastily make my way to the medical hut, then I remember Stefan. I take her to the APC, and lay her down in the back. "Make sure she gets to Stefan. Ask me later, just haul !@#." I say to Alexandria as I get on my Runner then ride off back to the NR Base.
Making sure the doors were shut I wandered over to the controls of the APC. "Sure..." Starting it up and following Kain.
I chuckle and sit down, focusing a bit. "Not as eccentric as some people I've met..." Eventually, four spheres, one of fire, water, earth, and air, orbit me.
Sarah and the other two NR survivors check over their gear and rest.
The sun begins to set. Alexandria and I are nearly there.

{So, Alexandria. What made you and Jordan decide to help us again?}
The driving wasn't bad, some trees there, rocks there... A darkening sky there.

{You don't have to call me that... But whatever. I don't know why... That is truly what I know.}
{Well you wanted a new life away from all this. As with the new life, I believe you should be called by your new name. It's a start.}
{I guess, but that truly isn't necessary.... Are we almost there yet? I can't see from how I am positioned. I'm just going off of coordinates and the navigation system.}
Assuming that Kain & Jen are approaching the base.

I pick up two vehicles approaching from the Sanctuary on my sensors. Standing up, I nod to the others;
"They're almost here."

{How's McKenzie? I'm assuming that she's the on piloting the APC.}
I remain where I am, the fireball shifting colors. However, I couldn't tell. "Hey Stef, is the fireball changing colors? Like red, to blue, to white, to green, to black, then back to red? Or really from red to any other color."
I turn around;
"1; don't call me that. 2; yes, they are changing color."
Sighing, I stop the balls and stand up, playing with the fireball. "I can remember you not caring before all this."
I shrug;
"The only people who call me Stef is my family~ (I gesture to Sarah) ~ and a few of my closest friends. It's not that I don't trust you, It's just I can't really remember anything from before.."
I nod. "I understand. I'm still sorting it out." I look around, rolling the fireball around on my hand. "You know, something about this place seems familiar now that we aren't exchanging shots with someone..."

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