This Is Their Story: Chapter VII

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"So now I know what it does...what is it made of..." I pull up an ingredient list.
I come up and set her down. "Idea. She's unstable. So make some earthen cuffs around her hands and legs so I don't have to do this again..." I then walk off and play with my data-pad.
The cuffs form and I keep looking.
The ingredient list is classified information and not part of the document.
Sighing, I copy all the data and store it in the memory core for later review. "Right, well, that figures. You see a power switch out there Kain?" I hear the skittering sound again and turn to face the source, yet another vent. "What the hell..."

OOC: War, you're needed in HB.
McKenzie remains on the ground, steadily growing weaker. Eventually, a scream passes from her lips, soft enough to show that she is on her last legs, but loud enough to inform anyone nearby. A squishing is heard, and the parasite crawls out of her ruptured body, crawling away into the ventilation shaft.
I spot the parasite and open fire on it. "What the hell?" {Sarah, get that louse brother of yours awake and down here! Otherwise, we're gonna loose McKenzie!} Rather than let it run, I grab it's tail and hurl it against the wall, trapping it in an Earthen box. "Stay put."
It tips the box over, and crawls at the breakneck pace straight to the vent. Several casings from the gun fly up and impact harmlessly against Jared.
{Hang on..}
Sarah says with a growl.
(There's a noise of disgust from the other side and what sounds very much like slapping)
A few moments later, a rather groggy Stefan speaks up;
{I'm.. we're on.. our way..}
I curse and draw Ignus, spinning the blade and impaling the thing. {Hurry up!} "Kain, see if you can stabilize McKenzie." I almost ignite the blade, but refrain from doing so until I get the OK to kill it.
It wiggles, sliding off the blade while almost in half. It rapidly regenerates, and crawls at the breakneck pace to the vent.
I close off the vent with a rock wall and any other ways for it to escape and encase the parasite in a bubble of air. "For the love of...Stay put already."
Sarah and I quickly work our way into the base, making our way to Jared's transponder;
"Where is she?"
I ask, breathing heavily.
I indicate her gutted form on the ground, still keeping the parasite in the air. "This...thing, came out of her."
I nod, quickly moving to McKenzie's side;
"Keep it there for now for now. Kain, see what you can do to dispose of that thing."
I say as I remove my gauntlets and focus my energy.
I find a power circuit and turn on the power then rush inside. "What happened now?" I say trying to catch up.
It screeches, and a psionic voice is heard. It was McKenzie.
WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?!? The voice screams.
Ow... Dammit.

I hold my head and say, "I'll... I'll take it. I need to see something."
What the hell?...
I follow Stefan and the other women inside the base to where some others in their group are. I still had the thing I made earlier in my hand having forgotten about it in what was happening. I see the girl with a hole in her stomach and the ... thing floating in mid air. "What the ....?"

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