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IC: I start kicking and screaming "No I'm innocent, please NOOOOO!!!!!!!!"
I strap him down and walk to the activation button. "You knew what was happening, Terran. You knew there would be justice if the Firstborn knew, and justice there shall be." Hitting the button, I watch the Terran's body go limp as his mind enters one of the very few surviving eggs.
The question is, would you like to die?
I think Protoss beats Infestor. In fact, DT definitely beats Infestor. Daalis has many future RPs in which he will be used. Your Infestor...may very well never leave the facility.
Daalis may find a new reason to hate Zerg. Jest sayin'.

Also, Fungal reveals stealth.
Daalis needs no new reasons. I just need the question answered. Really, the only one I can see escaping is SF. The rest of you is screwed.
Hah! Escape is not my intention. Soon it will be you who is hard-pressed to escape.
Tis what you think.

IC: Content that he'd learned his lesson, I return to the power room and destroy the generator, ensuring the facility would crash into the planet below. Sprinting, I head back to my ship. "The Swarm will never know of this facility."
As I finish grinding apart the machines I reform and quickly move towards the door of the hallway. I smash open the door and look through. I had to find someway to get out, but how? That's when I see the map. I go over and look at it. There were a large amount of flying vehicles in a place called the hangar. I would have to get there. I touch the map and it reveals a menu, I realize it is digital. I check the ventilation shafts, none of them led there. I silently curse and head back into the hallway as a puddle.
You find the power room covered in Zerg growth. A few Infested Terrans are crawling over the craft, which has already been heavily damaged and had its shields disabled. Nearby, a bloated creature is consuming the bodies of a few marines. was cloaked and I warped down. There for, you haven't, and can't, touched it. That's BS, and I won't acknowledge that post.

Edit- Not to mention that I landed in the garbage area, where there are no marines.
Hmm... May I go with some kind of Parasite? I know it's no known unit, name wise... But it's an interesting concept I want to try out.
Eh, whatever.

I edited.
...You missed a huge chunk in that edit. My craft is cloaked, and too high to be reached, but low enough to remain where I warped in at. Then you take into account that it's in the garbage area and I already left the power room...yeah, my ship is untouched.
OOC: Thing is there is no "planet" if you read since its located in the debris field that was once Chau Sara. And CR you can join as sa parasite creature and remember KO there is a certain disabled Ghost lying around

IC: I wake up in some kind of sticky blanket and tear myself out. I see that I am in a small room. I seems vaguely familiar but I can't remember why. In fact, all my memories are hazy or lost. I do remember doing horrible things but I cannot put my finger on it. As I raise my hand to scratch my head I see that it is no hand but a large bony claw and my arm was that belonging to some kind of hideous monster. As I squirm about in terror The shiny neosteel wall catches my reflection and I realize that I am a hideous beast known as a Hydralisk.
KO... That !@#$% is mine! *Points at the Ghost while I play Halo 4 and create a slow character sheet at the same time.*
Sorry, Zarkun... ignore all parts referring to your ship. I'm just blocking you from taking out the power core.
Bit late. Already there and gone. Not to mention the power core is the furthest from where you were.
Name: Abyss (Hehehe... Redoing this guy)
Race: N/A
Age: N/A
Sex: Male
Occupation before Project: Security Detail
Backstory: A man that protected many on an Mining Ship when Zerg attacked. He was lost to the Zerg, but then this man... He was alive, they had infested him and made him destructive. No idea what his name was, he gave himself one. Was killed by a Protoss on a planet that had a few survivors left from the ship, or from the rescue team. The Scientist in charge found his lingering corpse, not completely destroyed and extracted his genes. Recreating him in a sense and put his life into one of the eggs, just like he did with the others.
01/01/2013 01:49 PMPosted by Zarkun
Already there and gone.

Aha, but as any Magic player knows, the counterspell takes effect before the spell it is countering.

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