Project Resurrection Redux

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I'll probably do that to burn time.

IC: Shaking my head, I head back in the direction of the head scientist. Finding his mind, I project my voice powerfully. "I come for you, Terran. You will feel the wrath of the Firstborn."
IC: I hear the voice and pressed the emergency button frantically which caused metal walls to deploy all around the outside of my room and auto turrets to deploy. Meanwhile I grabbed a pistol and frantically hoped that the defenses I had just deployed outside would do their magic.

OOC: Will probably make a Zerg character. Hmmmm maybe you could transfer the mind of the head scientist to the Zerg like the others.

@Zarkun: An EMP blast hits your back and you look to see a few shimmers behind you, Ghosts that had been deployed to the facility who were now going to eliminate the Protoss
I chuckle and look at one, stopping his heart. He falls to the ground dead, as I blink to another, running my blade through his chest and cutting upwards, cleaving his upper body in half. Kicking away the body, I fire my void laser at yet another, killing him. I stare down the last one, my eyes glowing blood red. "Do you wish to proceed, Terran?"
The Ghost ponders the thought and appears to turn of a comlink that has someone yelling sweet oaths before dashing off for freedom before crumpling to the ground as the obedience ensuring implants shocked him until he was barely conscious.
I turn and walk away, picking up some of the Ghost's EMP rounds and one of their rifles. "Your reinforcements have failed, Terran. So too, will your defenses."
IC: I listen to the voice and cringe in fear and make a small fort out of everything in my room and jold my pistol shakily.
Remaining cloaked, I fire the rifle loaded with rounds down the hall leading to the scientists room., deactivating the turrets and allowing me to slice through their barrels unimpeded. Then I reach the door, and begin cutting my way in, the red tip of my blade visible on the other side.
I look in horror as the blade slowly but surely sliced through the door Star Wars style.
Finishing the cut, I kick in the entrance and step in, facing the Terran Scientist holding his pistol, and decloak, my form visible for the first time since my arrival. "I can sense your fear, Terran. It is well placed, considering the abominations you have created."
OOC: Gotta go.
IC: I futiley fire the pistol at the angry Protoss.
The rounds bounce off my shields as I talk forward, and I eventually grab the Terran by the throat, throwing him across the room. "You think me angry? You would be wrong, Terran. Horribly wrong. I am furious. You seek to 'better' your race by putting their minds inside a Zerg? You are a fool." I walk towards him again.
IC: "It isn't my fault the Dominion made me do it!!" I stutter out
"Do not seek to lie to me, Terran. Your thoughts betray you. You volunteered for this project, and only grew all the more eager when you found out the truth of what you were doing."
"Don't hurt me." I wimpered fearfully.
I start to feel my body slowing. I turn into a puddle and slip underneath the floor. I move under the tiles that the drones were flying above. "Goodbye." I sprout from the floors and envelop the machines, first destroying their ability to shoot anything and then start slowly crushing and crumbling them.
I didn't feel the shock for some reason, so I slice at the cables, breaking them one at a time, then I turn back to the drones, smashing them in anger.
I pick up the scientist and go to the room where the minds are transferred at. "You'll be joining the Swarm. I'll make sure of it."
Double post to get your attention: Who wants their Zerg character dead. Because they're my next target when I'm done with the scientist.
You could feed the scientist to me and he could epicly get eaten alive while screaming in terror, then get infested.
Nope, I has a plan for the scientist. Would you like to die?

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