This Is Their Story: Chapter VII

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"That's because this was a forward staging point. You could have easily passed through here on your way to somewhere else."
I continue to mess with the pile of stuff almost done with the thing I was building.

OOC: if anyone looks over her shoulder I'm working on geting a pic. but if you have played Xenoblade Chronicles just think Reyn. I think that is how it's spelled ...... meh
I shake my head. " it wasn't always. Three weeks into our visit here, it was converted into a staging point. This was the original forward base. Where we first fought off the Zerg..."
{If not that, then what? Devise is gone... We're a click and some away, not too far.}

{Stefan... She's injured severely, or just knocked out from something. We need you to take a look at her.}
I stifle a curse;
{Why didn't you comm me when you found her?! If she's critically wounded time could be against us here!!}
I say angrily.
{Well how the hell were you going to do anything any faster!?}
{I've got jump-jets, I could have easily met you halfway... (long pause) ...I'm sorry about that.. I've just had too many people die because I didn't get to them in time..}
{Just remember. Death is not just an end. It is a beginning. I apologize for the lack of communication. You should be able to see us now.}
{I guess you are right...} I couldn't hear their conversation as I pulled in, dropping down the anchor in a sense and opened the door.
With a leap and a bound, I run up to the APC and duck inside. Kneeling down in front of McKenzie, I inspect her wounds.
She is lying down, her helmet still up with the single hole from the Hydralisk needle. She is still twitching, her breathing labored.
Assuming the hydra needle passed straight through.

...she's still breathing... thank the gods...
I remove my gauntlets and press my hands to the edge of the wound. For a full minute, nothing happens. Then, slowly, a white glow begins to envelop my hands. It glows brighter and brighter, until it surges out and fills to wound, healing and cleansing her body.

With a soft sigh, I lean back against the wall and collapse.
I park a few dozen meters ahead, then go back to check up on her. "So, how is she doin'?"
I grunt and gesture;
"She's fine.. now.. that I've.. done my.. job..."
I manage to get out.
"You alright? Too much healin' for one day?" I say, helping him up a bit.
Her breathing stops being labored, but her twitching continues. Her skin turns pale, and her breathing starts being labored again.
I nod;
"Fixing an entire leg and hole through someone can really take it out of you.."
I notice the change and frown;
"That can't be good..."
I flip on my medical HUD and scan McKenzie...
There is no wounds on her body that are open, however, something is working actively in her body. Her twitching is making it a bit hard to figure out what exactly is working in her.
The healing hands thing was supposed to clear up any venom from the hydra spine...

"Now that's really strange..."
I widen my scan to pick up an implants, both biological and cybernetic.
The Hydra spine didn't get in the bloodstream.

Nothing appears to show up on scans, and her twitching increases in intensity.

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