This Is Their Story: Chapter VII

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McKenzie's skin is almost white, and she appears to be sweating. She is still twitching, making it hard for any cuts. Her outfit underneath, a set of black-red clothing, is drenched from the sweat.
I was panicking, she might not make it... And she should really have a blood transfusion and something to knock her out. "Just knock her out with a sedative! The parasite will then get the sedative into its system. So it will fall asleep. And we should really do a blood transfusion."
I come around a corner and find myself confronted with several human skeletons in power armor. "The hell...{Stefan, did you see records of what all was stored here?} This is no good. Let's find your ID tags..." I look one of them over and find nothing. "Damn NRMC..." I look around, swearing I'd heard something in a nearby vent.
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"Just knock her out with a sedative! The parasite will then get the sedative into its system. So it will fall asleep. And we should really do a blood transfusion."

I nod, giving McKenzie a sedative;
"I'd rather not, but It'll make this a little easier.."
I pull back her shirt and inspect the side. Looking for where to cut in, I prep my tools

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{Stefan, did you see records of what all was stored here?}

{No idea, little busy right now.}
{Roger. Go double check when you have a chance. Or have Jen, or whatever her name is do it.} I keep walking, more on edge now then before. Something wasn't right.
The sedative starts to work, and she stops moving altogether. Her breathing becomes hoarse, and she starts having difficulty breathing.
That's when it dawned to me. "Stefan!? Don't you understand what this means? The parasite is the only thing keeping her alive at this point... We must give her oxygen, now!" Letting go of the body was fumbling through pockets to see if there was something useful. "If we take that out, she'll die!"
I stand by my Dark Runner. Admiring the engineering, the weaponry. The ability. The look.

You do know what's going on behind you right?
Going to help?
No, how can I. If anything I'll be a burden. I end lives, not save em'.
Lets go in the base, see if anything needs doing.
Grand idea that is.
I sigh and give Jen a sleeping sedative;
"I know what I'm doing, it'll be fine."
I say to her as she passes out against the nearest wall. With that, I run another scan on McKenzie, looking for the cause...
Coming on a closed door, I get ready to clear the room on the other side. {About to clear a room. If I don't call in in two minutes, some body better come looking for me, or I will haunt you.}
{Kain, go find him. I've got one person's life on the line and I do not want that to be two.}
I say with finality.
Counting to three, I kick the door open and throw in a flash bang, waiting to go in until after it had gone off. Checking each corner, I say "Clear" to myself and approach a computer console. {I'm alive. Found a computer console, gonna see what's on it.} Approaching, I start it up and look through the files, seeing...
Files Restricted:
Enter Password: _
The blackout zone had extended further into her body. Part of it was already in her lungs, which explained the breathing issue.
This is going to be messy...

I silently curse;
...knock her out? that was a stupid move, now her system can't fight back!...
With the clock ticking I pull of the rest of her chest-plate and pull back her shirt. with my laser scalpel I begin the operation, starting with the removal of the infection from her lungs...
I chuckle. "How about, 'nanites required.'" I take out a small cylinder, something I'd remembered just before clearing the room, and plug it in. With in moments, the nanites find the appropriate password and I read...
The parasite suddenly fights back, a blast of psionic energy sending the tool flying out of Stefan's hand while speeding up the pace that it consumed McKenzie's body.

No, that does not mean that if McKenzie dies, I'm done here. I have a surprise planned in any case.
Koro, me and CR were wondering if you were up for redoing and finishing Outbreak. We'd rehash the same characters, just redo it.
I grin viciously and pull off my gauntlets, the dark spark at my core glowing;
"Let's see how you like this then.."
I say, a powerful silvery glow enveloping my hands. placing my hands on her ribcage, the silvery energy runs through her body destroying the invading entity and rebuilding McKenzie's innards...
I hear a commotion and check it out, my sniper rifle in hand, "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON OUT HERE?" I notice the lumbering brute building a hut as well. "What the f*ck?"

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