This Is Their Story: Chapter VII

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The scan shows that there is no foreign organism in her body, however, the scans reveal a blacked-out spot in her torso just below the ribs. No scan seems to be able to get through it.
"Now that's strange... there's a spot just below her ribs that's scan shielded..."
"If it's scan shielded then we'll need to do things the old fashioned way."
"Cut it out?"
"I meant cut in to see what it is, but that works too."
I heard what was going on... Cut her open? "That is the stupidest idea ever... If we cut her open to take something out... We don't know what kind of harm we could be doing to her body, we don't know what this thing is that's inside of her."
Alright Jester, I'm a little confused on the details here. There's foreign creature operating inside her body according to her armor but not my scanners; is this also the parasite that's drawing blood? or are they two different things?
"You also don't know what Stefan is capable of now. Just sit there and let the medical professional make the call."
"Yes, I don't know... But this could be dangerous. What if he never saw this kind of thing before? What if this is a new threat that could make him lose a patient? What if cutting her open will be the death of her?"
OCC: The parasite's skin is blocking your scanners, but the suit has a nervous system uplink along with a team of nanites in the blood assisting her body's defenses. How it spotted it was the nanites found the new blood flow location, and determined that it was a parasite by exploring in it, then retreating back to the uplink site.
"Look, he won't loose her, not if it's just a parasite. And from the sounds of it, this is something new. Let him make the call. I was throwing an idea out there."
Alright... that makes sense.

"Look Jen, I'm making sure that whatever this is shouldn't be there, which is what everything is pointing to. With that in mind, I've got a surgery to do here. So, everyone give me a five foot radius or get out."
I say, far calmer than one would expect.
I stare at him and then to McKenzie. "Fine, but use surgery as a last resort... We try our options first. And if we are lucky...The parasite wont be connected with her."

I gave Stefan a pair of worried eyes. "Just be careful, it's not her time to die yet... Is it possible to use psionics to signal the parasite out? If it's Zerg in origin?"
I laugh. "It's a parasite, genius. Of course it's connected." I turn and walk out, heading back to the NRMC base and heading for a stairwell leading down. "Let's find your power source, shall we..."
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Is it possible to use psionics to signal the parasite out?

"I have no idea, nor do I know how long we have until this thing kills her. It's coming out."

With that, I begin scanning her armor, looking for some way to get it off.
There is a series of clamps at certain spots that keep the whole uniform as one item, along with keeping the jetpack on her back.
"Stefan, then at least allow me to help... And if you can... Figure out what her blood type is while you are at it. Mine is a B+."
Reaching the bottom of the stairs, I flip on my helmets flashlight and look around, noting all the dust. "Man, they weren't keen on maintenance, were they?" I move down the hall, keeping a watchful eye out.
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"Stefan, then at least allow me to help... And if you can... Figure out what her blood type is while you are at it. Mine is a B+."

"That won't be necessary, she's got restorative nanites in her system, plus there's a few things that I can do to help with blood loss. If she start's thrashing around though, hold her down."

I detach her jetpack and pull it out from underneath her, setting it aside. From there I start releasing the clamps around the affected area and take off that section of her armor, seeing...
I hold McKenzie's hands with one one hand, and her legs down with the other. "If you want to do it... You better do it now."

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