This Is Their Story: Chapter VII

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I growl;
"Now this is starting to piss me off..."
I widen the scan to detect all biological and psychic abnormalities.
The scan shows that some of her blood was apparently diverting to a blacked-out zone in her ribs. She wakes up, and starts screaming.
I gently shake her by her shoulders;
"Easy, easy! Your ok now. Calm down!"
She doesn't hear him, instead continuing to scream and thrash about. Eventually, her screaming becomes understandable.
"MAKE IT STOP!" She screams.
I hear the screaming and extinguish the fire, running to the APC. "What's going on in here?"
I wasn't crying for McKenzie, nor was I worried about her... I knew that should would make it through. For she seemed like such a strong individual. "I don't know... But I suggest that someone grabs some kind of painkiller, it wont stop whatever is affecting her, but it should dull the pain to make her feel more comfortable."
I whip out a heavy-duty pain killer and and inject her with it. Watching her vitals on my HUD, I prep another shot incase I need to knock her out.
I shake my head, turning and looking out for any bandits who weren't in the building when I purged it. "Hope that works."
McKenzie stops screaming and slumps down, limp. Her twitching still continues.
I sigh in relief and store the shot;
"McKenzie? Can you talk? What happened?"
I ask.
Muttering is heard, but it can't be fully understood. "" Eventually, it stops completely, and McKenzie goes unconscious.
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Not giving me much to work with here.

I shake my head;
"Hurts? I just gave her some heavy hitting pain killers, if she still in pain this can't be good."
With my HUD I do a full scan in an attempt to pick up all info about her armor, organs, muscles, etc...

And what do I find?
Parasite.... "Stefan, this isn't good... If McKenzie says that she has a parasite? I either believe her, or she's delirious. Try to make sure it's not number one, for if it is... We may have a problem."
I nod;
"You're right, I hope I didn't just kill off a symbiont she needs to survive..."
I say grimly.
OCC: Just because I want to do this, I'll follow through with the scan.

The scan reveals most of the details about her armor, showing that most of it is linked to her and constantly scanning her body. Right now it was in alarm mode, sending out a low-frequency distress call. As for the organs and muscles, nothing was wrong with them other than the parasite taking blood away from certain spots.
I walk over. "Parasite...What is it doing exactly? Might help us figure out what it is if we can figure out it's purpose."
"..That's what I'm working on.."
I set the scan to find patterns, namely any correlation between the suit's alarm, the parasite and the blood being taken.

AKA, why's the alarm going off?
The suit detected both the operators distress and agony, along with the foreign creature operating inside her body.
I shake my head. "No, I mean what is the parasite taking?"
I say grimly. I adjust the scan to identify the foreign organism detected by the suit, to confirm my suspicions;
"I'm sure that this parasite needs to be removed, but I'd like to be sure."
I say, checking the scans results...

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